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Por RodrigoAnonymous506-29-2017
Por favor rueguen por mi hijo Rodrigo que tiene problemas de adicciones para que se deje ayudar y Dios y la Sma. Virgen lo curen totalmente. Nosotros hemos sido perseguidos y en especial mi hijo desde pequeño ha sido atacado por el malo en diferentes formas. Rezamos el Rosario todas las noches y por ello Dios nos ha protegido siempre. Rueguen a Dios y a Nuestra Bendita Madre por Rodrigo por favor. Gloria a Dios y alabanza a Su Santo Nombre y a nuestra Santa Madre. Amén. Mil gracias! Cuento con sus oraciones y con las de los videntes. Por favor presentenle nuestra súplica a María Santisima
For Arthur Johnstone Anonymous1206-29-2017
That my father's passing from this world to the next is gentle and peaceful and that my father is wrapped in the love of God until we all meet again in heaven.
For me and for AjayAnonymous1106-29-2017
Please pray for Ajay and for me that God shows in our relationship that He is Omnipotent. Thank You for your prayers. God Bless You All.
BrennaKelly Shoaff1306-29-2017
My 15 year old niece was hit by a line drive playing softball. She is sedated and on anticonvulsant meds. Doctors are talking about surgery. Please pray for Brenna.
Severe ConcussionAnonymous1306-29-2017
A former colleague has suffered a severe concussion 2 months ago on the job and has a beautiful family, wonderful husband and two wonderful children. Her life has been completely altered and is no longer even able to communicate as she used to, no longer able to drive.. Please pray for a full recovery.
Prayer urgency. Moya Hall1006-29-2017
Please pray to Our Blessed Mother for Cardinal George Pell also for his persecutors and detractors. He really needs our prayers Thank you and God Bless. 7
for an end to divisions in my family\ jack valentine706-29-2017
that my youngest sister will come to her senses and withdraw her challenge to my dead fathers estate in a court of law
For my FatherAlexander Stewart1206-28-2017
For my father, George, who is terminally ill, and we have just received the news that he will need to move to a care home. Please remember him and my mother, Mary, and all the family. With grateful thanks
prayer for my daughter to return to my primary careKatarina Bowerbank1006-27-2017
Lord Jesus and Majka Kraljica Mira pls I ask you for help as my husband was lying on the court and now my daughter is with him and I can see her only twice a week until next hearing 14 september. Lord Jesus you do know what my daughter means to me pls remove all evils from my husbands heart. I removed myself from our marital home so he can put her back to her school.Annabel mummy loves you before you came to my womb,I cried prayed for you all your life.. thank you for prayers.
Dearest MotherMyriam Albright806-27-2017
Thank you! Above all, thank you! Thank you for being our Mothdr and Jesus mother. I ask you for the Fathers will in this move of Antonia's. if it could be please that they don't move I would be so grateful. And I beg you that they would come. back after that time if they must go....Either way, please give me peace. And strengthen Antonia's faith and her relationship with you and Jesus. I trust in you. I love you.
Pray to forgiveAnonymous1006-27-2017
Please pray that I can forgive my x husband and move on quickly. Thank you.
Struggle with DepressionAnonymous1606-26-2017
Please pray for me as I struggle with depression , with a hard break up and loneliness. May my heart be filled with peace and happiness and with the will of God, I may have someone special in my life
Healing Anonymous1006-26-2017
I ask for healing for my niece Audrey , who is seriously ill from a very aggressive and inoperable cancer . I have said to her father that we should arrange a family thanksgiving trip to Medjugorje in anticipation of Our Lady interceding with Our Lord for her .
I have been depressed for many years now.I have always had mental problems, social problems, and other challenging circumstances in my life. I always had problems talking with people. I went to a head doctor and was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. My depression has worsened. I don’t think i can cope, PLEASE HELP
SAVE MY SON KEVINAnonymous1306-25-2017
Bring Kevin back to the Catholic Faith. He became an atheist in high school (after Confirmation)! He is obsessed with Death Metal music and playing Call of Duty (a violent video game, with other people online). He doesn't use moderation in eating or in drinking. He uses profanity constantly. He has no patience or tolerance with others, and is often a bully. Deep down Kevin is a beautiful, caring young man, probably with a calling to religious life (believe it or not)! But he expresses a hatred of all things, including himself. Blessed Mother, please help my son and YOURS!!!
Protection from EvilAnonymous1006-25-2017
For my daughter to have eyes that see and ears that hear, and that one day we be reconciled.
For my family and for me (enterprise)Anonymous606-25-2017
Dicsértessék Jézus Krisztus! Kedves Gospa! Imát kérek: 1. Anyukámért és apukámért, hogy elfogadják a gyógytornász segítségét, hogy igénybe vegyék a TB által finanszírozott reumatológiai kezeléseket, hogy megtérjenek és meggyógyuljanak lelkileg és fizikailag is. Apukám használja a hallókészülékét. Anyukám használja a 3 kerekű biciklit. 2. sikeres legyek a DXN vállalkozásomban, törzsvásárlóim, vásárlóim és új belépőim legyenek a DXN honlapomon: 3. testvérem (Ágnes),férje (Róbert) és 2 gyermeke (Éva és Kata) megtérjenek, gyónjanak, áldozzanak. Thank you. Rita Dongo
GL TESTSinead Pye806-25-2017
jobs Anonymous906-25-2017
I would appreciate a prayer for my children. Daughter is having a rough time of stress at work and my son needs to get going on finding a good job that God has for him. Please my Heavenly Father, through your son Jesus Christ and the love of the Holy Spirit give our son his employment now and our daughter peace. Thank you so much for your prayers grateful!! Thanks be to God:)
Healing prayer requestAnonymous806-25-2017
Prayers to help Bill with leukemia and heart blockages and side effects from medications Prayers to help Debbie adjust to denture and ease anxiety, fear, nerves Prayers to help Doris with weakness, hearing loss, dentures, joint pain Prayers to help Barry with dialysis and possible kidney transplant Thank you for praying for our family