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Young pregant mom... baby passed onDianne Legault1002-07-2017
The young mom I asked for prayers.. will be have the baby induced, this morning, please pray there are no complications during this procedure.. This mom is not very healthy... she needs prayers.
Spiritual CampEero Vahter802-06-2017
We have a spiritual Camp (08.18-08.20.2017). To the Camp comes people who are alcoholics or drug addicts. I hope, that you praying that Jesus saves, heals and frees them. And that all will go well.
May We find Cures/May GOD Heal...Anonymous402-06-2017
Please Pray for Mimi, AB, Brianne, Bianca, Andrew, FZ, Paulette, Anthony, Julianna, Liz, Nea, Baylee, Brodie, SZ that GOD may lead us All to find the proper cures for All of these diseases; mental, physical & spiritual, and that GOD May Heal Us of these afflictions...Thank You Mother Mary for listening to my request ... May GOD Bless You All Abundantly Today and Forevermore...
Pregnant young motherDianne Legault702-06-2017
She has gall stones that need to be passed. If she doesn't do it on her own, she will have to permit them to do it, which may induce the delivery of the baby before it's time. She is fearful for her baby. She is also having other complications.
No finances due to chronic ill healthAnonymous502-06-2017
Please pray with me and ask the Blessed Mother with her precious baby Jesus to be with me today as i get assessed for sickness benefit. I pray that the person judging me will be kind and understanding and the outcome will be good.Thank You and7 God Bless you all xxx
help him fell better eveyAnonymous302-06-2017
help him get every thing he neeeds
loved one to marry susan chapman602-05-2017
please my mother take my request to your son high throne and please ask for him to grant my pray and bring my chris to love me again and bring us back together thank you God for creating me,baptising me and dying onthe cross for my sins thankyou for placing me in the holy catholic church Amen x
benedizioni Anonymous302-05-2017
Mamma santa proteggi la ns famiglia e il ns lavoro e fa che veniamo presto a Medjugorje
Dear MaryTv, Please Pray for my friend for healing. Thank you.
peace, happynessAnonymous302-05-2017
Dear MaryTv, I would like to ask you to pray for me for peace and happyness and these prayers for our family. Thank you! 🙂
A HouseAnonymous402-05-2017
We need a house very urgently to move into as we are compelled to vacate the present house.
Prayer For Hope & ForgivenessGlen Wiltshire602-05-2017
I have been going through a very rough phase in my life. On friday the 3rd of Feb 17 and Sat the 4th of Feb, I had asked My Lord Jesus for help....instantly my prayers were answered. This proved to me that my Lord has not forsaken a sinner like me. Please pray to the Lord for me so that my sins may be foriven and he shines some light in my life and gives me hope once again. Thank you
Return to the FaithAnonymous602-05-2017
That my ex boy friend may find his way back to the Faith of the Church and maybe we may be united again
Please pray for me to be cure & heal me form my Kidney disease (cysts ) very soon without any problem though the intercession of Mother Mary Medjugorje Thank You Jesus Thank You Mother Mary
Thank You, God, for allowing Our Lady to intercede for us. Praise be Jesus! We pray for all members of my family & extended family whether they are near or far away, living or at rest; for Our Lady's intentions; for priests & Pope Francis; for all who have asked for healing for spiritual, physical or mental needs; for peace in our hearts, families, & in the world. All honor, glory, praise & thanksgiving to God for hearing our prayers.We pray for an end of all sins that offend Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Uniting/Saving 3 Souls...Anonymous602-04-2017
Please Pray for our daughter who is mentally, physically and spiritually trying to regain her life, after her fiancé died at 26 and their 2 Children where taken from her. Please Pray that the people who have her Children, will stop this lunacy, and return them to her, so they may be reunited and begin the healing process. Pray for these people who are accountable for these 3 Souls to stop crushing and hurting them and to start doing the right thing, by The Grace of GOD... May GOD Bless You All Abundantly Today and Forevermore.
In NEED of a job..Anonymous502-03-2017
I am praying for my business to turn upward. I am in desperate need for a job so i can make ends meet...Please pray....thank you kindly....
Prayer warriors needed for young adultsAnonymous1002-03-2017
I work with college students. I need prayer warriors for these students who are in deep despair, tormented with addictions, lonely because their parents throw money at them instead of giving them time. I see Satan\\\'s work in their lives. Please pray for A who tried to kill herself yesterday. And, AB who is addicted to pornography. And, G who is tormented and is an alcoholic.
Request for Prayer for Grace of GodAloys NTIHEMUKA702-02-2017
Sirs, I am in Rwanda I need the grace from the Heavenly Father to be in Medjugorje once and wish a prayer for deliverance from all evil forces against my life and Work.Thank You and God Bless you Abundantly.
For good health Christine Frawley 302-02-2017
Could you please pray for Stephen for his good health and well being and also for his family. Thank you and God bless you. Christine