Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
prayer for sons -James and Adam DSaAnonymous203-15-2017
Please pray for my son James that he will stop drinking and my son Adam that he will pass and have good friends
For the health of Brent P.Ricardo Hidalgo203-15-2017
our friend Brent has been diagnosed with an illness, and we don't know what it is!, he will be absent from work from 3-6 weeks, so we think that it is something serious, he is less than 40 yrs old, with a wife and 2 kids
Peace and reconciliationAnonymous203-15-2017
Please pray that peace would reign in my family and that the grace of reconciliation would be realized.
Soul of Mary GoodrowAnonymous203-15-2017
Mary died in December 2016 after a long illness.
Soul of Don MessierAnonymous203-15-2017
Don Messier dies on Ash Wednesday 2017.
Denise MessierAnonymous303-15-2017
Had surgery for stomach cancer Monday March 13th, 2017. It has metastasized to the liver, and surrounding area. Please pray for her and her family.
Pray for my ExAnonymous403-15-2017
I pray for my Ex boyfriend, whom I still love very much. His parents and sister are very faithful , practicing Church goers. I hope he will find his way back to the Church and to me
Please pray for my dear sister having consultation in half an hourss time ,possible cancer, for peace and her healing and husbands. That they. Will be given strength whatever the prognosis. That they both will draw closer to jesus and our blessedmother. Amen.i
Thank you - Praise reportAnonymous703-14-2017
I submitted the following prayer on December 16, 2016: " for the homeless man I found in church this evening. May he find his peace. May he have the courage to receive the healing being offered by the priests of that parish, may he feel worthy again." He is still homeless, but has regained his faith and some confidence, has returned to catholicism and attends mass and receives holy communion regularly in our cathedral - one step at a time .....
Return to Jesus and good employmentCarla Burger603-14-2017
Mother Mary please take my husband and son by the hand and bring them back to Jesus, Help my son to get very good employment. Thank you.
Family concernspenny gleason403-14-2017
1. Intercession for my sister Catherine and her son, Matthew, who both need healing of body, mind, and spirit but the most important need is their conversion to follow Jesus Christ and the gospel. 2. For Claudine, healing from breast cancer, and wisdom for the right course in medical treatment. 3. For myself - that the Holy Spirit will guide me on when the appropriate time is to retire and the lifting of any anxiety regarding that decision. Thank you in advance for your prayer support and my God bless you richly with His great mercy and kindness during this Lenten season.
Continued prayersAnonymous303-14-2017
Continued prayers for Daniel
Please heal me from breast cancer and bring peace, health and happiness to my entire family
Trip to PortugalCesar Duarte503-14-2017
Please pray to JESUS to help me go see my family in Portugal. Am so scared to fly. Thank you my Mother. Cesar
Healing for brother and fatherAnonymous703-14-2017
For healing of my brother - heart and kidney problems and for him to be approved to continue driving. For my father - healing of veins/artery circulation problems since one leg is 100% arteries clogged and other leg is very bad, too. Thank you
For Job and Money to Pay Mortgage/BillsAnonymous703-14-2017
Thank you for your intercession that God opens the door for me to find a new job where I will be happy. Also for God to provide money for me to pay my mortgage and bills while I am still unemployed. I was laid off from my job last year and have a 3 year old child to support. Thank you,
Praise ReportAnonymous503-14-2017
I have been praying the daily rosary with Denis and Cathy and it is a source of great spiritual support and community. I feel the power of intercessory prayer as Denis and Cathy humbly transmit Gospa\'s love, promises, and pleas. I submitted a prayer request for my son Matt last week. I prayed the Rosary with Denis and Cathy and I said the Spiritual Warfare prayers for Matt! I have now been praying the prayer: Jesus, take care of everything. And, today, I saw prayers answered. My son Matt went to a doctor for his ADHD and asked for help. The doctor (unbeknownst to him) is a Christian counselor.
prayers for familyAnonymous503-13-2017
prayers for family during a loss
A prayer for my Dad Anonymous603-13-2017
Hello please could you pray for my amazing Dad Jeffrey who has asbestos cancer which is incurable he needs healing from this terminal illness. He is having scan results this week to discuss how/if his tumour has grown, please pray for a positive outcome for him and for healing, thank you.
re: prayers for weathermary REIGERT303-13-2017
prayers for everyone's safety in the weather. Prayers for good weather this weekend