Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Husbands salvationJoan Hammons402-21-2017
Please pray for my husband Dan that he will find Jesus and that Jesus will show him the truth.
prayer for family Anonymous402-21-2017
dear mother mary please intercede with your divine son and the holy spirit for my husband and adult children to return to JESUS and the practise of their faith glory be to god
For my marriage and family lifeAnonymous502-20-2017
Please could you pray for my marriage and family life with several children. I feel so down at times that I am not doing a good job. My husband feels stuck unhappily in his job for the sake of the family. I am struggling to find a job. For our daughter, J, who is struggling with her studies and our other children with their own challenges. Finding life hard, but trying to count our blessings and trust in Jesus and the intercession of our blessed Mother Mary. Thanks and Amen.
pain Carmel Hogan 402-20-2017
Please pray for all of my intentions and thanksgivings especially withdrawal from prescription drug God bless and thanks Carmel
For my family living and deceased.Cynthia Hintz402-20-2017
Blessed Mother, please intercede for me, with prayers of healing, at the throne of your Son for members of my family, living and deceased, but most especially for my son Matthew and my sister Celesta ~ Amen.
To Love my In-Laws!!!Teresa Bitz602-20-2017
I feel very uncomfortable being around my in-laws as I know they blame me for the loss of some of the family farm. I cant defend myself and I do take some of the blame but that doesn't really solve it so I ask for my prayers for them and my heart to fill with forgiveness and to love them .I know that someone has to take the blame for it but it's so hard.I want to move but I cant. For my mom Mary McAvoy who suffers so much with demetia.
Job placementTeresa Bitz402-20-2017
I would like to ask for the intercession of our Jesus, Blessed Mother Mary and St. Anthony for a Job placement in a construction firm for Madeline this summer. She was turned down last week and now there is a slim chance for one to open up this week.
Healing and BlessingsBrent Keith302-19-2017
For Brent, please pray for healing of throat pain and bleeding. For Stacey, pray for healing and good health. Pray for temporal and spiritual blessings for the Keith family. Pray for blessings over school, work, and finances.
Conversion especially of my nephew MatthewAnonymous302-19-2017
For the conversion of my family especially my nieces and nephews! For God\'s will to be in our lives with every breath we take! For the healing of my nephew Mathew Hodak who is addicted to the video games and stays in his bedroom without much social interaction with others! May he do God\'s will in his life! Pray he becomes a priest! He has so much to offer to others! For thanksgiving for Our Lady of Medjugorje and all the graces She has poured out upon me! Please pray ask if I am suppose to bring groups to Medjugorje and if so to reveal that to me! For the conversion of the world!
Successful Operation and Get Well RequestAnonymous402-19-2017
Please pray for my father Denis who is having a heavy operation next Tuesday. He is 89 years old. Please pray for a successful operation and for his recovery.
Gospodine Isuse, podari mi: Da spoznam Tebe i da upoznam sebe; Da ne želim drugo osim Tebe; Da napustim sebe, a ljubim Tebe; Što radim, neka je poradi Tebe; Da ponizujem sebe, a uzvisujem Tebe; Da uvijek mislim samo na Tebe; Da se odričem sebe, a živim za Tebe; Štogod mi došlo da primam od Tebe; Da “proganjam” sebe, a slijedim Tebe; I da uvijek želim slijediti Tebe; Da bježim od sebe, a tražim zaštitu kod Tebe; I da budem dostojan Tvoje obrane; Da se bojim za sebe i da se bojim uvrijediti i izgubiti Tebe; Da se ne uzdam u sebe, nego uvijek u Tebe; I da se nađem među Tvojim izabranima; Da ni za
financesJennifer H.402-19-2017
Please pray that our Lord blesses me and my fiance Jeff with better finances. I am unemployed and need a good paying job soon. We are living pay check to pay check. Lord, please help me and have mercy. AMEN.
for my sonmary cooper202-19-2017
I pray for my son to be delivered from his alcohol dependence and turn to prayer and feel better peace in his life .amen
daughters learning disability and adhd disorderAnonymous402-18-2017
Please pray for my daughter's disability with add disorder. I feel lost, sad and overwhelmed.
For Christian. William Bowman402-18-2017
I would like to ask prayers for my adult son Christian who suffers from autism. In February of 2016 our family experienced a great tragedy with Christian and he is now in Elgin Mental Health Center receiving treatment. Christian is improving now and is attending their Catholic Service with Deacon Bob and loves it so much. I wanted to ask a special prayer for March 7th. It is a very important court date for Christian and the possibility he returns home on that day. I love my son with a unconditional love and if its Gods will I would love to have him home soon. Thank you so much and God bless!
Nicholas Sergent testcathleen fiorello202-18-2017
Please Dear Blessed Mother intercede for Nicholas that he come back to Mass regularly and that he passes the sergeant test with high honors.I love you My Mother. Thank you for hearing my prayer.
Peace, Job and HealthyLucia Brandao302-18-2017
I ask Our Lady peace at my home. I ask for work because I can not sleep because I do not have a job. I ask for health for all of my family, especially my father and mother. Thank you, Our Lady, for I know you will attend to me.
Libby and Abby, for repose of their soulsAnonymous1202-17-2017
On January 13, 2017, Libby German (14) and Abby Williams (13) were abducted, raped and murdered. Please pray for their souls, for their families, and for the yet unknown person(s) who did this.
Prayers for the intentions I have been asked to pray for.Danny Kelly502-17-2017
I get lots of prayer requests and would like other people to join in my prayer for the intentions that I have been asked to pray for. God bless!
Please pray for my Son Michael in South Bend, who going through bouts of anxiety and has an exam on Tuesday 21st for his Citizenship.. Many Thanks and Blessings to you.