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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
HelpClaudia Pardo308-31-2017
Dear mary, I need your help, plse help me finding a good job as son as possible, you already know how is my life going, plse give me a good job that way I can help my mother, grandmother y the rest of my family that really needs my help. Plse increase my faith, help me to be a better person each day. Amen
Urgent healing for SilvanaAnnie Cirillo108-31-2017
Urgent healing for Silvana with lung cancer with metastasis on her spine and pelvic area . Went blind in one eye due to urgent glaucoma surgery , yesterday she had a new eye surgery . Please Blessed Mother help her , in Jesus Name
16 year old granddaughter was sexually abusedMary Larsen508-31-2017
Please, please pray for Kaidyn Lowe in New Mexico, USA. I just found out that she was sexxually abused and the police were immediately caalled. She is a most beautiful girl, both inside and out, and attends an expensive, parochial high school. My daughter's entire family is in the state of shock and I can't even imagine what Kaidyn must be going through, as she has been sheltered by all the family, all of her young life. This is especially painful to me the grandmother, as one of my 4 daughters was also sexually molested by a close family member from age 4 - 13, Thank you & God Bless!
For the life and liberation of Mary Magdalene, for the restoration of her life and the conversion of her husband. Amen. Glory to God.
My daughter and grandchild Miriam Albright 408-30-2017
My daughter and the baby left today to live in Florida for a year. My heart is broken. I pray for their deep and lasting conversion as they are away. Send wholesome Catholic evangelizers into their lives and protect them from all harm. Please let them be open to life and bring them home at the end of the year. Jesus, I trust in you. Amen
conversion Anonymous208-30-2017
conversion and salvation for all my loved ones-husband to desire and practice a virtuous life
Guarigione mio maritoSerena Zottoli108-30-2017
Preghiamo affinché la lesione al cervello trovata a mio marito Marino possa scomparire. Che lui possa vivere una vita serena con la nostra bambina che lo ama immediatamente. Maria mia intercedi Vs. Gesù affinché lui possa guarire. (Healing my husband Let us pray for the brain injury found in my husband Marino to disappear. That he can live a serene life with our little girl who loves him immediately. My Mary intercede with Jesus so that he can heal.)
DaughterPatricia Mcgee308-30-2017
Please pray for my daughter Mary waiting for an operation for cancer that God will send her healing. THANKYOU
Prayers for my mom & daughterAnonymous308-30-2017
Mom is undergoing surgery today for a total knee replacement. Praying for a successful operation and complete recovery.Also for Kelsey that if it's God's will she can recovery completely from Lyme Disease & co-infections. Please lead us to the right dr's/clinic to help her & supply the financial means to pay for it along with her personal bills. Thank you for any prayers offered.
Una preghiera per diventare genitoriAnonymous208-30-2017
Santa Maria, Madre di Cristo, intercedi per me e mia moglie Filomena, affinché possiamo finalmente avere la felicità di diventare genitori con il dono di un figlio tanto atteso. (A prayer to become a parent St. Mary, Mother of Christ, intercede for me and my wife Filomena, so that we can finally have the happiness of becoming parents with the gift of a long-awaited child.)
For conversionAnonymous408-30-2017
I humbly request to pray at the feet of the Blue Cross for the conversion of my son Michael, my daughter Megan and Erick, Andrea and her two children and the healing of her heart, reconciliation or reparation of her marriage, the healing and conversion of my daughter Sarah and the conversion of my husband Tarek. I also ask for the healing of my health problems if our Lord's desires and if he choses to accept my pain and illnesses as a sacrifice, the I only ask a sign of his desire and strength to love him more and more every day as well as the protection and company of my Holy Mother.
Per mia sorella MariaAnonymous108-29-2017
Madre nostra, se puoi prega ed intercedi presso ul tuo amato figlio, e che nel suo nome guariscia mia sorella ....grazie.... (Our mother, if you can pray and intercede with your beloved son, and that in his name he heals my sister .... thanks ....)
family trouble,health and money problemsAnonymous708-29-2017
Please pray for my family for healing of all our relationships , for healing of the anger and depression in Barry , for healing of his body and mind ,for healing of all my family addictions , for my own health problems and healing of Patrick and teresa Brendan and teresa health problems . For help with jobs for us all and sorting out of our money problems . Please pray that our lady will pick a good kind gentle loving husband for my daughter , please pray for a spiritual converson for us all and a strong faith and love of prayer and the sacraments . pray that we will be protected from evil .
PRAYER FOR THE MINE REYES FAMILY IN CALI-COLOMBIA Hello, good evening, this is a humble request if it is possible, to place at the feet of the Blessed Virgin the request for prayer for the Mina Reyes Family, residing in Cali-Colombia, I require your intervention and help as we have two children and we require of heavenly intervention to form them in the Love of God. Thank you very much for your valuable collaboration.
Spiritual WellbeingAnonymous408-29-2017
Blessed Mother, please pray to your Son that my son will return to attending Mass and receiving the Sacrements and that my daughter-in-law will come into full communion with the Church. Thank you Mother
Please pray that my son\'s MRI results tomorrow are good and that he doesn\'t have to have another surgery. He has been through over 14 surgeries and is in nursing school and will finish in December. Lord please keep him well. Thank you.
please pray that our requests are granted
Please pray for Dennis-peace of heart...Donna-forgiveness in their marriage. Married 25years and are separated at the present time. Loving Mother please heal this broken your mantle of love upon them both. Thank you....
healing and return to GodAnonymous108-29-2017
Please intercede for healing and return to God for our children and family members - also to be delivered of fear, unforgiveness, all that offends our Lord and guidance for us and our children who are struggling. For all who are suffering especially from the floods in the states
Contract renewal,salary increment and PHD scolarshipAnonymous108-29-2017
Dear Mother Mary thanks for your presence among us and taking care of us with motherly love .Teach me to pray more especially the rosary and the chaplet of divine mercy .Help me get acontract renewal and salary increment at my current Job .settle the current issues our organisation has with one of our donors and we get new projects . .Help my husband get the scholarship for a PHD to study in Italy.Mother mary intercede for me and my husband to pay the many debts that we have. Iam praying for complete healing of My father Joseph and my brother John from mental illness mother Mary intercede