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Prayers for a TeenagerAnonymous405-05-2017
Please pray for Maggie. She is a teenager who battles depression and abandonment. Please pray for her to start having hope in life and for her to achieve her full potential. She is brilliant and has given up for the past 2 years. Please pray that the Lord repair the years the locusts have eaten and fill her with joy. Please pray that the Lord protects her from dispair. Thank you!
special intentionsShelly H205-05-2017
Please pray for some special intentions. Thank you, I appreciate it.
Healing for a babyRita Glavin305-05-2017
Mamma Mary we ask for you prayers for little one month old Hannah who has a hole in her heart. And we ask for comforting for her mom dad grandmas and all who care for this little one. Thank you Mamma for hearing our prayers. Jesus I trust in You
Miraculous HealingRita Glavin305-05-2017
Dearest Mother Mary I ask for through Jesus Your Son a Miraculous Healing for Joy Gund who has terminal cancer. Jesus I trust in You!!
Conversión de dos de mis cuatro hijos.Felix Saez205-04-2017
Os ruego con la profundidad del alma unas oraciones a los pies de nuestra Madre ,que junto a ella intercedamos a jesús por la conversión de dos de mis hijos muy distantes de Dios. Nuestra Santisima Madre os bendiga por tan apreciado gesto. GRACIAS.
Wife has surgery today aorta and illiacs bypassDon Collier205-04-2017
Please pray for my wife of almost 35 years she has her aorta and illiacs bypass today 5/04/2017 at 3pm EDT for 3-5 hours. And please pray for her family. We will pray for you and your needs in response, while we keep a rosary vigil during this time frame today. And please pray for her recovery and that we trust in God\'s will in complete surrender as Virgin Mother did during her 7 Sorrows, especially the 5th Sorrow, offering her Son to His Father for all of us.
Mother Virgin Mary, most tender loving Mother!Anonymous105-04-2017
Mother protect us and guide us, deliver us from all our enemies and all bad. strengthen us and keep us in your Heart and peace dear and powerful Mother Pure Virgin Mary Immaculate for ever amen.
Praise and request for continuing prayer for a friendAnonymous205-04-2017
Recently I asked for prayer for a young man in a difficult home situation (esp. prayer from priests, since he asked me to ask a priest to pray for him). A few days later I saw him at work and out of the blue he announced, I want to go to Medjugorje! Tonight he called me and said he had some questions since he had just started to read the Bible, beginning with Genesis! I am so in awe and grateful to the Holy Spirit and Our Lady for reaching out to him and drawing him. Please continue to pray for him! Thank you!
To have a baby.rose cheruvelil605-03-2017
Blessed Mother, Please intercede for our son Roy and his wife Anita to have a child.They are married six and a half years.Thank you.
exam; employment;pregnancyTina RD305-03-2017
Mother Mary, I am asking for the grace to pass the nursing board exam this June 2nd and obtain my RN license, to obtain a gainful employment in the hospital as a maternity nurse and also may I receive the grace to conceive a baby and become a mother of a healthy baby
miracles for healing relationshipAnonymous305-03-2017
heavenly father, help me, You knows my pain, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner though God knows , I come with a broken heart, Father, You knows how long I have waited a reconcilitation and restore relations for me and him. God if you deign, please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me. I can’t touch his heart but Lord you can. please bless those who hate me, don't let their hatred on I made them proud. Show me your way, Lord; teach me your paths. you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. please make this mira
Special requestAnonymous205-02-2017
Jesus our dear lady holy spirite take of my request thank you 7
, pray for delivrance of fear ,phobias anguish , anxiety and that the Virgin mary will give me faith and help to pray the rosary,
Please pray for me so that my heart may be filled with peace . Also that I shall met that special person to share my life with..
Many Special Prayer RequestsAnonymous305-02-2017
For Blessings & help & some answered Special Requests. Most grateful Thank You. Sonia.
prayers for heallingmary jackson405-02-2017
please pray for a dear friend of my family Sr. Reina who is undergoing treatment for cancer this week. She is away from her monastery for a few days whilst she receives ongoing treatment. Please pray for her well being and healing. Thank you. x
Tumor surgeryteresa bitz405-02-2017
I would love for you to pray for a relative Louise Joan Bitz who will be having surgery this month on her saliva gland for a timor removal. Pray for her family and for a successful surgery.
abundance in my businessAnonymous305-01-2017
mother mary , i pray for Jesus\'s grace upon my money lending business that it may have abundance in blessing and profit , that it may grow and bring glory to God\'s name and kingdom.i ask that all my customers repay their dues promptly and that you protect the business from untrustworthy clients. i ask that the business grows to independence and self sustenance. i ask you mother to intercede to your beloved son Jesus Christ . Amen
For my special intentionAnonymous305-01-2017
For my special intention. Thank you. God bless.
Family conversion and recovery from ill healthAnonymous305-01-2017
Please pray for my family and I to grow strong in our faith and for conversions. Please pray for healing for family members and friends that are unwell and for my healing. Our Lady our Mother please intercede for us. Thank you for your prayers.