Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Prayers for Protection and JusticeAnonymous304-20-2017
Please pray for my family when my x comes next week. Please pray that the Lord convert him and put him in his place. Thank you.
Prayer RequestAnonymous204-19-2017
Gospa, please intercede for all that is on our hearts. For the conversion/healing of our families; unbelievers; world leaders; for the protection of the unborn from any abuse; our communities and homes affected by flooding, droughts,; winds and environment change; faith communities affected by violence and persecution; Pilgramages to Holy Christian sites - for Susan, Anna, John and their family; my Dad\'s health/temporal needs, Val\'s school/employment, For the souls ; my Mom Philemon, Charles, E.J. Mom, Anna\'s Brother; St. Joseph Prayer group; Father Peter; RCIA candidates new priests.
Please pray for Christine, mother of 3 grown up children and two lovely grandsons. Has been hospitalised for over a week. Please pray the scan will reveal what it is that is wrong with her. This takes place tomorrow, Thursday. Thank you. Praying for all.
Visit to Medjugore. Sherry Magar204-19-2017
Please pray that my son and I can visit Medjugore and for his conversion.
Prayer request for deceasedAnonymous204-19-2017
My friend\'s Mother in Law just passed away about an hour ago. I\'m not sure about her religious affiliation or if she was baptized. If you could pray for her (Barb) I would really appreciate it. She was a very sweet woman.
prayers for my brother to conceive a babyAnonymous304-19-2017
Prayers for Bebi and his wife to conceive a child
prayers for my unborn nieceLindita Kosova304-19-2017
Praise be Jesus and Mary please pray for my unborn niece , the doctor said she does not look good. May God bless her to grow healthy and holy. Pray also for my brother Bebi and his wife to conceive a child. Pray for God to deliver me and my whole family from all evil , and conversion of my family. And also prayers for my special intention. Thank you
great big ego clash between myself and husband-finance and ability. highly prejudised. Prayer request for humility and acceptability, to deepen in faith and prayer life, to be reconciled with self, each other and with others around, to break the walls of self centredness and to get into God's work. to be able to fight the devil and to concentrate in reading and understanding the word of god, tirelessly. thank you. god bless
Please pray for me, as I feel so alone...I hope and pray someone special will enter my life
family and financesjane ferrao404-18-2017
Pray for Keith who is looking to understand JesusAnonymous504-17-2017
Yesterday, Easter Sunday, was the day to pray for unbelievers. I went over to my neighbors house for a small party and a wonderful man, Keith, was there. He suddenly interrupted the conversations around the table to ask me about Jesus. He said he did not know anything about Jesus but had just watched the Passion of Christ and is now watching Son of God. His wife is an angry "ex" Catholic as are my neighbors, his friends. His questions and insights were clearly Spirit-filled. Please pray for his on-going search and protection from his friends cynicism. .
PainJen Rauch304-17-2017
Please pray for relieve of pain of bladder infection and relief from ongoing bowel issues as well as prayers for my father in law who was just diagnosed with als
Marian Pilgrimage Group seamus connor304-17-2017
I pray for the fulfillment of intentions ,if it be Gods will, for the leader and group members of Irish Marian Pilgrimage group in Medjugorie this week. Praise be to Jesus and Mary. St oseph, St Pio interecede for them Blessed Michael protect them.
Please pray for my daughter\'s return to the practice of her Faith with her two children. Pray for her difficult nature and temper and for her inability to cement friendships. Pray that she may obtain good employment with a sdalary to enable her to support herself and her children. Thank you for your prayers.
Prayers for ThomasAnonymous504-17-2017
This morning a young (teenage) friend who lives in a difficult home situation asked me to ask a priest to pray for him. I bring this request to the priests of Medjugorje. His name is Thomas. Please pray for his protection and for continuing grace. May God bless all of you. Amen.
For my sonAnonymous404-16-2017
For a faith filled pilgrimage in Medjugorie this week. For all aspects of his future. For the Irish Marian Pilgrimage group led by Michael with whom he is travelling. For all pilgrims. for persecuted Christians.
Prayers for sickAnonymous204-16-2017
Please help my mother so that she will be well enough to travel to visit her family and friends in Europe and to visit Medjugorje. Please pray for us.
For our son and grandsonAnonymous604-15-2017
O Mary , mother of Jesus please ask your son Jesus to pour his love into the heart of our son so that his marriage can be healed..Please dear mother bless and heal our grandson from his Bowel sickness. Thank you dear mother Mary,
Holy Souls in PurgatoryAnonymous504-15-2017
Please remember in your prayers especially at Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday Mass All Holy Souls in Purgatory, specially those of your family members and friends who have gone before us. Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord and let the perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen Thank you
Family and HealthAnonymous404-15-2017
Pls pray for my family to open their hearts to God and for the conversion of each one of us, for our peace, health and healing; for my health to be healed and strengthened and that Jesus will provide and lead me to where I can work and support myself, paying my debts. Thank you!