Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
mother please help me to know what to do
PrayersKathleen Swanson606-20-2017
Please pray for complete healing of my cancer and complete function of my kidneys.
our sonAnonymous606-20-2017
My Lord and My God, on behalf of my title as a mom, please give our son, Joseph, special graces to get going on finding work so he can provide for himself. He needs the Holy Spirit to fire him up, to have a sense of urgency to get going on life. Give him his job immediately please. Thank you....
J.A.Sherro, H&F Reese, B&E Miller, E&M Miller.
Prayer conversionDon Bui406-20-2017
Conversion of faith, heart, mind, soul for Giang and Justin to be married in a Catholic church and live the faith.
Prayer RequestAnonymous306-19-2017
For Steve & Donna B. Mary please work in their lives.
Thank youAnonymous306-17-2017
Thank you Jesus holy spirite our dear lady for every thing
Healing for SueAnonymous406-17-2017
Pray Sue would be healed of all CANCER in her body!and all health problems!! also healing for my[Dorothy] heart to be healed! Thank you BLESSED MOTHER , And JESUS! also for myself, Dorothy, for healing of my Heart!
Mother Virgin Mary, most tender loving Mother!Anonymous206-17-2017
Virgin Mary&St Joseph pray for all for:God's & Your LOVE MERCY,Our Lady, over the hole world-Conversion of sinners-Peace on earth-Families be stronger&caring-Blessed Souls in Purgatory be taken to Heaven-Progress&protection Jesus's Church&his pastors/SS Pope/Priests/Confesors/All religious people-Control of nature-Children's protection&cure-Bless&protect good humanitarian hearts-Our personal needs/our families/For all who may offend us be blessed cure & reconciliation & The whole world in need, Amén. Mary, Mother of the most Holy Child Jesus! Most Holy Mother, Queen of Angels & Archangels & al
Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Lady, I pray for the conversion of our son and his wife and for our entire family. Amen
Patience and strengthteresa bitz406-17-2017
Please pray for John and myself that we can get through this time as we are really struggling with living with Madeline as she goes out with guys and drinks and drives. Katie has a boyfriend and is out all the time and its very frustrating. Please God help our little family!
Family UnityAnonymous306-17-2017
Please pray for the Grandparents as they see their daughter and her children being cruelly abused for the passed 30 years by her husband. Pray that they at last will be able to take a stand to support her and her 13 children, some of whole have left their faith because of their father's Satanic influence..Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the Whole World.
Joyous Celebration for Jacksons First Holy Commuion Betty scherger306-17-2017
Please pray for Jackson and his family, where there is serious division and abuse of his Mother .
Prayer for MRI scanAnonymous206-16-2017
Please pray for me. I\'ve having my MRI scan tomorrow (2pm EST) and I\'m very anxious about having the scan and being claustrophobic and also also about the result. Thanks so much. God bless all.
Prayers for my husband, son, daughterAnonymous206-16-2017
My husband is in need of a full-time job. We just came off 2 years of unemployment for him & a total of 1 year for myself. Also, for Kelsey suffering w Lyme with co-infections, depression, anxiety for 3 1/2 yrs & for personal conversion.We need a real miracle. Also, for Christopher for his protection, and safety & return to confession & sacraments. Thank you & God Bless
Special Man in my lifeAnonymous506-15-2017
I pray that this special man will return into my life. May God reach out to him and have his faith returned more than ever
praiseBen Mansell306-14-2017
I thank you god for my beautiful home life with Cynthia and the boys Nathan Rishon and Justin. Thankyou lord for all you provide. Thankyou lord for the work we get our food, provisions and money for the kids. Thankyou lord for all you have planned for us to prosper in your glorious love. Praise Jesus Amen
please dear blessed Mother, help usAnonymous406-14-2017
Dear Blessed Mother, I just want to lift up Annette and all her children, particularly Tony and David insuch bad places in their lives...also my children...Melissa and her husband Andrew for their prayer intention, Chris, so exhausted, struggling, Dan unable to work with his immune deficiency, my husband Ron,,,we have been to Medjugorje 2 x as a family and pray the rosary every evening...but my husband wouldn't do it if I didn't...I don't know what healing he is in need of....please, in a special way, healing for with finances, also for Elizabeth and Barry in severe financial crises
prayers for daughters weightAnonymous406-14-2017
I would first like to thank Jesus and Mary for all the blessings and graces received. My husbands blood test results came back good. Praise Jesus! I would like to pray for my daughters weight. She has put on 40 pounds in 3 years. We got her in a diet program last year. She lost 20 pounds but put it all back. I ask for the intercession of the saints and angels to help her take care of her health and to care about herself. Mother Mary, you be her mother and help her to loose weight and treat her body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. Jesus our Lord, inspire her to eat healthy and avoid bad food.
Urgent Prayer for Court on 6/14/2017 @10AMAnonymous506-14-2017
Please Pray for Brianne, Baylee & Brodie to finally being reunited after All the tragedies that have occurred... Please Pray for GiGi & PoPi to be co-guardians and that All will be reunited as a family... Please Pray for the judge to make a Christian decision by GOD'S Holy Will... May GOD Bless You ALL Abundantly Today and Forevermore... Mother Mary Please intercede for Us before You Son JESUS CHRIST... Thank You Sweet Mother for hearing our prayer... xxo