Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Baby may have Down SyndromeDolores Lonergan802-24-2017
Please pray for a woman who is pregnant and her baby may have Down Syndrome.
Spiritual and AddictionAnonymous802-24-2017
Please pray for my sons who are having faith problems to the point of denying and speaking out against God. One has addiction problems and recently has been suicidal but refusing help.
Rosary Anonymous502-23-2017
Please pray for my mother and father as both are ill Please mary my mother ask your son Jesus to give us time with them to sort things out if it\'s his devine will thank you lord
MY DAUGHTER\Regina Bridges902-23-2017
Three years ago, my beautiful daughter gave birth to twins. One of the twins had a very aggressive form of cancer. The other twin was born with downs syndrome. This was very difficult for Bonnie. God answered our prayers. The child with cancer survived. Now, Bonnie has had a retinal detachment. This required a two hour surgery. She has 6 children. We are asking for prayers for Bonnie to recover her eye site. We are all pilgrim\'s on this earthly journey. I ask that Jesus through his loving Mother Mary help my daughter to recover. May the Holy Name of Jesus be praised forever.
Please help Blessed MotherAnonymous702-23-2017
Dear Blessed Mother ! I give you all my heart and pour out to you my poorest mothers heart I have always depended on you and concescrate my children my husband daughter in law and grandson to you I am very imperfect always falling short of Love attention and understanding of what is needed. Please give all my children all you can to help.them to be strong and faithful Bless my children their spouse and future spouse Make our home full of peace conquer the evil with you abounding love ! Protect us all Good Dear Mother Restore love peace and harmony bless my health all thanks and Glory to God
petitions to Our LadyAnonymous402-23-2017
Thank you, Our Lady for interceding for us. Please pray for those who are sick: Noe & Romeo Sanchez, Georgia Davidson, Marty & Olga Salazar, John Stilman, Estela Villegas, Estela Navarro, Carlota Hatcher, Frank & Rudy Castro; for all my family, priests, souls in purgatory, conversion of all peoples, peace on earth, USA, for Our Lady's intentions,for a job for Catita, Frankie to pass his tests, Martin & Daniel's health, for an end of all sins that offend Our Lord & Immaculate heart of Mary, for USA & President Trump, for peace in all our world
13 year old Theresa in comaLisa Marks602-23-2017
Please pray for Theresa, a 13 year old who is in a coma as a result of a tree falling on her during the California storms. It is questionable if she had a stroke. Her family has faith in Divine Provedence. Thank you.
wisdom teeth removalAnonymous502-23-2017
I would like to ask for prayers for my son who is getting his wisdom teeth out next week and is very anxious and nervous. One tooth is very impacted and the dentist said its very close to the nerve and if it\\\'s hit, he can loose feeling in his lip or mouth, please JESUS and MARY let everything go well with minimal recovery. Jesus I trust in you. Amen
Please Pray for Bradley LoweryAnonymous402-22-2017
Dear Mother Mary, please we most fervently request that you ask your beloved Son Jesus to heal a little boy called Bradley Lowery who is suffering so much with neuroblastoma. Praise be to Jesus in whom all things are possible! We thank you for answering our prayers. Thanks be to you our most Gracious Lord!
Find a PartnerAnonymous402-22-2017
I pray that I will find someone to share my life with. that has strong faith
Praying for marriageAnonymous302-22-2017
Please pray for my the protecion of my marriage
Prayer to Saint Mary for my healthAnonymous502-22-2017
I would like to have a prayer to Saint Mary, begging her for my health. I have been with health problems since 2015. I don't know yet what kind of desease I have. I'm so worried and anxious... I'm afraid of having a terrible desease, maybe a cancer! Please pray to Saint Mary for me!
Attempted suicideMary Klark1102-22-2017
Please pray for a young girl who has attempted suicide and is in danger of death. Pray that the antidote works for her ...she is in critical condition!
in MayTo visit MedjugorjeMaxine Jesudason702-22-2017
Please help us to bring our son Sean to Medjugorje in may
Please pray for my husband Rolf who is in hospital at present.Anne Graf702-22-2017
Dear Jesus and Our Blessed Lady please convert our entire Family to the hearts of Jesus and Mary. St. Joseph please pray for us.
Continued PrayersStephanie Hagey602-22-2017
Thank you for your prayers.I had written while in the hospital for prayers and have been released but am still continuing to have problems from the conditions and antibiotics. Asking for your continued prayers for healing of my pneumonia, praying for all from my heart for your intentions and needs with every rosary .Peace Be With You All +JMJ+
Job, Health, and PeaceAnonymous702-22-2017
Blessed Mother I pray for your intercession to help me with problems at work, my job is not secure and if it is not meant to be I pray that I find another job in which I will be happy, I can not afford to not work, dear lord please guide me on the right path. I pray for good health for me and my family and peace. For this I pray Amen
Please pray for Catherine who is having an operation on WAnonymous402-22-2017
Pray for Catherine who gets anxious and worried.
Teresa's healingAnonymous802-21-2017
Teresa is a 14-year-old girl who was recently struck by a falling tree while walking her dog. She had surgery and am asking prayers on behalf of her family for a full recovery and healing from head injuries sustained from being struck by the tree.
Please, pray for the Martin´s health. He is seriously ill.