Prayer Request

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I pray that cynthia passes her english exam for her visa. Lord bless her with her passing grades. Lord please also continue to keep her and her boys safe from her ex partner
The prayer I always recite:eugene sapiano504-07-2017
1 Our Father , Hail Mary and Glory to St Rita. Thank you Lord Jesus and forgive me Lord Jesus (St Gorg Preca's prayer) Prayer for the departed , you can name your departed loved ones. 3 Hail Marys to the Queen of Peace. Afterward name your living loved ones and maybe your co-workers , all people needing prayers and ultimately say "For the end of Wars" For the healing of the sick.
For a teenagerAnonymous1404-07-2017
Prayers for Sara. She just went through an abortion. Sara, is a teenager who has taking the difficut way of life with drugs, violence, boyfrend...
PrayersStephanie Hagey404-07-2017
Please asking for prayers at this time. Thank you from my heart. Peace Be With You +JMJ+
My husband will be able to find a job for which he is suited.Anonymous904-06-2017
My husband has struggled for many years trying to find steady employment. Please pray that he will find employment for which he is suited and which still allows him to have time for his continued deep prayer life and service.
For Melissa and Laurel and Myselfmarion z costa904-06-2017
4-6-2017 Praying for Melissa's successful throat surgery on Holy Thursday, and that she will have the healing we all so much wish for from her systemic juvenile R.A. Thanking Heaven for sparing her life over 3 yrs. ago from this horrible disease which no doctor knows how to treat. Praying she have her remission after this surgery. Praying for Laurel's return to good health and end of her painful feet. Praying she also stops using opiates daily. Praying for my own healing of my 2 feet, 2 legs/knees, lower back, muscle tears and pain....and my stomach. Please.
Healing of betrayal Maria Teresa Engelen 1204-06-2017
Pray for healing that I am suffering from betrayal trauma caused by my husband's pornography addiction. May he be healed, for my healing, and trust to be restored in our marriage. For our marriage and our family to be healed. Mama Mary hold us in your arms and cover us with your mantle. Amen
Prayer for HealingAnonymous604-06-2017
Dear Holy God and Holy Mary, Can you please keep Brenda O Brien in your prayers please help him to get better wrap your arms around him. Please help us grow as a couple and in life. Please help me with my health and family. Please pray for nan declan and orla in there time of need keep them safe please pray for strength for them. Thanks With Love Avril
please pray for usAnonymous504-06-2017
Please pray for our conversion. Please pray for Brent and his career. He needs healing of mind and confidence. Use us as you will. Thank you for always hearing me.
Oh loving God help us!R Pinto504-06-2017
Free me from a troublesome tenant and who is causing much pain during these times of financial troubles. Help me to pay all my debts and free me from all financial worries. Heal me and fly and bless us with more wisdom. Let Gods will be done in our life.
Mary's intercession in Syria Jonathan Mack504-06-2017
Blessed mother please intercede in Syria to protect the children, innocent lives , and those suffering . Please holy mother we need your help I ask this in your holy name and our lord Jesus Christ .
Lord Jesus please heal my son Jerry.
ConfusionJeannee Waseck504-06-2017
I am finding that trying to follow what was said by the Papal Envoy confusing, hard to follow ... cannot find a complete transcript anywhere. Very frustrating! I don\\\'t want to read people\\\'s opinions and what they consider highlights: I want to be able to read it, and understand it, and thats my prayer request.
For me and my familyAnonymous604-06-2017
For a healing for me and my family . Too find the lord and return to God with there whole heart .our lady help me to pray with all my heart and to understand to the lord my God wants from me .i see vision but sometime don't understand please keep me and my family in your prayer .
35 yr old Mother of 3 Tammy, destroying her life with drugsDiana Sclafani404-06-2017
Please help Tammy by praying for her, suffering drug addiction . Destroying her life, her children's life & her mothers life
breast cancer healingAnonymous304-05-2017
Pray please for the healing of 4th stage metastisized breast cancer for both my daughter Anya and myself
Prayers needed for favorable doctors visitDolores Lonergan504-05-2017
Shirley has recently lost her husband and has been trying to adapt to using a bag after a recent operation in her intestine. She is also trying to settle things after her husband's death and needs help getting a lot of paper work done.
Emergency prayer request for woman in preterm laborDolores Lonergan604-05-2017
Elizabeth is going into preterm labor. Please pray for the safety of Elizabeth and her unborn baby. Hail Mary Full of Grace
My brother Michael Reiter. His healing body and soul. Give him light. Blessed Mother protect him.
marriage helpAnonymous504-05-2017
today my husband and I started dating 40 years ago.He unfortunately has been addicted to alcohol our whole marriage. I am asking Mary to ask her Son if it is His will for a cure from this addiction so the rest of our marriage will be more peaceful.Thanks Mary for being there for for us.Love you marie