Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Bless my wife on her birthday Wesley Fernandes 508-04-2017
Mother plz pray to Jesus to heal all my wounds , help me to think positive always, protect my job and my family, and whatever I lost in sin plz mama give it back to me. Always guide me everyday ,free my brother winny and me of alcohol habits Lord Jesus I thank you for what I am today plz bless me free me of inferiority and fear heal all my inner wounds , Always guide me everyday of my life , I offer my dreams ,of building cottages send some financial free all the obstacles on my ooty property My house and if it is your will bless us with a daughter ,strengthen me mentally physically emotion
Conversions and for those who sufferAnonymous408-04-2017
Conversion of Family and extended family. Jordan and Steve For Souls in Purgatory For the shut down of all Planned Parenthood For Success of Foundation for Life St Anne School Joey and Ryan and Chris and Rayburn and Andrew
JobTimea Bozic508-04-2017
Please pray for me to get a good job! Thank you!
Please Pray for my son who is struggling with his faithAnonymous808-03-2017
Please pray for my son who is out in Medjugorje at the moment for the Youth Festival, he has been struggling with his faith and that The Blessed Mother will deeply touch him and make him realise how important his faith is. Thank you.
dla MarkaAnonymous408-03-2017
Mateńko opiekuj się Markiem,upros w dniu jego urodzin miłość Chrystusa,Twoją opieke i miłość bliskich szczególnie Julci,Kasi i sprawiedliwość Bożą i łaski w trudnej sprawie,przebzczenie.Mateńko nie opuszczaj go.
pray for a great person who is dyingmary austin608-03-2017
please pray for a great lady Moira Farrell who is dying . please we ask OUR blessed Mother to help her in her last days and hours . Moira worked for many years helping in the parish and helped many people .May God ,Our Lady and St Joseph help her now .
Prayers for Anonymous308-03-2017
Special intention re my property
Prayer for the coming of the Kingdom of GodMark Taylor408-03-2017
It is with the humble and contrite heart I bow before the Lord my God and with all my heart I cry out, Father in heaven your kingdom come in every aspect of my life. I pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon me to know and love Jesus in a deeper way and to be humble before his will
Prayer for alcoholicAnonymous508-03-2017
I would like to make a heartfelt plea Through the Most Immaculate Heart of Mary for the deliverance of my carer from alcoholism. Her name is Gloria.
Donald K. Williams Jr.Anonymous408-03-2017
please pray for my son who has Cancer
Family healingAnonymous408-03-2017
Dear Mother, I bring before you our family who are beset with deep division. Please beg your beloved Son to heal broken hearts and restore unity in our family and reversion to the True Faith, Jesus please take care of everything. l
financescrystal vines408-02-2017
Please heal my back. Dissolve the pain and strengthen the healthy parts.
Pray Please Anonymous608-02-2017
A very wounded relationship with my mother has left scar of not really believing I am lovable, or worthy of being loved. The self talk is so constant, negative and harsh... and supported by a difficult marriage. I pray deeply and receive Sacraments frequently yet this wound remains. I am begging your prayers for me and my daughters and son, that God would heal and bless all affected by the brutality of a negative self image...please let us hear and know who we are in your eyes, dear Lord Jesus! Mother Mary please hear this prayer!
My suffering daughterGloria Chambers 408-02-2017
PLease pray for my daughter who has autoimmune disease, hashimotos disease, deteriorated disks in her back where she walks around in agony every day while trying her best to take care of her diabetic son, age 6, .and depression which goes along with hashimotos disease. She is running around in circles because she has many doctors who none are able to help her. I pray for her every day but she needs all the help she can get. Thank you and God bless everyone.
Request for deliverance from any evil forcesAloys NTIHEMUKA508-02-2017
I and my partner Maxwell Shimba think that we are under a satanic attack which affects what we do.Kindly pray for us.
for my two sons and self and my husband to get a better job. Anonymous208-02-2017
my elders sons birthday is on the 18th of August specially for him to continue to do well at his job and excel well in the chosen field. I am worried as his seeing a Buddhist girl and I leave it in the Lords hands and continue to pray for him as well as his partner whom he is going out with. for my second son who is completing his higher education that he will too excel in his studies and choose the right path to begin his life as a man. I am deeply hurt for what has happened in my life as I was used by some one to get his personal needs fulfilled. I pray for my life and my husbands.
CONVERSION OF FAMILY (SONS)Anonymous808-01-2017
for the conversion of all my family especially my 2 sons who are rebellious and cynical about church /teachings . they are very self centered and caught up up in the world . they have no time for GOD. Please pray for urgent conversion, ask God to put good Godly mentors on their paths. Send your HOLY SPIRIT to guide them in all areas of their lives. i pray especially for N that he will find full time employment in an area where he can use the gifts and talents God gave him.
Prayer PetitionAnonymous408-01-2017
Dear Blessed Mother, Asking for your intercession of healing for Virginia and Orville Callahand in Louisiana. Thank you. +JMJ+
Pray for Gregorio Alvarez ConversionRachel Alcaraz408-01-2017
He has bipolar disorder, does not believe in God and has a sexual addition, I believe he was abused when he was a child, ask prayers for his conversion. Thank You