Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Please and Thank you!Valjean Albright501-25-2017
Dearest Mother, Thank you! Will you please pray for Joe, that he would only be guided to do God's will for his residency. Strengthen his faith and please give Kristen a conversion to become a devout Catholic young woman.Please Mother, hear the prayers for all of the family, for ongoing conversion; esp Antonia and T and C and N would have a baby.Please for peace for myself and every good gift for R. I ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.
Prayer for healingAnonymous501-25-2017
I Pray that my heart will heal after a break up and I am able to trust again.
I pray for God\\\'s desire for family , friends, students and family of families , protection and safety, protect God\\\'s vocation and calling within m calling..all in Mary\\\'s arms and under the Cross on the mountain
toe problemmajella walsh501-25-2017
pray for my boyfriend. he has dietabics . he has two toes that he has no feeling. our lady pray that the feeling will come back in them. and all will be ok. I place my trust in u.
For my childrenAnonymous701-25-2017
Dearest Blessed Mother, Please touch my 3 children and bring them back to your son. Heal their hearts and help them to return to the sacraments. Also I pray for my health to take care of them and my mother and my aunt. Thank you.
Healing and NeedsAnonymous501-25-2017
Please pray for healing of my back, my feet, and my physical health and medical problems, and that i may also be able to work and find the employment I need; and please also pray for healing and protection of my family. Thank you
Miracle for MichaelAnonymous801-25-2017
Please pray for a miracle that the Acoustic Neuroma tumor in my son Michael's head be healed completely before Feb 25 so that he can avoid surgery to remove it.
health and well beingpat murphy601-24-2017
I find my self stressed woring about money problems I don't know how to fix them I ask our lady of meadjugore to guide me in the right path to fix them
My cousin suggested a match this year when I expressed my desire to get married. My mother likes her very much and many people hope that I get married to her. Everyone thinks she is the right match for me. Things are happening so fast that at times it appears destiny is conspiring to make this happen. Please pray for my successful wedding with the suggested bride if we're right for each other. Else, that we may find right matches. Thank you.
Employment Anonymous501-24-2017
Please for Dan to get employment
Friends Need HealingMargaret Smith701-23-2017
Young mother named April who has colon cancer. Friend named Debbie who had a stroke that she will recover.
Health - healingchristine hanna1901-23-2017
Lady and Virgin of Medjugorje , please i am asking you to pray for me and ask your son, our lord Jesus Christ to hear my prayers and grant me a miracle by healing me from my breast cancer and to heal my husband from his brain cancer . We were diagnosed at the same time with cancer and we are suffering a lot and undergoing through a lot and all kind of treatment. Please pray for us . God bless you all. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers on our behalf.
Demonic possessionJeffry Ignasius1001-23-2017
I am asian .from kudat sabah malaysia.most of the people practise paganism. Please pray for my wife.Ferozley clarence.her christian name is joanne clarence.i try asking what is ypur name.they said we are many and they laiugh and say all kinds of bad word against Jesus and Mother Mary.theres so much i need to say.please help .tq glory to Jesus.
free from addictions Anonymous701-22-2017
Please prayer for a long term addiction for loved one
For the Soul of Kyle DeverSandra Bierly1201-22-2017
Please pray for my cousin's oldest son, Kyle Dever, who died from a drug overdose Friday morning, January 20. Also pray for his parents, Neil and Ann and his younger brother, Adam.
Change my heartAnonymous701-22-2017
Blessed Mother, I ask you to intercede for me to Your Son, Our Lord. Change me heart, and my soul to be more like yours. Help me when I'm tempted to sin, and please bring me back to God and to church. I feel lost, and weary. Please heal our baby girl Inky from the cancer, if it's Gods will. If not, please give me the strength to bear it. I give you my sufferings for atonement of my sins. I ask Jesus to wash me clean again. I would also ask Jesus to breathe new life into our business, and to renew my passion. Thank You, Blessed Mother.
Thank you all for praying for Lynne, she has now had her test, and no operation needed at present so they will try with medication. Please keep her in your prayers now and then. We pray for you all, God bless, Mary smile for you.
Wellbeing and workAnonymous301-20-2017
For Daniel wellbeing andwork
Need HealingAnonymous601-20-2017
Please pray for Ted Pearson to be healed of pneumonia, heart disease and all disease. Pray that he be protected from complications or infections. Pray that he get good news from his blood test all doctors exams and tests.
High School student Luiz Diana Sclafani401-20-2017
Luiz will be at peace and NOT be angry and more about his abuse and situation. May his Mother find peace in her heart and peace in her home. she asked me to pray for her and her son.