Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Dental helpAnonymous301-19-2017
Dear Mother, I urgently ask that you please intercede with me on the best possible outcome for my dental health and finances.
thanksgiving - suggestionAnonymous201-19-2017
I would like to suggest that everyone who has a prayer request answered also write it here, so we can thank God together and increase our Faith, show our Gratitude to God, just like that leper came back to thank Jesus.
health and peace of mind for lynneAnonymous701-18-2017
please pray that the outcome of hospital test for her tomorrow will be favourable as she is very anxious.
For James my brother; that he will contact his family and that he will find forgiveness in his heart For James my nephew: that he will be cured of his gambling addiction For Matthew : that he will end his relationship with his partner that is taking him away from God For Thomas that he will meet a good catholic girl to raise his child
For workAnonymous801-17-2017
Pray Dan to get employment
For Elana Wessels who is reading the Catechism and seeking the Truth. For her to find it and embrace it. May the Holy Spirit guide her safely and for blessings and protection for her family. Blessed Mother please take care of it.
Conversion for my sonAnonymous1101-17-2017
Please pray for the conversion of my 35 year old son. He has a job but deeply in debt, no faith, no girlfriend anymore, and just basically on a road going nowhere. Not close to his dad. Please pray that the holy spirit would him a change of heart and mind. Thank you.
Peace in families may the Light shine in home & may Evil be goneDiana Sclafani801-17-2017
May Our Lady's Peace & light fill our homes and our hearts , especially the homes of children.
Justice & peace for Brian's murderDiana Sclafani801-17-2017
May Brian's family and the man who shot him find peace and justice in God's time . May Gods will be done.
Prayers for a couple in needAnonymous1201-16-2017
Please pray for a couple who desperately needs a home, job and physical and spiritual recovery. They are living in their car and Need a miracle. Our lady and Jesus please come to their aid. They are trying to find a job but not receiving any call backs. They are falling into despair. Jesus and Mary please help them.Jesus I trust in you
Depression and anxietyAnonymous1501-16-2017
Please pray for me that the Lord and Our Blessed Mother continue to lift me out of this depression and anxiety that has gripped me for years. I surrender to you Lord Jesus. Be the light that shines in my darkness. Thanks and God bless.
Urgent: Son in despair and suicidalAnonymous2401-16-2017
My son, Matt, has been in the grip of satan for some time. He has reached despair. Of course, I have been praying and fasting for him. But, I feel satan is going in for the kill. Please, please join me in prayer. The Blessed Mother appeared to him when he was just 4 years old. When he saw the picture of Our Lady of Medjugorje some time afterwards, he exclaimed, "Mommy! This is the pretty lady in blue that I told you about!" Please, please pray for Matt.
This is for my daughter Teanna, and the girl she is with Robyn, Dora, Roseanne, Karen, Jackie, Brian, Kylie, and Rachelle, and to include all that are engaging in this same sex ..I place and bind this homosexuality in all rosaries/mass for root cause and bondage to be severed and broken and that they will have an illumination of conscience and have a great disgust and repulsion for this, though the intercession of Our lady of Peace, all the Holy Angels and Siants In Jesus name I pray ..Amen.
granddaughter in rehabAnonymous701-16-2017
Please pray for my granddaughter who has entered a drug rehab facility. She is talking about leaving. Please pray she makes the right choice.
Please pray for my healing.
please pray for Johns boat to sell for a fair pricemarlene hughes301-16-2017
dearest mother bless this request and ask the Father to bless John today with the sale of the boat for a fair price thankyou for the person coming to see it for the hope it brings bring blessings form heaven on this day for us all especially for our 33 days session tonight thankyou for always asking your son and the Father to help us i love you love marlene
Please pray for the healing and conversion of my daughter and that she will pass the bar. Thank you.
Prayers for collegeAnonymous601-16-2017
I would like to pray for my son who starts a new chapter in his life in college. That Mary and Jesus grant him the gift of wisdom and knowledge to do well. May he make good friends,learn new things and never gives up. Amen
For physical healing for myself and conversion of my family Anonymous801-16-2017
Dear Mother I ask you to present to my Lord Jesus the strength to cope with the diagnosis I receive on Tuesday. Please Holy Spirit enter into the hearts and minds of my children that they come to know the treasure of faith in Our. Blessed Lord
healingShirley Belmore1001-15-2017
For those suffering from eye diseases may Jesus lay His healing hands on them and bring clarity of sight including my own. Thank you Jesus