Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
For a wonderful paying job Mother Mary and Jesus but a job that I do not neglect my kids.
reconcilation and healing from deep hurts and pain and sorrowAnonymous711-15-2017
I ask for healing and reconciliation, among st the members of my extended Family---THE DINNEEN FAMILY and also amongst my Husband's family -THE MANNING FAMILY
Stage 4 cancerAngie Gasero611-15-2017
Please pray for my friend Michelle who has gone into Hospice care today. She has battled stage 4 colon cancer for 5 years and is at the end of her journey. I pray that she will be at peace and her children will be comforted as she passes into eternity with Jesus.
Please help meAnonymous511-15-2017
Please mother I need a job. I have been looking for so long and I pray and I do not know what else to do. Please help me.
personal intentionsAnonymous311-15-2017
dear prayerline: please personal intentions. thank you. angela
Pray for healthAnonymous311-15-2017
I would like to please ask for my mom’s mri to go well today and to show the tumor got smaller or by miracle has disappeared altogether
Healing and conversion for my family.Anonymous311-15-2017
Please dear Mother ,Most Holy, pray for healing and conversion of my whole family.Bring us all to Your Beloved Son ,our Lord Jesus Christ.I thank you for all your blessings .Help me also to do my masters and find a good job. Pray for my daughters to become holy and stay pure to glorify you
Please pray that I may obtain employment. I am hoping to obtain a job at Costco or back at Wal-mart some where in the retail field.
Prayers pleaseValjean Albright 511-15-2017
Will you please pray for my daughter Francesca and her husband Phillip as well as their children? They are facing some very difficult decisions in their marriage and life. Phillip is a very wounded man and needs deep inner healing. Please Father, in Jesus’ name, give him courage and humility.
Prayer request for CathyGee McMaster311-15-2017
Dear Lord, Please send your healing graces to Cathy Nolan for her eye surgery and all others that need healing today! Amen!
Please pray for my familyAnonymous211-15-2017
I am relatively new to MaryTV and have received so much faith from praying the rosary with you, Dennis and Cathy. I feel as though my faith is deepening daily and I am hoping that eventually my wife and son will grow in their faith in Jesus through Mary as well. Hope to go to Medjugorje some day.
Help Anonymous311-14-2017
For troy Adams for the lords mercy and blessings
Baby Will passed away from Bacterial Meningitis last nightDiana & frank Sclafani711-14-2017
Will was just 5 mts. old, His family is in pain..Young parents Carly & Jake, Grandparents, brothers, sisters. Mary has a beautiful Angel in her arms
Job prayer request Anonymous511-14-2017
Asking for prayers for my daughter for a new job. She recently lost hers as she has been very ill with late stage Lyme Disease. A lot of debt has been incurrred as a result and any prayers for some miracle to happen so she can pay it off would be awesome. God Bless
Struggle with DepressionAnonymous811-14-2017
Please pray for me as I am very much so struggling with Depression.. Please help me to heal and to help others
Answer to prayerE.A.M. Gussenhoven211-14-2017
I have already been praying for a long time for a certain purpose, but still there is no result. I pray to God, with the intermediate of Maria, that my prayer will be heard soon, according to God's Will.
Reconciliation of sonsAnonymous711-13-2017
Please pray for my 3 sons who dot speak to be reconciled and care for each other. Two have mental illness and the third does not want anything to do with them. I asked him to take care of one son for a short while while an cam M take a much needed break but he refused
Full-time work neededAnonymous511-13-2017
Please pray that I may receive the grace to do all necessary to obtain full-time work, and that others involved will be moved by the Spirit to grant the position I seek, so I can move on from this broken phase of my life. For the sake of other souls, I give all the glory to God! Thanks for prayers!
Heal my husband\Anonymous411-13-2017
Blessed Mother Mary protect my family from the evil one. Jesus, Heal my husbands hurting heart in a most beautiful way that only you and Blessed Mother can do. Amen
Hip replacement operation Nov. 13,2017Arlene Collier1111-12-2017
Please pray for my wife Arlene's hip replacement operation Monday 11/13/2017 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Tucson, AZ. We pray for those who pray for us ! God Bless you and Mary TV ! We love you guys very much. Praise Jesus ! Great Holy Spirit !