Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Please pray for me to be heal from anxiety and my emotions to be in control. That God grant me emotional healing and give me his peace.
For my husbandAnonymous904-05-2017
Please pray for my husband to be heal from Parkinson's desease.
My childrenAnonymous704-05-2017
Please pray for my children Matthew and Elizabeth and their significant girlfriend and boyfriend . God knows what they need the most. Thank you
My MarriageAnonymous1004-05-2017
Please pray for the conversion of my husband, to stop drinking. Also for our marriage ...
Family at warAnonymous904-04-2017
There is wicked Spiritual Warfare in my family. My three siblings have taken me and my other sister to Court regarding my Mother after she gave us Power of Attorney. Because of the overwhelming fear we have of them..they have made a lot of trouble..we have had to leave Mum in a care home when she wants to be with us.She is heartbroken and so sad and with her confusion thinks it is us who have caused this. Our grief is unbearable.They never cared for her. It is so cruel. Please pray for my dear sweet Mum. God Bless you and God Bless Denis, Cathy and Mary TV xxx
Joy McCombAnonymous604-04-2017
Joy is suffering through stage two breast cancer please say a prayer to Jesus for her healing
Wisdom, faith and peaceRebecca Dehli304-04-2017
My husband Sverre and I have bought plane tickets and looking forward to going to Medjugorje for Easter. Today Sverre found out that he can work as a guide at Hoved Øy in Oslo durring that time. Now he wants to stay home. Please pray for me for wisdom about going by myself or with someone else or staying home with him and our grown up kids. I really want to go but what do Mary and the Lord want me to do?
Filled with HappinessAnonymous404-04-2017
I pray that my heart will soon be filled with love and happiness as I live alone and have no children. May God show me a sign and find someone to share my life with.
Please pray for my family's protection this month when my alcoholic and abusive x comes to visit. Thank you.
Dear Blessed Mother, please intercede to your son for me that the health problem I am having made soon be put back in its place, and for my husband\'s eye to heal and sight restored.
All People " Grace, Mercy & Peace " Little Joseph Lee healing from Cancer thru intercession of Charlene Richard Healing of Family Tree & World Family Tree Lord's Perfect Will in All Intentions Thanksgiving
physical and mental healingAnonymous204-04-2017
That Kai - 16 years - may overcome his obsession with a sore back and begin work again. John to be healed of pain in his iliac bone. Healing of John\\\'s heart.
FinancesAnnette Staub204-04-2017
My air conditioner broke. We need help with a new one. My daughter needs a job. Protect my husbands job.
Hoping for GodAnonymous204-04-2017
Please pray for my family so much afflicted in so many ways. That God in His Mercy grant to all of us the grace of a deep and lasting conversion of heart, deliverance from all chains that keep us bound and the restoration of freedom so we may have more time to spend in prayer and service to God and our fellow men. For the grace to love, to forgive and for healing in spirit, mind, body and soul. For deliverance from the spirits of fear, mistrust, negativity, suspicion and bitterness. That we may bring great Glory to God in our healing and deliverance. Thank you to everyone who prays for us.
Prayers for herniated lumbar back surgeryAnonymous304-04-2017
I would like to ask for prayers for my husband who on April 26 will have microdiscectomy surgery for his herniated disk. I pray that the surgery go well with minimal recovery time. If it be God's will to heal him. Praise be Jesus. If he has to have the surgery, Praise be Jesus! Please Jesus and Mary be with the doctors and guide their hands! Jesus I trust in you
Please pray for Oregon Archbishop SampleTraci Veno304-04-2017
I just emailed Portland Oregon's Archbishop, Archbishop Alexander Sample news about Medjugorje. Please pray it gets to him and he responds the way Jesus wishes. He is a wonderful Archbishop and needs prayers. Portland Oregon needs a lot of help! Thank you God bless all of you. Keep praying for Marytv and Denis and Cathy. They need a lot of strength for the exciting days to come.
Post op complicationsMarian Dippolito404-03-2017
Pray for my brother, Larry. He had surgery a week ago (2nd hip revision) and is having severe swelling in his leg. He awaits a response from his doctor. I ask for a good outcome and no further set backs. Jesus and Mary keep watch over him.
salvationli cross204-03-2017
Please pray for that God help me not to lost my salvation and my job as the workman II in the Administration Wing, so that I can continue to preach the gospel (Jesus crucified) in my working place, sorry and thank you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, A-Men.
Healing for my husband, LarryPat Rohr404-03-2017
Dear Gospa and St. Joseph, I'm asking you to ask your dear Son to remove the almost 90% occlusion of Larry's left carotid artery, all the effects of his stroke; also the stenosis in his spine so he can walk. I'm asking for Peace & Joy for him because he is so tired and discouraged. Thank you, Patx
Joy McCombAnonymous904-03-2017
Joy is suffering through stage two breast cancer please say a prayer to Jesus for her healing