Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Prayer for my brother.Anonymous601-05-2017
Harold Dean Reese Jr.
Special intentionsAnonymous501-04-2017
Deliverance ministry, intentions of all those in this ministry
Dear Mother, please join me in praying : Bailey, Nick, Garrett, Christina: a lifetime of employment that will support them each financially, provide healthcare coverage, with jobs that they all can be excited about respectively. If it’s the Lords will,Bailey get lots of new Mary Kay customers organically or that MaryK end naturally for her.My upcoming job search: Lord guide me to a job that keeps Dave & I insured, allows me to provide for my family. For Dave's business: the Lord bless him with steady work. Thanking the Lord for Baileys job pay increases. 4 Kids remain faithful to the Lord
Mary McAvoy and Katie BitzTeresa Bitz601-04-2017
My Mom who has dementia is filled with so much anger and is starting to swear "Our Lord's name" out loud and I am filled with sorrow and embarrassment. Please Blessed Mother help her to feel the love of Jesus. For Katie who will be 20 soon and needs to make a change in her studies because she is really struggling at University. She has a boyfriend and this doesn't help to make an honest decision and she is addicted to social media! Jesus and Mary help her and give me patience to be around her.
Mike JonesAnonymous701-04-2017
Mike is critically ill with bacterial meningitis .Please pray for him and for his wife and family.
Suffering son's health and faithAnonymous701-04-2017
My son is Type 1 Diabetic has two small children and a partner who isn't religious. He has been suffering depression for some time and only through the grace of God, prayers to Mary & Joseph, were the emergency paramedics able to save his life when he attempted suicide over New Year. Please pray for his health and the spiritual health of his family.
Help ICPS with her current relationship situation. Please take away all the pain and hurt in her heart. Heal and restore the relationship of ICPS and LRFF. Remove the negativity, people, and third party, that are destroying their relationship. Fill their hearts with love for each other, make them realize each other\'s worth and both fight for their relationship. Fill the heart of LRFF with much love for ICPS. Make their relationship become uncomplicated. Always put them in each other\'s heart and mind. Employment for PUS and ICPS. Please hire ICPS as HR Exective in Sg via BHRC.
In the name of JesusDaniel Froment401-04-2017
Jesus help me in all the temptations I'm struggling with, and the obsessions and the judgments I make against the children of God.
God's love and protection for Maria AngelicaAnonymous401-04-2017
I ask our Lord and our blessed Virgin Mary to guide the three surgeons' hands as they operate on Maria Angelica tomorrow in a very lengthy and complicated operation. That God's love and healing spirit may guide and protect her as she recuperates from this serious operation.
Prayer request for my childrenAnonymous401-04-2017
That my children will actively seek and find the love of Our Lord once again. For their safety as they travel. That our lord's Holy Hands may protect them from all evil and guide them as they make difficult life decisions. Thank you sweet Lord!
Screening of Apparition Hill film in Dallas Ft. Worth AreaSiobhain Bierschenk301-03-2017
I and a partner are working toward 4 screenings of Apparition in the Dallas/Ft. Wroth area of Texas. Could you please pray that God's Will be done in the matter? We pray that we receive help in spreading the word and guidance in all that we do. We pray that many people will come to see this beautiful film.
Please pray for me in very special way as i am suffering from Kidney disease Cyst to be cure & heal me soon without any problem Thank You Jesus Thank you Mother Mary
Prayer for an upcoming imaging test.Anonymous601-03-2017
Please pray for my \"further imaging\" being done after a recent mammogram. Please pray they find no cancer. Thank you dear shipmates.
Healing, Family, Companionship Anonymous401-03-2017
Please pray for the success of my sister\\\'s medical procedures and that she will be healed and freed from pain; for my ankle, back, sciatic nerve and internal problems to be healed; fir my family\\\'s needs and the conversion of all of us; and that Jesus will bring me a companion. Thank you!
for MirjanaCynthia Quinn401-02-2017
That she will feel better soon.
Spiritual Healing for my sonsAnonymous501-02-2017
Please pray for my sons, Matthew and Maxwell. Both of them suffer with spiritual, physical, mental and emotional problems that are immense. I pray for both of them constantly that they will turn fully to God and embrace their faith that I raised them with. Their burdens are unbelievably huge. Only God can help them both. I am asking all the saints in heaven, my beloved relatives who have died and Our Blessed Mother, to intercede for both of them to our Lord, Jesus Christ! Please help us!
Job he keepsAnonymous301-02-2017
A full time job for Adam that he likes and keeps
Six month old baby Sebastion diagnosed with two types of cancer ALL and MLL. Prayers for healing, strength for the parents, and wisdom for the doctors and nurses attending the baby. Help for the parents to cope emotionally and financially. Prayers for everyone to trust in the Lord and His Mercy! Blessed Virgin Mary please be with this family in a special way and guide them with your motherly Love. Amen
Drug addiction and mental illnessPatricia McCabe601-02-2017
For my daughter, Lisa, addicted to drugs and for the third time, in recovery. O Please Lord, Heal her and her marriage. And for my other daughter, Karen, who is an alcoholic and is bipolar currently homeless. Please O Lord, heal her and in hopes to find a place to live. Amen
Mary keegan's healingAnonymous201-02-2017
Mother Mary ,Queen of peace ,thank you for all your graces to me and Mary my friend in Medjugorje and ever since sept 2000 when we first went are truly present there pouring out your graces to all.I pray for Mary's total healing of mind body spirit ..Heal her chest..heal and remove bronchitis and let her be comfortable breathing easily on this day of your apparition to Mirijana .thank you Jesus are the only Healer...mother marybring my prayer for mary and Rosie and all my family to Jesus..mammy ,on your birthday ,join with me to pray for each one ...thank you Mother Mary ..than