Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Clean heartAnonymous204-24-2017
Dearest Mary Please help me love your son , a clean heart and healing of the family especially my daughters. Thank you for hearing my prayer.
Extremely urgent prayer requestMaria Teresa Mendoza404-23-2017
Desperately need deliverance and healing from demonic activity,my body can't take it,success w/home employment,no income for quite some time,pass my courses and get hired!
Please prayAnonymous304-23-2017
Our daughter lost their 5 year old 5 years ago. It is destroying her marriage and lives of their 3 other children and esp her husband. I beg your prayers for this good catholic family, for healing, hope and a renewed joy and peace. Thank you!
Home hope healingAnonymous504-23-2017
I thank God on this special Mercy Sunday for all his love compassion and kindness.My only hope is His mercy. I need a miracle Physically- doctors say there is no hope for my several conditions.Because of medical issues I haven't the money to live. I need a home, which no door has opened. Husband died 2 yr ago. Mother 3 months ago.I have little family. No children. I told doctors that God is not finished with me yet.. I pray my life gives witness to others of His merciful love and I in turn I can give of his love and mercy. God please sisters of their grief.
Our dear lady Jesus's holy spirite take care of my self husband family Bernice jack eogohn Liam mary in their sickness all who asked for prayers thank you
Please prayMyriam Albright404-22-2017
Thank you is my first response! I'm struggling so much with caring for my mom, a lack of any sense of His love and physical dizziness that is crippling me with fear. I'm waiting test results and I ask please for His promise of peace... Please release the anxiety from me in Jesus' holy name. And healing from the dizziness. Mother Mary, pray for me. I am in such need today. And please, for any lukewarm souls in my family, for a renewal of His love. Thank you. I love you.
conversion and the gift of a childmarie Dean304-22-2017
prayers please for my friend moona that she will become a catholic and be able to have a baby thank you
God Bless Eric McDonaldAlfred Brown104-21-2017
Dear Heavenly Father, I miss you friend Eric McDonald.I don't know where he is nor how he is...Please protect him; keep him safe.Please heal him in spirit, soul, and body... Eric needs Jesus-Help Eric to know and believe in Jesus Christ. He needs Jesus: please help Eric to understand Jesus as his Savior, his Lord, his redeemer. and as his best friend. Eric needs to know the friendship and love of Jesus.... Abba Father, you know all Eric's needs: meet him at the point of all his needs,Please be his answer and his hope...Save him...bless him and love him in the name of Jesus Christ...Amen!!!
salvationjimmy milhem204-21-2017
please pray for my salvation my family salvation and for my nightmares to stop and for me to get a driver on my truck its my only income
My family the devil is destroying son Ron please not to leave his wife and kids very small kids. My daughter to be released from prison and be a good mom...for all the addictions in our family to end.
HealingPatricia Whelan104-20-2017
Please pray for my dear mum Dorothy who is suffering with depression and dementia that she will find peace of mind , and my dad , my brother and sister and myself who are doing our best to look after her and keep her at home , we love you Mum x
Health of my little boyAnonymous304-20-2017
Dear Mother I`m beg you for the health of my baby that is sick since a few days ago please Mother Mary. Amen
For persecuted christiansAnonymous104-20-2017
I would like to pray for all the christians that are persecuted in muslim countries. For those who are being beheaded.
Prayers for Protection and JusticeAnonymous204-20-2017
Please pray for my family when my x comes next week. Please pray that the Lord convert him and put him in his place. Thank you.
Prayer RequestAnonymous104-19-2017
Gospa, please intercede for all that is on our hearts. For the conversion/healing of our families; unbelievers; world leaders; for the protection of the unborn from any abuse; our communities and homes affected by flooding, droughts,; winds and environment change; faith communities affected by violence and persecution; Pilgramages to Holy Christian sites - for Susan, Anna, John and their family; my Dad\'s health/temporal needs, Val\'s school/employment, For the souls ; my Mom Philemon, Charles, E.J. Mom, Anna\'s Brother; St. Joseph Prayer group; Father Peter; RCIA candidates new priests.
Please pray for Christine, mother of 3 grown up children and two lovely grandsons. Has been hospitalised for over a week. Please pray the scan will reveal what it is that is wrong with her. This takes place tomorrow, Thursday. Thank you. Praying for all.
Visit to Medjugore. Sherry Magar104-19-2017
Please pray that my son and I can visit Medjugore and for his conversion.
Prayer request for deceasedAnonymous104-19-2017
My friend\'s Mother in Law just passed away about an hour ago. I\'m not sure about her religious affiliation or if she was baptized. If you could pray for her (Barb) I would really appreciate it. She was a very sweet woman.
prayers for my brother to conceive a babyAnonymous204-19-2017
Prayers for Bebi and his wife to conceive a child
prayers for my unborn nieceLindita Kosova204-19-2017
Praise be Jesus and Mary please pray for my unborn niece , the doctor said she does not look good. May God bless her to grow healthy and holy. Pray also for my brother Bebi and his wife to conceive a child. Pray for God to deliver me and my whole family from all evil , and conversion of my family. And also prayers for my special intention. Thank you