Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
abundance of health and wealthcarla d505-29-2017
Dear Denis and Cathy please may you ask our lady for me to have enough money to visit our lady in Medjugorge
for my son wife ArleneDon Collier705-29-2017
Arlene is recovering from aorta repair and femoral artery bypass. Thanks for the prayers, they worked big time ! Now she will need a hip replacement, and is in pain until then. Please continue praying for her. We will pray for all those who are praying for our family members !
for my son daughter MaryDon Collier605-29-2017
Mary has had radical surgery to her deformed foot, and must have a large screw removed eventually. Until then she has big problems walking and raising her daughter Jade. Please pray for them !
for my son daughter RosieDon Collier705-29-2017
Rosie is in jail, she is mentally ill and has anger management issues. Please pray for her !
for my son JoeDon Collier605-29-2017
Joe is mentally ill with schizophrenia since 2002, please pray for him !
For my father Don A. CollierDon Collier505-29-2017
Please pray for my father who is anti-Catholic and trying to be a caregiver for his wife.
For my friend Dan ComiskeyDon Collier305-29-2017
Please pray for my friend Dan who will be having open heart surgery very soon to replace 2 bad heart valves,.
For my sister Sherry in IllinoisDon Collier405-29-2017
Please pray for my sister Sherry on her birthday today May 29. She left the church many years ago, and is in a strange religious group. She is not eating right, and is getting very low weight, and is in health danger. After she had 12 children, her husband left her, and she is now disconnected from reality, she is mentally ill.
For my familyAnonymous605-28-2017
Dear Lord, please help put the peace in my parents home - as you well know the constant arguments is breaking the family apart.
Please intercede for Murray who was in a bicycle accident which will leave him paralyzed- a quadrepalegic! Strength for the family - protection of their faith in God- courage to face the long road ahead. Grace to persever- endure this perplexing trial. Amen
Please Dear Jesus help my husband Marcus not divorce meAnonymous1105-28-2017
Dear Kathy and Denis. My husband with whom I have been together 7 and half years married, left me 16 days ago. I miss my daughter so much poor little Flower Annabel. Lord Heavenly Father I kneel before you
Family, Pilgrimage and New JobAnonymous705-27-2017
Dear Jesus, I would like my family to be closer to you, to go to confession, receive communion, to attend mass, to pray together and live in love and in harmony. Please protect from harm all people that are heading to a Pilgrimage and traveling in general. Also, please grant my wishes for a new job. Thank you Lord, Amen
Peace and healingPatricia Timmons605-26-2017
For Bridie who is in a coma that she will be at peace with God For Paul, Thomas and Matthew that they will discover the Holy Spirit in their lives and be renewed in their Catholic faith For Dominic and Clare that they too will be touched by the power of the Holy Spirit
Prayer for Husbsand-Job and conversion of heartAnonymous405-26-2017
Please pray for my husband to gain full time and long term employment as he has been struggling to find a job for past 5 months. Please also pray that he have a conversion of heart towards my family and friends as he doesn't want me to have them actively involved in my and our life. Our marriage is being destroyed as a result of his control and the division that it has caused.
SurgeryDave Mott605-26-2017
Please pray for my successful surgery on June 5th. Also pray for healing for my Friends Anya, Tom and Wanda. Thank You and May God Bless
Healing for Jody on Her Wedding Day Todaymarion costa305-26-2017
Please intercede for Jody's healing from a fever and pain that suddenly came over her earlier that she may take her vows at her planned wedding this afternoon at 5:00 pm.....She is 45 yrs. old and an ICU RN/Director and P.A. and this is her first marriage, an answer to her dear mother's prayers, the last of 7 children to marry. My friend is a prayer warrior and a saint....who called me to pray about an hour ago. Thank you.
For Derek +Derek Solomon305-26-2017
Please pray for Derek for 9 years Please. he is in prison. IHS. INRI. Amen
Healings and PeaceAnonymous405-26-2017
Pls. pray for my total healing and for all I pray for as well. Also for proper housing for Fran and for peace in my family and in the world
exams- Schoolsilvia galvan305-25-2017
mother please intercede for my school exam, my sons school friends and new teachers, for my mothers depression and her knee. my husband eyes. for peace in the world. may your petitions be triumphant. thank you for listening to my petitions.
Healing for BillAnonymous405-25-2017
Healing for Bill who is very sick with leukemia and stomach problems from lots of chemotherapy and medications, please pray for him Healing for Barry, Doris, Debbie