Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Help in needEva Steele1005-10-2017
Please pray for an intention that involves finances. I have been praying this intention to Divine Mercy for a long time. I need Our Lady to intercede for me to her Son. Prayer is the only way to solve this. Blessings.
For The Good Shepherds at The Monastery in DeLand FlDiana Sclafani805-10-2017
The devil is attacking The Monastery.. Pray for Fr. Shamus and Brother Nicholas. That evil will never win over the souls of the just. And protect all who pray and enter the Monastery..
Francine and StephenAnonymous605-09-2017
Dearest Blessed Mother please pray for my daughter that her tests will be negative and also for my cousin, Stephen, that his cancer may be cured. Thank you.
for health and healing Anonymous505-09-2017
to help me pray more so to become closer to Mary and JesusELAINE ANN FLANIGAN405-09-2017
Please help me to pray more for every one and the entire World I need to become closer to Mary and to Jesus Amen
Prayer for healing of my 94 year old Mother.Anonymous405-09-2017
My Mom came down with shingles and although they thought they caught it in time with meds. It came out on her upper thigh and groin and lower back. She is experiencing much pain and jittery nerves.
Conversion for Tim. Anonymous605-09-2017
Dear Mary, I am so sad that Tim's spirits and mood have become so dark. I know it is hard being in a wheelchair but with peace in his heart (that only comes from God) he could handle his daily struggles and be open to the love of God. For this I pray. Please ask Jesus to have mercy on us.
Prayers for all of UsDave Mott405-08-2017
Please pray for my successful surgery on June 5th. Please pray for Tom, Anya, Wanda, Carrie and my Mom. Thanks. May God\\\\\\\'s Love be with Us All
To be blessed with a job
Diagnosis for heart problemsAnonymous305-08-2017
Please keep Dan in prayer for health problems
Back painBiju Augustine505-08-2017
My wife got back pain and can't go for work , please pray for her for fast recovery. thank you.
For Americas President.Anonymous605-08-2017
Many prayers for President Donald Trump.
Marriage Anonymous705-07-2017
I request the restoration of my family and marriage
Possible seizure/hospital scan 8/5Anonymous1005-07-2017
Please could you pray for an 'episode' last night (6th May), when I couldn't be woken up after 'shouting out' in my sleep. An ambulance came and I didn't know anything about it until I 'came to' in the Ambulance. Heart and bloods ok praise God, but I have to go for a brain scan on the morning of 8th (10am GMT). I am concerned about my husband and 3 children, one of who has special needs. Thanks to you all and our blessed Mother.
Prayer for dying JULIETLubi STETKOVA1005-07-2017
Would you be so generous as to pray for JULIET from England, who is nearing end of her life. According to her cousin she does not believe in GOD and has just few hours or days to live. May God bless you for your prayers. Thank you.
Physical .mental and spiritual healing Anonymous405-07-2017
Blessed mother. Please pray for my neck and head ,for Clare breast cancer Phil bran injury Terry dementia children's health problems and Adrian and Neil Thank you Xx For the Holy Spirit to renew us and bless us, Nauru and children.
Michele WatsonKathleen Reese705-07-2017
Please pray for my friend Michele Watson who was in a horrible car accident, has never regained consciousness and is in a coma. This happened 6 days ago.
HealingAnne J305-06-2017
I pray for my child to be given guidance and wisdom in life. For choosing the right Godly spouse Soo. Thankyou Mother.
stress and anxietyAnonymous405-05-2017
I made a novena for my special request. Stress and anxiety is making me lose my hair...I had such beautiful hair...I wish to have beautiful full and thick hair again and also have a healthy body & mind, protection, love and peace in my life...thank you.
family reconciliationAnonymous405-05-2017
On behalf of my aunt who doesn't have a computer: my aunt would like her 3 children to reconcile so that the family can be together again as a family. So much time has been wasted so she would like to see and live family gatherings...all of them together. Please, bring peace, harmony and unity to her family. My wish is for my mom, dad and brother (my whole family ) to be together in the highest place in Heaven full of Love, Light and Peace. I miss them all so this is why I wish this family reconciliation for my aunt, but also pray for all families who need reconciliations...thank you.