Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
A miracle healing for son, Matthew, brain. Mary Ellen Geglia108-17-2017
Asking for Matt to be healed of his PTSD, anxiety,depression, cognitive and memory problems. Also to strengthen his faith. Give him joy and trust in the Lord. Give him some holy friends. He is 31,and needs to live with his aging parents due to his disability. I ask for him to be able to achieve independence. Please give him a conversion of heart most of all and help him to heaven. He is damaged due to childhood trauma of rape at 5-6 years old! Please dear Mary hear my prayer. Thank you
Financial breakthroughSherry Tate008-17-2017
Please join your faith with mine. I was suppose to start work a t the same school on the August 7th and they pushed the date back to August 21 and heaven knows I needed a fulI check because I am not on contract and bills have piled up. God is not surprised and I am in need of a supernatural divine encounter that brings forth manifested finances to pay our back taxes to save our family home & to pay an over due Gas Bill. Please pray for favor where nothing will be disconnected or taken away from us.
PleaseMiriam Albright308-16-2017
I ask you to pray for me, that I would live Our Lady's messages with totality. I have a very hard marriage , a large family and am caring for my mother. My daughter Antonia is moving away for a year .I am offering all for conversion. I have one area of my life I simply cannot break from. When the stress is too much, I go on line to buy things I do not need. In doing so, I again conform myself to worldly images. And deep prayer is stunted. Please pray for me. Whatever I have asked in Prayer Requests has been answered. I know this will be too. Thank you so much as I pray for all intentions.
I like to get well, physically, spiritually, mentally. I like to experience Jesus, Mary, my guardian angel, the Holy Spirit. I like to get off negative thoughts and think spiritual, I ask for conversions , protection, reconciliation of all my loved ones that I shall be loved as I should, I like to have successes of all my missions, the good intentions of all my friends, well-being of all my loved ones, esp my children, grandchildren. I like to be given wisdom of good judgment, decision and realize how much I am loved by God and like to experience Him and feel Him. God bless.
Future spouseAnonymous208-16-2017
Through the intercession of Our Lady, spouse of the Holy Ghost, and St Joseph, most chaste spouse of the Blessed Virgin, I ask God to grant me a faithful and devout Catholic spouse. Ave Maria! Regina Caeli et cor meum! Sub tuum praesidium confugimus, Mater Dei Genetrix!
healing request for aging parentsMaryAnne Simmons208-15-2017
a prayer request for healing for my stepmother Joanne who is my elderly Dad\\\'s primary caregiver. She is suffering from back and hip pain and is unable to care for him properly and needs outside help to come into their home. I am asking for relief for her from her pain so she can continue to take care of him as she desires to do for as long as she needs it. Thank you.
Prayers needed now for sonAnonymous308-15-2017
dear family of Mary and Jesus! My son needs prayers now. Messy divorce. Addiction issues. anger and unforgiveness. And, a beautiful daughter, age 6, caught in the middle. Please pray!!!
Prayers for ChristaAnonymous108-15-2017
Prayers for a cessation of her frequent acute episodes of Atrial Fibrillation
Please pray for a healing for AnneMarie, recently diagnosed with large tumor in her lung and other nodules in her other lung, unsure were the primary site of cancer may be. please pray for a miracle for her. please pray for strength and faith for her husband and daughter.
please pray for Patty W. for healing of esophageal/breast cancer- recent diagnosis 2 separate cancers. Patty's daughter just finished treatment for lymphoma that was found when she was pregnant. Mom and baby are a miracle now we need a second miracle.
For employment Anne D\'Silva208-14-2017
Our Blessed Mother Mary, I ask for your intercession for Emily to find a job and colleagues who will bring her to your son and in particular the Eucharist. Thank you for your love and prayers. I love you.
Healing of brain, lungs & spineSheila McGoldrick708-14-2017
For my mum Sheila McGoldrick whose seriousually ill with cancer. please Jesus heal her restore her to full health & fitness. she has visited our ladys shinre in medjugorje many times. our Lady pray for her to your Divine Son Jesus. WE LOVE & TRUST IN YOU AMEN
Depression, & LonelinessAnonymous908-14-2017
Please pray for me as I am so struggling with depression and being alone
for good business in Metito (Overseas) Limited Co.Sherina Donson408-14-2017
Dear my mother of Jesus Christ, Please intercede for our co. to get good business.
Healing Prayer for My BrotherAnonymous608-14-2017
Please pray for my brother Lawrence's upcoming immune treatments beginning tomorrow Mon. Aug. 14 for the continued & complete healing of bladder tumors/cancer, no complications, side effects or infections, for safety with protection from God's angels & all glory to God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Amen. Thank you & God's Blessings to you all!
Please pray for my marriage reconciliation. Anonymous408-14-2017
Please pray for the reconciliation of my marriage. Although we have a civil divorce , we are still married in the church. Pray that my husband turns away from alcohol and drugs and seeks a peaceful happy marriage.
healingjoe carabillo508-13-2017
I need physical restoration miracles. Please pray with me for instant healing and restoration.
For elections in Aruba on 22 september 2017Apayem Maduro208-13-2017
For a landslide victory for M.E.P. on 22 september 2017. Against a corrupt government, for the restoration of democracy.
Eye gets better and health strongJOAN FISHER508-13-2017
That my eye gets better and health good and strong for pilgrimage to Holy Land and Mt. Sinai.
Thank you dear mother for a beautiful week we had at the youth festival God bless all the people we meet and also the lovely family we stayed with Vida.& Mate they looked after us like we were part of the family.