Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Safe DeliveryAnonymous1001-15-2017
That Natasha has a SAFE delivery. That Our Lady will be by her side and ensure that she and the baby will be fine.
urgentAdriana Morello1801-15-2017
Dear Prayer Warriors, I have had a very troubled marriage, domestic abusive and with the children too God Knows the rest, But I have Hope that with these prayer groups Our families can get through and so I ask as we were kicked out of our home i early hours of the morning God Knows for the future as I am unsure right now God Bless Adriana
Aurora needs helpSandra Papin1101-14-2017
My daughter is 5 she suffers from severe eczema. She has had it since she was 3 months old. It only gets better for at the most maybe a week. The medicated creams the doctor gives her they are really thinning out her skin. As soon as she starts playing her face turns bright red. The eczema she suffers from is all over her face scalp and about 50% of her body. I'm helpless and I beg you to help me pray for her that our precious lord Jesus Christ sends a complete healing for her so that she does not have to resort back to using the steroid creams and that her skin is completely healed. Thank you
Release from pain because of prescription drug Carmel Hogan Hogan 301-14-2017
Please pray for all of my intentions and thanksgivings especially withdrawal from prescription drug God bless and thanks Carmel
Prayers for our son MarkBarbara Fralish601-14-2017
Please pray for our 27 yr old special needs child Mark. Pray that he can get over his cold /flu and avoid the hospital. Thank you
Saúde , paz e trabalhoLucia Brandao301-14-2017
Peço a Nossa Senhora por paz em minha casa, saúde, e por um trabalho, pois estou fincando desesperada. Mãe querida atendei minha prece. Obrigada por tudo mãe querida. (Health, peace and work I ask Our Lady for peace in my home, health, and for a job, because I am desperate. Mother dear answered my prayer. Thank you for everything, dear mother.)
For friend, Deacon Tom BaranoskiJohn Dinolfo301-14-2017
Deacon Tom Baranoski of the Diocese of Charleston, SC will undergo lower gastrointestinal surgery on Thursday Jan. 26 at Roper Hospital in Charleston. We pray wisdom for the surgeons and clinical team and a full recovery and many more years of ministry for Deacon Tom.
please pray that i may regain my confidence and get rid of this depression and anxiety. Jesus i surrender myself t you,,,take care of everything!
Anger management Anonymous601-14-2017
Please pray for my husband and his problem with anger. We don't know what triggers it and he will get extremely angry and reprimand someone who isn't necessarily deserving of it. Our children are grown but they say a wedge is happening as a result. Between that and the desire for them to make their own mistakes and not be judged by us as parents or in laws. We are so very sorry for any difficulty, sin, error in judgement, pain we have caused and we don't know where to turn next except to our faith, God and our Lady
Brother WinstonAnonymous501-13-2017
Dear Sweet Mother, please take care of my Brother Winston if he is alive. If he is dead, grant him eternal rest. Let me know one way or the other and save me the anxiety of not knowing.
Find peace and love Anonymous401-13-2017
I pray the our Holy mother interce for my son and may the Holy Spirit touch him to free him from his anger anxiety and judging . May he learn to accept his father death and learn to love himself so that he can have good relationships .
Direction - Health, Children, Employment, Where toAnonymous301-13-2017
1. for healing for my wife and I in our body minds and spirits 2. for conception of children and giving birth to healthy children 3. employment to support a family 4. direction where the Lord wants us to look for these needs and where he wishes us to be (live).
If it is your willAnonymous801-13-2017
My Holy Mother, please intercede for me to your son. Ask him that he may give my parents peace. May my father be healed of his mental illness and be the father and husband that we need him to be. Please pray that Daniel will end up at the school that is right for him. May you please be with him as he decides. Give him peace. Please pray that my brother Cullen finds his way. Please pray that Charlie will experience conversion to the faith. In his name, I pray.
Medjugorje TripAnonymous301-13-2017
Please pray that I may be blessed to bring bring a troubled young man,Spenser, and myself to our Mother Mary in Medjugorje. Please pray Mary will Come to Spenser as his Mother.
Evil is growing , please pray for peace in homesDiana Sclafani701-13-2017
Anger, jealousy, divorce, drinking, drugs, sex out of marriage, non-pure internet smutt..Evil is in many homes is growing, I see it. Please pray for peace in homes and that people find even a tiny bit of faith, repent and convert.
retreat successMary Chandler401-13-2017
For nick to have a change of heart and attend confirmation retreat. For him to go, remain well, and have an exceptional experience.. for the Holy Spirit to be alive and active and well received by all in attendance. For a successful retreat.
Please Holy Mother,keep Natasha Anonymous501-12-2017
Holy Mother, please keep my daughter Natasha safe, today is her operation, I ask you with my motherly heart, which I know that you know the love I carry for both my children, Natasha and Anthony. Holy Mother Mary, our Mother, with all the love that you have for us, your children pray for us, keep us safe in your arms always. Amen
continue pray for meDaniel Froment401-12-2017
I felt the love of God as I was gonna fall into temptation and a moment after I really thougt it was the grace made out of your prayers. Thanks. AND THINK I NEED MORE PRAYERS.
Healing of my marriageAnonymous801-12-2017
Please Mother, please help to heal and save my marriage (Vince and Kathy): O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that any one who fled to thy protection, implored thy help or sought thy intercession, was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins my Mother; to thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful; O Mother of thy Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy clemency hear and answer me. Amen.
Safe DeliveryAnonymous401-12-2017
That Natasha has a SAFE delivery. That Our Lady will be by her side and ensure that she and the baby will be fine.