Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Nicholas & Alex need prayers for patience with their studiesDolores Lonergan403-28-2017
Hail Mary full of grace Nicholas and Alex need prayers for patience with their studies.
A woman's organs are failingDolores Lonergan603-28-2017
Hail Mary full of grace Frances' organs are failing
A woman needs prayers for overcoming her drug addictionDolores Lonergan703-28-2017
Hail Mary full of grace Taylor Victoria needs prayers for overcoming her drug addiction.
Prayer requestAnonymous203-28-2017
Please, pray for the intention that the Lord will call me soon, according to His will.
HealingPatricia Timmons403-28-2017
For Terry, that he will recover from his illness. For Jams that he will recover from his addiction to gambling. For Matthew that he find true peace in his life. For Clare and Dominic that they will find true happiness and peace in their lives For Paul and carol that they will come back to their faith For Thomas that he will be a caring father for James and bring him up in the catholic faith For Paul, Margaret Sean and Ava; that they will grow in their faith and love for the mass
HealingEva Dawson903-28-2017
Prayers for my husband that mother mary interceed for him graces for healing his heart and his lungs and what ever need to be healed for myself and my children and grandchildren protection from any harm or danger and all the people that are fighting cancer my brother Neil and Virginia
Healing of marriagesAnonymous1003-27-2017
I have several CRHP sisters who have troubled marriages. Please intercede on their behalf. Also,ask Mama mary to pray for my son and daughter in law to return to the church and to be the spiritual role model to their two sons..
Chronic pain Carmel Hogan 903-27-2017
Please pray for all of my intentions and thanksgivings especially withdrawal from prescription drug and the chronic pain of al of us
Health and employmentMary Chandler903-27-2017
Please pray urgently for Bailey and Nick to loose weight. The weight gain must stop before it starts effecting their health. Pray for their self-control, self-discipline, desire and ability to support each other with this effort. Also pray for their employment. They that each find jobs that provides them to be financially self-supporting with insurance benefits. Employment that makes them VERY HAPPY. And that they ALWAYS rely on the LORD and each other. Forever.
for Arlene Collier's sufferingDon Collier903-27-2017
Arlene has had severe heart disease since 1998, now she has a blocked aorta and leg artery, and 3 collapsed bypass veins (from her quadruple bypass operation in 2009), this causes her severe pain in her leg, and she already is supposed to have a hip replacement due to bone-on-bone pain from an injury back in 2009.
Miracle healing depression and work for my son in lawAnonymous1403-27-2017
My son in law is 40 today 3/27 and is is battling depression and out work 4 years in Chicago he And my daughter have 5 children and his area is science . Please pray and if anyone has a job thank you
Surgery for Kellies Daddy--- GaryDiana & Kellie Sclafani803-27-2017
Gary has been fighting cancer and is having lung surgery to remove 2 lumps
prayer for my familyvirginia erfurt703-27-2017
Dear Mother May, Please go to the ear of your Son Jesus for the many needs of my family. Thank you Mother.
Work Ben mansell703-26-2017
Jesus I pray I can find employment again
RestorationBen mansell603-26-2017
Jesus I pray I can one day be reunited with Cynthia and Nathan Rishun and Justin
SalvationBen mansell603-26-2017
Jesus I accept you as my Savior, lord I pray you change me into your likeness, lord my heart is yours, change me lord. Guide me lord.
My broken familyMark Lalmond1103-26-2017
I have 6 kids and a wife who divorced me for someone else. I tried praying the rosary with the family until they just wouldn't any more. Then satan won and destroyed my family using the "no fault divorce". My "Catholic" wife now lives with a boyfriend in front of my little children.
A woman and her family need to find a new homeDolores Lonergan703-26-2017
Our Lady of Medjugorje, please pray for Cindy and her family to find a new home. Thank you!!
Two women need prayers for healthy pregnanciesDolores Lonergan603-26-2017
Two women with the same name came to the Aid to Women Center and have risky pregnancies. Our Lady of Medjugorje please pray for Y. and Y. to have healthy pregnancies.
Prayers for improved healthDolores Lonergan603-26-2017
Our Lady of Medjugorje, please pray for the improved health of our friends Abigail, Jeff, Loretta, Eric, Michael and Artie. Thank you Blessed Mother!