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My son was born with a seizure disorder, has ADHD, and a LD. He is angry, frustrated, and dying inside. I fear for him. He is also always very kind to his grandmother and daughter. Please pray so that God's live and mercy and perfect will can break through the years (36) of defense, disappointment, confusion and shame. I pray he can let Mary & Jesus in.
Healing for LukeAnonymous703-12-2017
Please pray that Luke is healed in body , mind and Spirit by the love of Our Lord and Heavenly Mother. Thank You
Employment Anonymous503-11-2017
Employment for Dan
Salvation Anonymous403-11-2017
For the soul of Alejandro Jose Gregorio Rendon to rest in peace. Amen
to come to terms with my husbands deathAnonymous503-11-2017
ifor my family and myself to come to terms with my husbands death gods will be done
Healing of constant recurring cough for JP Healing of Peripheral Neuropathy for Lil Healing of dizziness and shortness of breath RK
Please pray for meAnonymous1303-10-2017
Please include me in your daily prayers. I'm 60 years old and have struggled to try to live my mother and my sister siblings for my whole life. My mother has spent all my life lying about me, hating me, and, ostracized me. Her goal has always been to say malicious lies about me to my siblings so they hate me, and, she's succeeded. How can I ever achieve any real level of forgiveness towards these unrepentant and unappoligizing evil spirits in my life? When will I heal so that I no longer get angry at these people?
Prayer RequestAnonymous603-10-2017
Please pray for Donna Nahass and Dom Carbone who are battling cancer.
restful peaceAnonymous703-10-2017
For Leona my sister (through marriage) and my friend she is gravely ill and suffering. Pray that God grants her healing and peace.
Music MinistryAnonymous403-10-2017
Please pray that Our Lady blesses/helps my music ministry. That I may touch people's hearts with my voice for her Son. Thank you!
ConversionJeannee Waseck503-09-2017
I was just listening to Dennis Nolan talk about St Patrick, and then the Irish monks light the faith after the dark ages in western Europe. It is a dark age now, with so many ordinary people not knowing even the rudiments of Christianity. Please pray for today's monks, whomever they are, to relight Europe!!!
For my husbandAnonymous603-09-2017
Pray please for my dear husband struggling with a bad cold. This is affecting his chest. Has weak heart and the cough is making it hard to breath. He is hurting bad. Thank you and may Holy Mother shower you all with many blessings.
My Children intercede Holy MotherThomas Lombardo303-09-2017
Jennifer& Michael; Lisa's Anullment; Thomas's conversion
peace and workAnonymous603-09-2017
Please for me to find peace in my daily life and to succeed in my work projects
Prayer of thanksgivingAnonymous503-09-2017
I posted a petition a couple of weeks ago for my sons wisdom teeth removal. I would like to praise Jesus that everything went well and very minimal pain and recovery time. Thank you Jesus and Mary! Praise be Jesus! Thank you also Marytv and your prayers.
Dearest Mother Queen of PeaceAnonymous603-09-2017
I humbly ask you to please extend your invitation to Natasha and i to make the pilgrimage in August this year. Have mercy on us as we are struggling to make the fare that is needed. Dearest Mother you know the sincerity which we have and the burning desire to be close to you in medj. Please make this pilgrimage a reality for us. With love and thanksgiving. Andrea
My son wants me to leave and is using force to get me out of his house. After inviting me to live with him, he\\\'s changed his mind. His wife has depression and became jealous of his love for me - has gradually ruined it and turned him against me - also their children. I\\\'m also having a very difficult time to find another place to live. I need a special big space to restore church statues and altars. Please pray for me. My heart aches to work for God using the talent that he gave to me. I yearn for a good realtionship with both my son and his wife. I\\\'m suffering for my Lord.
For our son and grandsonAnonymous503-08-2017
Dear mother Mary of Medjugorje pour love into the heart of our son so that he can love his wife and children and care for them the way he used to do..Please dear mother Mary bless and heal our grandson as he has something wrong with his Bowl..Thank you dear mother of Jesus.Thank you for loving me and keeping me safe.
Prayers for Mary TV and Medjugorje visionaries Stephanie Hagey903-08-2017
Please let us all remember to keep all those who bring us Our Blessed Mother\'s messages from Medjugorje in our prayers this day. Peace Be With You All. +JMJ+