Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Help ICPS with her current relationship situation. Please take away all the pain and hurt in her heart. Heal and restore the relationship of ICPS and LRFF. Remove the negativity, people, and third party, that are destroying their relationship. Fill their hearts with love for each other, make them realize each other\\\'s worth and both fight for their relationship. Fill the heart of LRFF with much love for ICPS. Make their relationship become uncomplicated. Always put them in each other\\\'s heart and mind. Employment for PUS and ICPS. Please hire ICPS as HR Exective in Sg via BHRC.
Lord Lead meAnonymous301-12-2017
My Lord help me to decide on choosing to stay with my current employment or accept another position. Lead me to where I can serve you best.
Healing for health anxietyAnonymous301-11-2017
Please pray for my healing for my health anxiety through the intercession of Our Lady. I ask prayer that the treatment that I am currently having with be greatly blessed by the Lord. Also, I ask prayer for my appointment with the doctor (around 5am EST this Friday) is peaceful and that all will be well and that I can move forward in faith and put the gifts that God has given me to good use in the world. Thank you. Amen
EmploymentCarla Burger501-11-2017
Mother Mary I bind my son to your Immaculate Heart for your protection and intercession, that he may find very good employment. Thank you.
spirtual healingeileen fiore301-11-2017
for my children Jamie Jacklyn Jennifer Christine my husband to return to the sacraments Charles a spiritual healing praise god amen
Prayer Request For FamilyAnonymous301-11-2017
Dear All, Kindly pray for my Elder Brother’s (S.Amuldhas & C. Daniel) to free them of depression, tension & achohol habits. Pray for them so that they can prosper in their Business work and achieve all success. Also pray for their Good & Healthy Family Life. May God Pour all Blessings to them. Regards
inner healingAnonymous401-11-2017
Prayer for my grandaugher Kaylynn 15 yrs. Inner healing. Deliverance from wayward friends. To forgive her mom a single mother my daughter Michelle that she live a Christian life set better example. Mother Mary of peace take Kaylynn under your mantel and protect her from the evils and also Eric her 12 yr old brother...increase our faith..heal and help my family.
I would like to pray for our daughter to help her make healthy and wise decision about her current relationship with John. Pray for my husband who feels he never does good enough. Pray for myself so I can become the best version of myself as God has created me to be. Please heal us as you desire. I pray through our loving mother Mary that she will intercede for all my family members and friends. I also pray that all of our Blessed Mother Mary's intentions be realized Thanks very much and God bless each and everyone of you!
Prayer Request for Renato BanzonAnonymous201-11-2017
Dear Our Lady Of Medjugorje,I am seeking your blessing to please intercede for Renato"Joji" to your son,our Lord Jesus.May Jesus with His infinite mercy heal Joji ,amen.
family situationsAnonymous301-11-2017
Pray for my marriage and family. AF. can exercise,eat healthy and lose weight. Pray for Mary and Nate will have a safe and good trip. Pray for Tom and Alysha engagement,new home,van,girls. Pray for Liz and Scott marriage and Aiden and Ella.Pray for Mary and Nate marriage and new home,cars,jobs,being pregnant,conversion,health.Pray for Ryan and Kylie.Pray for Ryan conversion,health,grades,jobs,finds good spouse and does well in college.Jenna and all women stay away from G.F and vice versa. Pray for family will have a happy,healthy holy vacation together.
Prayer of healing and deliverance from all evil Anonymous301-10-2017
Please pray for God to come and free me and my family from the evil one.It is bothering us for 3 years .Many prayers and masses have been said for us ,but still the evil is not leaving.Our Mother ,Queen of Peace come and bring to my family your peace that is from God. Do not allow the evil one to hurt me or anyone else in my family. Ask Jesus Your Son to come and fight for us,because this is His battle. Jesus cover us with your Precious Blood and free us from all evil. Be our shield and our salvation. Jesus I trust in You Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit
Loneliness, Peace,Anonymous701-10-2017
I pray that I will meet someone special to share my life with. Also peace in our family and that they may return to the Church
discernment Anonymous401-10-2017
clarity in discernment , and divine appointments and assistance in doing God's will for His chosen vocation for me
healing of depression caused by severe lonilnessangela pisaturo701-10-2017
please pray God send a companion, I am 63 and very lonely. I have friends but they are always too busy with their families and such. I am also a writer and ask that God send an agent to me so I can get my work published. Its christian fiction. I need to feel His presence again like when I was first saved.
Pray for My son Diana Sclafani601-10-2017
Dear Jesus, Live in him, act in him, help him to follow you and live in peace.
for my husband who lost his way to God.for bring back family tougether.blessing for my kids and grandson.
Prayers for healingAnonymous401-09-2017
Please pray for swift healing for my mother (large blood clot on her lung and bleeding in hip joint) and for comfort for my step dad and grace, skill and knowledge for those treating her.
Prayer Request For FamilyAnonymous301-09-2017
Dear All, Kindly pray for my Elder Brother’s (S.Amuldhas & C. Daniel) to free them of depression, tension & achohol habits. Pray for them so that they can prosper in their Business work and achieve all success. Also pray for their Good & Healthy Family Life. May God Pour all Blessings to them. Regards
Prayer requeststella jayawardene401-09-2017
Dearest Mother, Please pray for my brother Hector and his family who are undergoing a very difficult financial problems Please pray for his wife to take responsibility for her finances. Please also pray for my brother Freddy who has cancer and for his family. Also for his daughter Sandra & Anushka her husband to have peace, love and understanding. Please also pray for the approval of my green card which is taking so long my Mother. Thank you and love you Your child, stella
Martin´s healthAnonymous501-09-2017
Please pray for my boyfriend´s health. Martin´s got a cancer. Please, pray for his healing, recovery and for the health of my family.