Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
For help and conversionAnonymous506-13-2017
That Jesus helps me through his blessed mother. Iv been to medgegorje over 40 times and because of caring for mother haven't been since2013,since then my spiritual life has went down and I've fallen back into addiction. I'm still a carer but very rarely get out as mum needs 24 hr care. Please pray for me. I fear I will lose my soul.. I'm finding life very hard
prayer for good test resultsAnonymous506-13-2017
I would like to ask prayers for my husband Tony that his blood test results are normal and that everything go well at the doctors. Jesus and Mary be with him. St Anthony intercede for him. Amen
please pray for me that i might be delivered from this terrible anxiety and depression. i feel so hopeless and am finding it so difficult to cope at work. Jesus i trust in you, your will be done!
Special requestAnonymous506-12-2017
Jesus holy spirite our dear lady please take care of my husband family my self. Grandchildren my sister husband brother wife family all ex tended rowe family's sick 77
For healingAnonymous506-12-2017
for my sister-in-law's mother who was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor and is beginning therapy immediately.
For Lou DantuonoAnonymous306-12-2017
For the soul of Lou Dantuono who passed away Sunday June, 11,2017
For Ashley and EastonJoan Hammons406-12-2017
To give Ashley patience and to heal what is causing Easton age 4 to itch uncontrolabilly .
Prayer for New JobAnonymous806-12-2017
For God to open the door for a good job opportunity for me where I will be happy and close to home so that I drop off and pick up my child from school. For financial blessings since I do not have a job. Thank you.
Temptations to despairAnonymous1106-12-2017
Dear brothers and sisters, I beg your prayers to temptations to despair. I'm caring for my mom, exhausted, have a challenging marriage, am overspending, and need to make several changes in my life. May I sincerely ask for and count on your prayers to make the changes and turn my life over once again to our merciful Jesus. The enemy keeps taunting me, and the battle is fierce at times. Thank you for your prayers. God bless all under temptation to despair with a lively faith and resilient hope! Amen.
grow in holiness and submit to the divine willwendy kutanzi1306-12-2017
please prayer to help me know the will of the Father to grow in holiness to be a witness to my family all who need to come back to the church and for my son God reveal the vision for his life and his vocation he is struggling with discouragement
Prayers for husbandAnonymous806-12-2017
Please pray for my husband who has Alzheimer's disease, plus complications of GI problems. Thank you!!!
Jay 95 percent burns trying to save wife.Betty Scherger906-12-2017
Please pray for Jay and his wife Amanda . Married last October. Jay has 2 days to live. Their home burned down last night June 11. Jay got out , heard Amanda screaming, then went back to save her. She also has severe burns. Please pray for them and their families.
tinnitus and hyperacusis unbearable with deafnesssuzanne stosser1106-11-2017
tinnitus and hypercusis very hard for 15 years . now it is worst, as very noisy works(pneumatic drill) happened very close to my room while I was sleeping.My husband (atheist) knew about that and did not awake me so that I Could Not protect my hears .now I can't even chew or walk, or speak a few words because the noise hurts me a lot .And I become deaf also. I Can't forgive my husband . I am afraid to commit suicid for that physical suffering to stop/Thanks for praying for me and my husband ..
healing of my son eye vision and infectionAnonymous806-11-2017
My son has an eye infection with terrible bacteria and a scratched cornea, drs are really concerned he can loose his eyesight. Hes only 18, we need to see a cornea specialist as soon as possible, but insurances make this so has been a very sad time.please Mary our Mother please help my son to get the help he is in need.We need to find a dr to see him tomorrow .Mary of Medjugorge give us peace in this trials.
Intercessory prayer for Ferguson familyBill and Debbie Ferguson1106-11-2017
Prayers to cure Bill of leukemia and heart blockages Prayers to help Debbie adjust to lower denture Prayers to heal Barry's kidney Prayers to relieve Doris's knee pain Thank you for praying for our family Grateful for your support
Prayers for my husbandBarb Fralish706-10-2017
Please pray for Steve. He had an episode of confusion this afternoon and is in the ER. Getting checked for either heat and dehydration since he was out in sun or could be possible mini stroke. Please pray for complete healing and that this would be nothing. Thank You Barb
deliverencePradeep Pradeep1006-10-2017
My name is pradeep.Iam from madurai,tamilnadu,India.Since iam doing spiritual work my father with the help of relatives creating unnecessary problems this worries me very much.Mother Mary please help me deliver me.
All SoulsValjean Albright806-10-2017
I pray that ALL souls in the world, would accept Jesus with openess and gratitude. That we would come to Him for graces of mercy and healing. I pray we would have utter confidence in His love and mercy. Mother, teach us to pray with our hearts. Holy Spirit, for the world to be converted to Jesus, for the Fathers glory. And for despair and worldliness to be wiped away from all people. And for the safety and protection of ALL children, we pray. Amen
New start and transforamtionAnonymous706-10-2017
That Caroline Marie Gavin and her children will be living very near to the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Massachusetts, USA, frequently visit it, be perfectly healthy, and continue to grow in faith.
Polly H of EnglandClare Stein1206-09-2017
Please could you pray for Polly with cancer of the throat and windpipe and struggling with this debilitating disease. Devout and devoted Woman of God with a strong Faith. Mother of 3 and Grandmother of 8. She asks for help and healing through the Power of Prayers. Thank you.