Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Probable Loss Of JobAnonymous408-27-2017
Dear Gospa and Our Lord Jesus, I love my job however I believe my Manager is trying to fire me. I just turned 65 years of age and my mind is not as sharp as it should be. I have chronic illnesses and need the coverage of insurance from this job. Please grant me the peace and strength to know and accept whatever is God's will. Please also give me wisdom, fortitude. clarity of mind and energy to endure whatever challenges arise daily. I pray also for my family and loved ones. Thank you for loving us and for coming to us.
Come Holy Spirit ComeAnonymous608-25-2017
Please pray for me to submit to the Holy Spirit in trust and rest
Comfort and PeaceJeni Mcmahon608-24-2017
Dear Family of Mary, Can you please pray for two families in my son's year 6 class who both (separately) lost their Dad's yesterday morning. One suddenly and the other after a short illness. Also can you please pray for my daughter Therese who is experiencing migraines and also has a big decision to make. Thankyou Peace and Blessings for everyone.
My RequestAnonymous608-24-2017
My burdens are plenty and my concerns are deep. I'm asking for a blessing and protection of my 2 daughters, that they may never forget the love their Father has for them and to protect them from evil. A blessing for my Mom and my sister's family. For my deceased Dad. For Cheryl and her family who are constantly being attacked by evil influences. For myself, the burden of being labelled is heavy. My employment for financial security is difficult. Lastly, a pray of thank you to God for the graces given to me and my family. If its God's will, let it be done.
Prayers for Kelsey & familyAnonymous508-24-2017
In need of prayers for direction, financial help regarding Kelsey's lyme with co-infections. Not sure how to proceed with getting much needed help & healing. Also prayers need to forgive & for our family at this difficult time. Thank you & God Bless!!!
Prayer for husbandAnonymous508-23-2017
Please pray so i can meet my future husband and get married. Could you also pray for the conversion of Daniel Sabo who is doesnt believe in Jesus and is after motorbike an accident and blaming God for..He hates catholic church and all catholic people who gave him wrong testimony of faith.
for my family...Anonymous408-23-2017
That my husband and children would desire to pray and be given the gift of prayer. That their faith would increase and they would put God in the first place in there lives in every way. That we would pray the rosary daily as a family. That my husband would be a spiritual leader in our family as God calls him to be and that his heart would seek after the things of God and not the world. For the healing of their hearts and true conversion that they would come to know the love of God.
Successful OperationPenny Gleason508-23-2017
Prayers are needed for my cousin's husband, Frank, who is being operated on today to remove his tonsils and lymph nodes so that any threat of throat cancer can be removed. I ask the Lord to keep his family calm and at peace during this time period. Thank you very much, Penny
Good job for menelik good health Anonymous308-23-2017
Good health for menelik good job and good family life and good house for him.good health for oswin cieza and safe delivery and healthy baby. Good health for Rabbi sanefa ranger tahira that ranger may come home he may get a good job and he may live with his family and transfer for sanefa soon closer home and make her prayerful
Healing, knowledge and endurance requested for young pilotPatrice Kealy408-23-2017
May I ask for prayers for my son who is in the final phase of his training to become a United States Coast Guard rescue helicopter. He needs both physical healing and impeccable knowledge of his flight school piloting courses to pass three in-flight exams. The exams will likely be occurring in the next week. Loving Lord give him endurance, peace of mind and spirit, and an absolute certainty of your presence with him. If this be your will Lord, help him to complete this training so that he may, with you, rescue others, and give them one more chance. We thank you Lord.
Year 12 RetreatJeni Mcmahon108-22-2017
Dear Mother, I pray especially for the Year 12 SFX College retreat that my son Dominic and his peers are attending over the next few days. I pray that their hearts will be touched by the Love and Mercy of your Son Jesus and that they will be changed forever.
My childrenDenise Levreault408-22-2017
I need prays fir my children my 35 year daughter married with a little boy , is not happy I just don't know what to do its been 6 years. I try to talk to her all she does is cry . I believe she can work thing out if they try need prays for her. My 31 year old son married 5 years with three children well the frist children are baptized I the thrid child 9 months old not baptized yet I am very trouble about this come on that is a sin very upset about this. He need help also
Prayer request for my familyBiju Augustine308-22-2017
Please pray for my wife for a speedy recovery of her back pain ,a cyst in her back spinal area is making back pain ,please pray for her to remove her cyst without any surgery. my wife cannot go for her job (nursing) now because of this back pain . and pray for me to get a good job as soon as possible . please pray for our family .thank you.
My brother in law has been undergoing kidney dialysis for several years now. In recent months, his condition has become bad. He has been away from Church and sacraments for years. Please help him along on his final journey and look after my sister in law and niece in this process. Thank you so much.
PRAYERS FOR MY IN-LAWSAnonymous408-22-2017
This request is for my three sisters-in-laws who do not have any communication with their husbands. This has been going on for years and the children have continued to suffer as a result of this. Please, Mother Mary, help them to put aside their pride and differences and make peace once and for all. Another matter is that of another sister in law Molly who has been the source of unhappiness and problem in our family. Her behavior has resulted in hostility among the family members. Please help her to acknowledge her mistakes and allow healing to take place in the family and in her own home.
Dear Mother Mary, please open the door for me to obtain more students for my tutoring class and have a sustainable income.
help for illnessKim Bialecki508-21-2017
Dear Mother blessed and loved by all, I can not get there but would like to ask if you would not mind helping me with an illness I have had for years, it is getting so difficult now and has caused many more problems and I also ask for my family/children and their family to come back to the love O Jesus..thank you or hearing my prayers and I pray everyday to you for help and guidance..thank you for loving us !!
Peace and HealingAnne L608-21-2017
Please pray for my husband, Troy, who has been battling brain cancer for the last two and a half years and who has recently been sent home with Hospice. I am asking for peace and healing through the intercession of our most beloved Blessed Mother.
Jane and Linocelia Buttigieg208-20-2017
May God grant them eternal rest and let their beautiful example of life and faith bear fruit in all the friendships they had and in the people they met during their lives. Eternal rest give unto them o Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them and may they rest in peace, Amen.
Restoring FamilyYash T M608-20-2017
Blessed Mary please intercede to undo the knots in our family life. Give us the hope, love and faith in God and let my wife join in our family life overcoming all forces working against the family and God. Let she understand God's love and the indissolubility of marriage sacrament in leading a family life in Christ.