Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
For help with my struggling faith; for uncertain feelings I'm drawing from my parish - the councils - and the direction they are taking. For financial struggles my family is facing and an end to it. For healing of the endless pain I face on a daily basis from a MVA. And for faith that my prayers be heard.
My Wives (Carole Rae) RecoveryJerry Carter804-10-2017
My wife has had a glioblastoma brain tumor removed recently. She accepts that this is the will of God and has a great attitude about offering this up for the intentions of Our Lady, the souls in Purgatory and those who don\'t know the love of Our Father. However, she is very weak physically. I ask each of you to remember her in your prayers especially that she can regain her physical strength to continue her work with our Lady. There is so much to do and little time to do so. All of us need to pray. I will include your intentions as you include mine. All my love to each of you. A Kansas Cowboy
For the assistance in searching for a job.Claudia Leiria304-10-2017
I ask you brothers in Christ to pray for me. I'm a mom with 3 children who is looking for a job. I trust in God and your prayers that He will bless me with this grace. God bless you.
Mother Mary, please resolve the situations at hand peacefully,
Blessed Mother, please pray for usAnonymous804-10-2017
Blessed Mother, Please keep all of us under your mantle of protection especially those who are in most need. Please ask your Son, for the sake of His sorrowful Passion, forgive our sins and have mercy on all of us and on the whole world.
My son healingAnonymous704-10-2017
Please pray for my son and my husband for healing. God bless and thank you.
For Scarborough Francisco Procter 704-09-2017
Sad lonely depressed guide and awaken me when anxiety puts my soul in peril in woe. May your heart blossom may your peace be my joy inlove forgive my priest about his doubt and grant me the grace to help those who fall. In your grace visit me and bless me with your armorest love miss and love you your son x
Dear mother I ask of your assistance and guidence in the schooling I\'ll be going to come September 2017 and finanual assistence to help me to and from school. I ask of you to continue helping me in being a mother to my five boys. Blessings to my boys and husband here in my home. Please continue to guide and protect us (Rose& Albert and boys Graham, Evan, A.J, Brandon, Ryan and family pet Buddy from all evil. Amen
Divine Mercy!Linda Bonelli504-09-2017
To get my car back, to get all the wealth I need to take good care of myself and my families and above all to be healed completely in all things and to be protected from evil enemies and from all harm
dearest mother mary i love you so much help me to come back home again to medugorje this year I ask for your intercession this easter for great conversions for all my family and clients and all retreatants of 33 days and consoling and 2nd greatest story paricipants i love them and long for them to have your peace and to know jesus even more i love you and jesus may the Fathers world be done love marlene
Pray for job security Donson francis704-09-2017
Job security
Melisa's JourneyPat Darby504-09-2017
My daughter, Melisa Darby, is currently traveling to Israel. She desires to walk to Via Dolorosa with the Lord on Good Friday. Please remember her in prayer that as she gives that gift to Our Lord, she will in turn receive His blessing.
For Marys protection on my familyCarol Jones604-09-2017
For my daughter inlaw Mary and her premature baby Therese for Therese to be able to come home soon also for my daughter Jackie for a safe pregnancy
For my sone, his wife and heir childrenAnonymous504-08-2017
Please place my son, his wife, and their children in your prayers for healing of their marriage, a return to respect for one another and the provision of a stable environment for their children. We ask Our Lord to touch their hearts and bring them to the sacraments.
Health for AnotherJeannee Waseck304-08-2017
I love watching Dennis and Cathy saying the Rosary, and they are my comfort now! My dear friend Kevin, who truly has been a guardian angel in my life, is in the hospital with A-Fib (rapid heartbeat) - he is only 53! Thank you for praying!
PrayersTeresa Bitz504-08-2017
I ask for prayers for my dear friend Theresa who really struggles as she lives in poverty. Her car was in a hit and run and she needs to buy a car with her very small resources. She has health and depression issues but she has a deep faith and trust in our Lord. I ask for the intercession of St. Anthony to find her a decent car and a safe place to live when she has to move from her place very soon. For all the residents in the nursing home where my mom is that they find peace and strength as they deal with loneliness and so much suffering!
HealingMary Lofton304-08-2017
Please pray for healing in my family, physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially.
Night FeverAnonymous1004-08-2017
Please pray for us the 'little lights' of Sheffield as we walk the streets with our lanterns tonight and help us to spread peace, forgiveness and protection around our beautiful Cathedral.
Lawrence Bink - Needs Our PrayersAnonymous1004-08-2017
Lawrence Bink is suffering from cancer and has spread throughout his upper body. He has faith in Jesus and God but needs our prayers. Please pray for him and the mercy of Jesus and the intercession of Mother Mary.
Mary's intercession in Syria Jonathan Mack804-08-2017
Blessed mother please intercede in Syria to protect the children, innocent lives , and those suffering . Please holy mother we need your help I ask this in your holy name and our lord Jesus Christ .