Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
for my sonAnonymous301-02-2017
That he may regain confidence to work and participate fully in life.
May I and my loved ones be converted especially a niece I am very concerned about.
Paz,Salud Espiritual,emocional,fisica.Anonymous201-02-2017
Madre Santa,gracias por Tu Amoe,por Tu Si,por Tu interseccion,por permamaneser con nosotros, Tus hijos,por Tu proteccion y por llevarnos de Tu Santa Mano con Tu Amado Hijo y con El,a nuestro Padre,gracias Madre por llevarnos en Tu Santo,Doloroso e Inmaculado Corazon.Amen
Possible MSCarole Pastrick301-02-2017
This is a request for Kim McKeown a girl about 45 who has a number of medical problems. And as a result she has not been able to work for some time. Now she has been having pain in her eye and doctors are afraid it may be MS. She has now been given more medication and many more tests. We are praying that in the end doctors will find no more signs of MS .
father, please help me, You knows my pain, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner though God knows, I come with a broken heart, I need You. please forgive me and damianus aditya too. Father, You knows how long I have waited a reconcilitation and restore relations for me and him. Please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me. I can’t touch his heart but Lord you can.
Upcoming imagingAnonymous101-01-2017
There was a suspicious finding on my last mammogram that needs further imaging. I had triple negative breast cancer 7 years ago followed by chemo and surgeries. I ask Blessed Mother to intercede on my behalf that this test to be negative for cancer. Please Lord Jesus, spare me from another cancer diagnosis.
Please Blessed Mother I beg for your Holy intercession for help , healing, of all our diseases, keeping this family in peace & prayer-protection, health, conversion, for the love of God, wisdom, disernment for my son, his wife , both babies and myself. I ask all this in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ my Savior in Him with Him Through Him Amen
Dearest JesusKathleen Reese201-01-2017
Dearest Jesus, Please make a way for me to go to Medjugorje before Our Lady quits going there as she is presently doing.
Rosario Vera BricenoAnuca Valverde201-01-2017
Pray for Rosario's fight with brain cancer. May the doctor's treatment be blessed by God to pull Rosario through this threat. May Rosario live to give testimony to God's miracle. thank you oxoxo
Healing from alcoholism and family HarmonyAnonymous212-31-2016
For healing for my sister from alcoholism and for family harmony among my siblings. Thank you.
FOR Greg and familyRamona Lujan212-31-2016
That things go well for him on Jan 17th, that his children may be returned to partial custody as specified
Peace Diana Sclafan 212-31-2016
Peace in my home & my life
tinnitus and hyperacusis unbearable Anonymous2212-30-2016
Please I ask God to help me because I suffer too much . It is unbearable .I can't stand even a voice .OUr daughter came and visit us with her husband for 3 days . They don't stay at home because of the noise . But to morrow they come home for te afternoon and will have dinner with us . PLease I ask to stay with them and have a good time with them and my husband who has Parkinson . For Christmas we could not have our gran chidren at home because of the noise . And Ican't pray in silence because of tinnitus unbearable too! Thanks for your payer . Suzanne 72 old.
I need a miracleAnonymous1112-30-2016
I need a miracle. I started an apostolate called St. Andrew Missionaries and have thrown myself and my family into this youth and family related ministry. We started this ministry because Jesus and Mary told us to... but we have come up considerably short in our fundraising efforts. I am 2 months behind on my mortgage and all of my bills (this is right after we had gone through a "Job" season of life." I need a large contribution immediately. Mary told me during my rosary yesterday not to worry... but I am greatly worried. Please pray.
For our DaughterAnonymous912-30-2016
We are praying for a holy Catholic man for a husband for our daughter
For Cathy and DenisAnonymous1412-30-2016
That their mission will continue to flourish. That growing numbers of people from all over the world will escalate in meeting here at 3:00 and to spread the news of Mary TV.
Healing PrayerAnonymous1312-30-2016
Please pray for my nephew and his mental illness and addiction. He is crying out for help and I pray for guidance for him and healing. In Jesus name I pray for his healing from this illness. Amen
Gratitude, Praise, and TrustAnonymous612-30-2016
Blessed Mother is such a faithful Mother. I had asked her for a prayer community and she led me here. I can feel her peace when I pray with you all. Please join me in prayer for my two sons and daughters so that they return to prayer and practicing their faith. They have all had much disappointment and heartache in their lives. But, "ALL things work together for good," when we surrender to God's perfect will. They need prayer in this dark age to come back into the light. Thanks.
HealingJan Stulich812-30-2016
Complete healing for my son Tommy from schizophrenia Conversion for my husband and daughtrers Restoration of our marriage