Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Pray for healing of Rich's heart!Patty Kean211-19-2017
Rich was separated from his wife Heidi; they have a 11 year old daughter. Heidi died last September after being diagnosed with cancer two weeks prior. Rich is now keeping their daughter away from Heidi's family with whom she is very close! Everyone needs prayers here. Please join me in prayer.
HolinessPatty Kean211-19-2017
Please pray with me for the conversion of my sons and daughter and all of our children & grandchildren so that they say even the slightest “yes” to Mary’s constant invitation to each one of them.
Finically difficult Anonymous411-18-2017
Holy mother, please help me at this difficult time, i dont know who to turn to for finicial help, i am stressed . Please help me
Returne to faith my children and grandchildren Anonymous211-18-2017
Practice thr faith for all my family
i have got him backJulian Ray111-17-2017
My name is Julian, 9 months ago my fiance left me for another girl and told me he can not continue the relationship with me again, he said he can not marry me or have any thing to do with me again because he do not love me any more.I tried to ask him what the problem was but he kept quite and walked
pray for Trace's healingAnonymous211-17-2017
please pray for the healing of my Grandson, and for the success of test today. thank you.
for my granddaughterAnonymous211-17-2017
please pray for the healing of my granddaughter\\\'s many brain tumors. thank you and God Bless you
Our Lady of Medjugorje help me to forgive those who do not love me.
Please pray forCarol Jones211-17-2017
I am dealing with Bells Palsey from an infection in my jaw, for healing if that is God's will, also please pray for two friends, Tamara P. & Bonnie E. both suffering from cancer.
For my DadAlexander Stewart911-17-2017
For the repose of the soul of my Dad, George, who died on November 15 after many years of illness
Return to our beautiful faithAnonymous611-16-2017
I ask for help to get my son, Ryan,back to our beautiful Catholic faith. I pray also that his wife, Kara, to please convert to Catholicism and see that Jesus gave us our faith. Please let her see that Catholicism is the one, true faith and all others are just break aways from our faith. Help me.
Please Pray for son & wifeAnonymous711-16-2017
Pray for Adam who is facing a difficult decision about his marriage. Pray that his wife will come back to the church, she will stop drinking, stop all new age practices, get treatment for her mental illness and compulsive lying. Pray for inner healing of both.
I need to feel the holy spirit,i want it to dwell within me,i want a child,i want financial breakthrough,peace in my family and an upgrade for school
Healing prayersAnonymous411-16-2017
Dear Prayer Partners: please pray for Carol, Julianna, and Sarah (all battling cance) and for Father Jim. Also pray for the repose of the soul of Father Felix McGrath. And for me, my brother, and all we hold in our hearts. Mother Mary please keep us all and MaryTV under the mantle of your protection
For a wonderful paying job Mother Mary and Jesus but a job that I do not neglect my kids.
reconcilation and healing from deep hurts and pain and sorrowAnonymous711-15-2017
I ask for healing and reconciliation, among st the members of my extended Family---THE DINNEEN FAMILY and also amongst my Husband's family -THE MANNING FAMILY
Stage 4 cancerAngie Gasero611-15-2017
Please pray for my friend Michelle who has gone into Hospice care today. She has battled stage 4 colon cancer for 5 years and is at the end of her journey. I pray that she will be at peace and her children will be comforted as she passes into eternity with Jesus.
Please help meAnonymous511-15-2017
Please mother I need a job. I have been looking for so long and I pray and I do not know what else to do. Please help me.
personal intentionsAnonymous211-15-2017
dear prayerline: please personal intentions. thank you. angela
Pray for healthAnonymous311-15-2017
I would like to please ask for my mom’s mri to go well today and to show the tumor got smaller or by miracle has disappeared altogether