Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
My husband Bernard family my self Mary Rowe403-22-2017
Our Lady Jesus\\\'s holy spirite please take care of us Jesus\\\' put your healing hand hands on us Liam mary in their sufferings thank you so much 50
Permanent DeaconsBetty Scherger603-22-2017
Please pray for these two Permanent Deacons and their wives and families. Deacon Bill Young is to have his right foot amputated. Permanent Deacon Jim Scott will have his bladder and some other organs removed. It seems that Satan is trying to take away some of our special Church Helpers. We are so in need of them.
The Sick and SufferingAnonymous303-22-2017
Please Pray for Donna Nahass, Dom Carbone, Frank Margherita who are challenged with illness.
Please pray for me and my girls. Please pray for our protection and that John does not come next month. Please pray for his deliverance and conversion. Please pray that I get a job that will pray enough to support my girls and me. Please pray for conversion and peaceful death for Margie. Please pray for a sprecial intention of mine. Thank you.
Praise ReportAnonymous303-22-2017
We have been praying for my son, Matt. I spoke with him yesterday on his birthday (36yrs old) and he was gentle, humble, calm, sober, loving, undefended. I sensed Our Lady's Presence with him - that he had opened his heart to grace. I saw why Our Mother begs us over and over to not let our judgements of each other get in the way of loving each other. How powerful her messages to us are!!!
Deacon Bill YoungAnonymous403-22-2017
Please pray for our Permanent Deacon Bill Young who is to have his right foot amputated. Also,pray for Jan, his wife and for their family
I pray the lonliness and emptiness of having someone special in my heart will soon be filled.. My heart aches for the loss of my ex boyfriend
rain for east africaAnonymous403-21-2017
I pray for aid and rain for east africa
Husband addicted to pornograpyMaria Teresa Engelen703-21-2017
Pray for my husband, Mark, who is in denial of being addicted to pornograpy. He blames me for it due to my stress and anxiety and impatience. It is his way of coping with life stress. Our marriage is not good because of these issues. We have a seven year old son. Show us your face Lord Jesus. Cover us with your mantle mama Mary.
Please pray that John does not come in April and for protection for me and my girls. Please pray for me to get a better job to support my family. Please pray for the conversions of Eileen, Marie, Maggie and Monica.
Young son's lack of faithAnonymous903-20-2017
Please pray for E, he is just 11 and is saying he doesn't believe in God and is being extremely disruptive and disrespectful when we go to Mass as a family. It started when other Catholic boys his age began saying they were atheists and agnostics. Sadly, they no longer go to Mass also. Please pray for the grace as his parents to know what to do and perhaps for the Lord to send someone in his life that will be a positive influence in his faith. His favourite prayer was always the Hail Mary, so upsetting now as he is refusing to pray even that. Our Lady, full of grace, pray for us. Amen.
EmploymentMargaret Orourke503-20-2017
For Daniel and Ian Paddy
Employment InterviewMary Chandler403-20-2017
For successful interview for Nick tomorrow with Target Distribution for the offer of a well-fitting job with benefits. Amen.
Special IntentionsAnonymous403-20-2017
Please pray for brother John for healing of cancer. A new job for grandson. Health for Linda. Guidance and good friends for grandchildren. Conversion and return to sacraments family. Guidance in my state of life. Thanksgiving for many favors and graces received. World peace, our President, Mary TV. All intentions of my family. Blessed Mothers intentions.
Come Mary Come, Answer My PrayersAnonymous403-19-2017
Please intercede for GT to be able to live and work in the US, to help support his parents back in India. Also, please My Lady, help me to grow more spiritually day by day to please you and your Son, Jesus. I love you so much, I need you so much. May I be able to help financially a young Seminarian that you know who he is. Prayers for priests to hold true to their vocation.
Prayers, Protection, Deliverance, Healing, BlessingsAnonymous303-19-2017
Please pray for protection for me and my girls. Please pray that John does not come to visit in April. Please pray that he does not come to visit until he is delivered and healed of all his demons. Please pray for his conversion. Please pray that the tables are turned for John and me. Please show him where he stands and what God wants him to do. Please pray for the deliverance, healing and conversion of Maggie, Monica, Marie, Eileen, John, and Lianne. Please bless them to give their lives to Christ. Thank you Mama Mary.
Chronic pain Carmel Hogan 403-18-2017
Please pray for all of my intentions and thanksgivings especially withdrawal from prescription drug God bless and thanks Blessed Mother Mary Carmel
Dear Mary my Blessed MotherCarolyn Schott303-18-2017
Please ask your son Jesus to have mercy on us sinners: myself,, spouse, my children, grandchildren, sisters and their families. Please ask for mercy on the poor souls especially my relatives. Stop abortions and murders. Increase my love and devotion to God our Heavenly Father and to the communion of saints. Pray for our priests.
Prayer for grandchildCarol Keller403-18-2017
That our 14 year old grandson will be able to overcome his emotional eating disorder and return to a happy healthy lifestyle. May his heart regain its full strength. Help him to face his family and friends. Praise God for sparing his life due to slow heart rate.
Prayer neededAnonymous303-18-2017
Please pray that I get a better job that will pay the bills. Please pray for Maggie to be delivered from her depression and see that the Lord has many great things in store for her. Please pray for Monica, for the protection of her soul. Please pray that John does not come to visit in April. Please pray for his conversion. Please heal me and all my girls from the years of abuse he inflicted on all of us. Please pray for miraculous conversions for John, Eileen, Marie, Monica and Maggie.