Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Consecration of all bus stopsAnonymous108-29-2017
Dear Mother Mary, Please pray for consecration of all bus stops. May justice reign against corrupt authorities who are anti-life, anti-peace, anti-environmentalists, anti-nonmotorists. Protect all the ears of people from noise- mongering corrupt authorities. God is good, mighty,just, merciful, truthful, and peaceful. Please protect the traveling of poor students being abused by authoritiesMay the head of the serpent be crushed through the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and through the intercession of all the angels and saints +++Amen
my good nameAnonymous408-29-2017
Dear children of God, The Lord has invited me through my spiritual Father director, to work in psychology profession for him after many years of searching my vocation. I have been slurred, misquoted, taken out of context with false claims of harassment from another colleague. She has reported me to the regulatory board and I am waiting for their findings. I can continue to practice as intern psychologist whilst this process is taking place. It has dragged on beyond the natural course of time. Help me with prayers. That\\\\\\\'s all I ask and thank you so much.
Recalled after mammogram, more tests on ThursdayAnonymous508-29-2017
Please pray for me that future tests on Thursday August 31st be clear and non malignant. ( UK 9.15 am). Thank you all.
Please PrayValjean Albright 308-29-2017
For a 22 year old man, Jose, who's slowly going blind from an autoimmune disease. He recently got a job as a teacher. I feel with all of our prayers, his sight will be restored. Thank you for your prayers from the heart for Jose and all of his doctors...God bless you!
Healing Anonymous208-29-2017
I pray for my dad and mum that they will be ok and everything will be ok, I pray for the man on the bike that he will continue to get better and the healing angels will be around him and his family. I pray we will be able to provide for our children always. Amen x
Please pray for our small group of 11 leaving for Medjugorje on Tuesday Aug 29 trng Sept 11th, for our safety, peace and families! We will be praying for all of Mary TV! Thank you
Loved OnesAnonymous208-29-2017
Robert - uncertain about life, Madelyn - healing, Christina -healing. Salvation of Souls of myself and loved ones and those I am responsible for, all those trusting in my prayers, Our Lady's Intentions - Peace in our hearts, pure families and the world. ALTAR . Thank You
prayer for AdamAnonymous408-28-2017
Please pray for my family.I came to medjugorge last year and prayed for both my sons. I was desperate. All my prayers have been answered but 1. My son Adam needs to pass exams. I need him to pass so that he can learn responsibility, so that my other son does not treat him badly and finally so that I can spend a few years getting my other son on the right path. I cannot do it with them both at home and with work. Please mother Mary make the impossible possible and help Adam pass. I trust in you and your son
Holy DeathAnonymous408-28-2017
Please pray for my sister-in-law,Donna, for a Holy Death, also for her husband, children, grand-children, Her siblings, and friends, that they will accept Jesus, and will meet again in Heaven.
MarriageMaria Ines Peyon408-28-2017
Please Jesus and Mary intercede for the marriage of MPaula and Juan they are in urgent need of prayer Juan have another woman her name is Snizhana from Ucrania Juan  is so far from God and in extrange secta Jesus I beg you save the marriage Thanks Maria
Tears for TexasBecky Dehli408-28-2017
Normally I am a happy joyous person but the last two days I have been dpressed and crying my eyes out for the flood victums in Texas and offering up my tears to Our Lady.Please pray for Texas and for my usual good humor to return. Tomorrow is also my birthday.
A job for my grandaughter Claire .Joan Murray208-28-2017
Holy Mother please get Claire a suitable job near home and help her and her husband Andy to buy a property.. Thank you Mother
my childrendeirdre kearney408-28-2017
help me please help me, i grieve for my daughter and my young pregnant sister and my granny, i now have broken marriage and my older 2 children, have become angry, i pray mary colette age 32 comes back to me hasnt spoken to me since 2011, my son patrick age 25 lives with me still, is very deeply lost and angry, leads not a good life, please mary mother of god help them please i really need this i am so sad i cry now since 1985 i need your help, also keep my sons michael and kevin healthy and good in this life, i pray too my young daughter sinead gets her tests as she is a good prayerful girl
healingDorry Dahl308-28-2017
I am going for a breast biopsis and pray for a good result and my daughter had cancer this past year and one of her blood readings was elevated, so they are watching it, praying that there is no recurrance of cancer.
Prayer for my friend JoanElisa Viray208-28-2017
I lift up my dear friend, she is having a very difficult time at work. I ask for prayers for her that all will be well at work and that her fears be lifted and replaced with peace, Her heart is so heavy right now. I ask in prayer that Our Lady will Bless her with Her Motherly Love and a prayer to Her Son Jesus that her fears are replaced with God\'s Peace.
For my daughter's health to be restoredAnonymous108-28-2017
Dear Mother Mary please intercede for my daughter who has been to Medjugorje that she be restored to full health. Amen
Prayer for my sonAnonymous208-28-2017
My son is going tru cutody battle and seems like all is stacked against. Please pray that he may turn to God in this time of need. He is angry at God and everyone.
Skin DiseaseAnonymous408-28-2017
Please, pray for me & young son. I have contracted rat mite scabies disease and son is in frequent contact with me. Place we are living in has multiple people with long-term untreated scabies.
Struggling...Please pray for meAdriana .408-27-2017
Hi. My name is Adriana. I would like to ask you to please pray for me. I have been mentally ill for years and I am really struggling. Please pray for me, it would mean so much. Thank you.
Husband cancerCheryl Thomas708-27-2017
My husband has bone cancer it has spread and he is in great pain ( we offer up his pain and know it is redemptive both for him and others.) We are praying for relief in his sufferings and for a miracle. We also have a severely handicapped daughter, she needs her dad. We thank God for whatever he has for us... God is in charge! Whatever he desires I desire....