Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Preghiera di guarigione per la mia mammaAnonymous109-07-2017
Healing prayer for my mom Mother, please protect my mom who will have to face a heart surgery. Protect it and make it all right.
Prayer requestAnonymous409-06-2017
I ask for Joaquín, that God may fill his heart with his Love, Peace and Grace and with the Holy Spirit. I ask that Joaco learns to relate in a healthy way with all the people around him. That he doesn't quarrel with anybody, that he be a great friend with everybody.
Please I ask prayers to Our Blessed Mother for healing for Ann. She has cancer and is very, very ill. Thank you so much
Cure for mental illness and drug addiction Anonymous1009-05-2017
Please pray for Caitlin to recover from drug addiction and mental illness soon and have her normal life again.
For healingAnonymous509-05-2017
I would ask for prayer for healing for Ann who is very ill with cancer and who finds it hard to accept. Our Lady of Medjugorje please pray for her to your loving Son for healing. God's will be done. She would love a miracle of healing and this I ask for her in the names of Jesus and Mary. Thank you
Pure Virgin Mary & St. Joseph pray for all pleaseAnonymous409-05-2017
Prayers for husbandMary Lou Meyer409-05-2017
My husband suffers from PARKINISM...a disease related to Parkinson's Disease. His form of this disease comes from medication administered to him for tremors. It has left him with serious brain damage. He has trouble speaking, walking, use of his hands, and is unable to control murmuring.
Hurricane IRmaangela pisaturo309-05-2017
Please pray IRMA doesn't hit the states, I live in Florida and am very concerned. Please ask God and the holy Mother to take it out to sea.
At your feet we place our humble prayerAnonymous409-05-2017
Dear mother,please pray& intercede for our kids Aaron and Allena to be strong in their desire for vocation&that it may not be changed because of the changes in teenage .ease pray that as a family we may come to Medjgourje asap.please ..praying for a spiritual,physical&mental healing &blessing.thanku
A humble request for your children dear motherAnonymous409-05-2017
Dear loving Mother, at your feet I pray for all the small children in this world to be clothed with the gift of purity in this impure world.. Request prayers for my sister in law Dimple for her hand to be healed and for Thresiammas healing of her unhealed ulcer at right foot..thanks.Amen
For my friend's recovery from diabetesKristin W209-05-2017
Blessed mother and shipmates in our boat, please pray for my friend Jeff to recover feeling in his legs and save his legs from amputation as he deals with complications from diabetes. May his infection clear and may he be restored to full health. Thank you for your prayers!
Will you all please pray for me to have peace of mind and a sense of God's love for me? I am feeling so alone and abandoned as I care for my mom and the demands of my family. I ask our Blessed another to please allow me to experience her presence to know that I am loved and pleasing to her. Please.
Blow IRMA out to seaDiana Sclafani609-04-2017
Please pray the rosary for IRNA to be blown out to sea. We are hosting a student (victim of Texas flooding )here in Florida. Ave Maria keep us safe so we can help others.
Prayers for my son MichaelAnonymous609-04-2017
Please can you pray for my son Michael who is oppressed and has drawn away from God. He is using drugs daily and doesn't want to do anything like work. I would like prayers for his conversion please. Thank you.
Marriage Anonymous709-03-2017
I would like to ask for prayers for our marriage of 28 years now. Please strengthen our line of communication and that we accept our weaknesses and work through our challenges. Also for our finances. Thank you so much
POR MI HIJOAnonymous709-03-2017
I ask for prayer for my son Maximiliano, he is under psychiatric treatment, he studies to teach physical education. He needs to work and finish his studies. I ask for his physical, psychiatric health and to return to the life of faith, he has stopped going to Mass and participating.
Prayers for my familyAnonymous309-03-2017
Please can I have prayer\'s for my mother who just went through surgery for breast cancer, that her soul may be saved and that she will have a quick recovery. That she will have no more cancer. Can I have a prayer for my whole family for there souls to be saved, specially my husband and children.
Peace between North Korea and the U.S.A.Anonymous1009-03-2017
Please pray for peace and touch the heart of North Korea''s leader. Pray that he does not launch any more missiles and does not cause mass destruction around the world.
Prayer for familyAnonymous409-03-2017
Mary Our Mother please grant my daughter Maria joy love and happiness in life. Grant that she will get job that she will enjoy going to and that if it your holy will that she will meet a nice partner in life. Mary please grant her good health. Oh. Mary Our Mother bless my son and his wife.
.Loneliness and depression - lost his way in life.Anonymous909-03-2017
Please pray for my brother John who is suffering from depression and loneliness and is very far down in health. Pray that his depression and weird thoughts will lift and that his life will be filled with happiness and prayer and prosperity. Grant his will return to his prayers and mass.