Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
healingLouise Minniti307-28-2017
Pray for the healing of Corey Gilbert which has left him greatly debilitated after a horrific accident.
Please PrayAnonymous507-28-2017
For thyroid problems and autoimmune health issues that affect every part of my life. Also, for enough money to pay my mom's wonderful caregiver and to balance my checkbook. Please pray for me to be more fiscally responsible and to live humbly as the Father wants me to live. I need your prayers. Thank you so much.
Healing familyCindy Hall607-27-2017
Lord, Please heal my family in Every way! Protect us, and give us peace. In Jesus Name! Women.
Please pray for Charles in Hong KongAnonymous807-27-2017
My son Charles has become a hopeless alcoholic. Now both his marriage and his business have collapsed, he has no money and he is having a very bad time. Please pray that Our Lady will intercede with Our Lord and ask him to cure Charles of his addiction to alcohol and help him at this difficult time.
Prayers for our country and our Presdient's safetyAnonymous907-27-2017
May God convert the hearts of Americans and may they repent and return to loving and serving Him. May God uphold and protect our President, Donald Trump and give him wisdom and graces. May his family and all around him be protected from evil and curses. May god disperse the enemy without manifestation or harm to any.
For peace in our home whereby my brother Mark creates a lot of fear and anxiety within our family home with his continuous domestic abuse which is ongoing now for 24 years. My brother Mark has left our family very much divided and created a lot of unhappiness whereby I find it hard to cope and leads me to think life is not worth living - that\'s how I honestly feel.
suicidal motherpenny phelan807-27-2017
My best friends mom, has mental issues, and now wants to commit suicide. she just said throw away the dog. The only thing she cares about. She is being released today so please pray that she is safe today. her name is linda.
Pray for AlexAnonymous507-27-2017
Please pray for Alex who is suffering from acute Liver and Heart problems
My Daughter & her Husband - Health & Financial problemsAnonymous407-27-2017
My daughter's husband had a quadruple heart bypass surgery 3 years ago. He has just recently suffered a mild stroke. Unfortunately, this has left him less likely to find employment and unable to support the family. I pray to Our Blessed Mother to intervene so that they maybe able to gain the financial support that they need.
Please pray for DerekDerek Solomon607-27-2017
Please pray for Derek for 9 years Please. He is in prison. IHS. INRI. Amen Holy Mother of God, pray for us. Amen
healing for neighbor's sonsangela pisaturo407-26-2017
pray for healing for my neighbor's sons. She is 80 yrs old and taking care of her son who has ALS and now she found out her other son has brain cancer. They need divine intervention. Mary, our mother, please help them!
I would like to Prayer for good health - especially Thyroid - I'm not sure of any prognosis yet as I just found out my Thyroid levels are not where they should be - Thank You & God Bless
Dying motherLaurie Miller607-26-2017
My mom is in last stages of life. Very hard on my father. Pray for all graces they both need and for a peaceful joyful death
prayer for jobnisha papachan307-26-2017
My name is nisha papachan and im from Karnataka. Im looking for job as im not working since an year. I have an broken relationship for which im under depression and not able to over come the pain of six years of relationship. I request you to pray for me to get a job and overcome the pain and move ahead. Your prayer means a lot Thank you
Rescue my familyAnonymous607-26-2017
Please pray for healing of my family, spouse and children refuse to go to mass. My family is broken. My sons have been unemployed and are not moving forward in their lives. This family need help. .BVM please have mercy and interceed for us to your son.Thank you
for healing and discernmentAnonymous507-25-2017
Dear Blessed Mother, bring peace, healing and discernment into the hearts of my children. And the same to the whole family. Thank you
My son, MaxCatherine Wogan707-25-2017
Thank you everyone for your prayers! Please ask for healing in mind, body and spirit for my son, Max Misamore. He had a liver transplant and never fully recovered in his nervous system. His life is completely changed and he is unable to do every day things we take for granted and he is only 30 years old! God bless you all!
Please help me with my life!Anonymous507-25-2017
Dear Mother Mary, Please pray and help me with my life, dear Mother. I pray the rosary everyday, say the divine mercy chaplet at 3 and go to mass almost every day. And still have not found work. Please guide me.
Dear Mother, we have bee searching for a home all this year. We have not found one, and we need your help very badly. Please intercede for us that we many find a home near Jeannine so that we may be there to help her through this winter of her pregnancy. Please intercede for Jeannine that her illness subsides with the medicines they are giving her and that her baby is born healthy. Please allow us to be grandparent servants to our children and grandchildren, and allow us to teach them all about you and your son, Jesus. Thank-you Mother Mary. We love you, and we need your help. Mary