Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
A miracleAnonymous303-31-2017
I have to organize a legal defense for my mother and me because my father and his wife are taking my mother to court over the property we live in. My father and his wife have connections and money. We have neither. My mother survived many years of physical and mental abuse from my father and now suffers from untreated paranoia. My sister and the rest of our family are not willing to help. I am alone in all of this. Please pray for a miracle.
Conversion Liberation HealingAnonymous303-31-2017
Please pray for my brother Reynaldo Hernandez he is an Alcoholic and eats very little food he is always on the internet playing video games He is like trapped in his room. Please pray for his Conversion, Liberation and Healing of his Mind, Body and Soul.
Caught in snareAnonymous703-31-2017
For my nephew and all youth/ people caught by satan. For Nancy with brain tumor
deliverancePradeep Pradeep1003-31-2017
My name is Pradeep.Iam from madurai,Tamilnadu,India.Since iam doing spiritual work My father with the help of relatives creating unnecessary problems.This worries me very much.Mother Mary please help me deliver me.
Please pray for protection for me and my girls when my x comes to visit next month. Please pray that my family is free from the bondage of freemasonry that comes from the lineage of my mother-in-law. Please pray for peaceful deaths and conversions for Marge and JoNell. Thank you.
needsjames white503-31-2017
Please pray for my mom, she has copd, pray my mom has long life and is well......many more years given to her. Pray we get along with our landlord and are never homeless again. Pray we get along with family and they keep being there for us. PRay my elder brothers kenneth, delbert, and wayne and cousin david. get born again. Pray we never have to leave Kentucky again and can live here in Peace. Pray Sunni comes here to live with us and changes her attitude. Pray God protects us from evil. Pray dorothy gets her unemployment owed and pray she keeps her job and God helps me take her to work that
attempted suicide.Anonymous1103-31-2017
Prayers please from my fellow ship mates for a young Irish girl who tried to take her own life this evening. Her family are keeping vigil by her hospital bed . May Our Lady Queen of Peace wrap Her mantle round this broken family. Our Lady of Fatima did say, the final battle would be against the families. How true!
Lost KeysBernice Pelczar503-31-2017
My twin sister has not found her keys in over a month. She needs to find them sooner more than later. Thank You St. Anthony and O.L. of Peace
Richard and MariaAnonymous503-31-2017
Please pray for Richard and Maria to be open to God's will for them in their lives and for a return to the Sacraments. Please pray for the spiritual, physical and emtional well being of Dominic, Marian Richard and Maria Thank you Gospa ALso for Gregory and Jessica
Please pray for my son GAnonymous703-30-2017
Please pray for G that he passes all assignments and that he gets an extension to complete what he has still to do. He suffers from anxiety and depression.
Spiritual healingAnonymous803-30-2017
For my husband and families spiritual healing. That they may come to know, love, serve, and worship God above all things. Amen. Jesus I trust in you!
for elli's healing of depression and conversion to Catholicism
My Son JamesMary Harrelson603-30-2017
Please Blessed Mother help him to return to the Church, He knows he must but something is getting in the way. To move forward about work and to overcome the obstacles of past and present. Put the past away and live in the present one day at a time. Please help him Our Blessed Lady of Medjugorie. Thank you..
please help with my health and the health of my brother in lawAnonymous503-30-2017
You know oh my Mother what our health needs are and I ask this from the bottom of my heart
Rare form of LeukemiaAnonymous603-30-2017
Please pray for my friend Linda who is like a sister to me. She was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia and must be in isolation for a month. She is always doing God's work caring for others. Please heal her Lord. Thy will be done.
Healing Anonymous803-30-2017
Please pray for Pat that he has a speed recovery from major surgery and he's cancer free ,and his wife that trying to look after him and is now sick ,that they both get well soon in the name of Jesus .thank you .
Baptism for my granddaughter Denise Levreault503-30-2017
Pray my little granddaughter gets baptism. Soon. For my daughter in law for give my sisters for what they didn't do . Please pray for my daughter. In law. To see the lord some day
Prayer Request For FamilyAnonymous503-30-2017
Dear All, Kindly pray for my Elder Brother’s (S.Amuldhas & C. Daniel) to free them of depression, tension & achohol habits. Pray for them so that they can prosper in their Business work and achieve all success. Also pray for their Good & Healthy Family Life. May God Pour all Blessings to them. Regards
Financial helpBernie Tomc503-30-2017
Dear Gospa, Help me solve my finances and student loan debts problems and continue to be detached from the world and always remain within Your Heart.
Promotion to a good work environmentElizabeth Gudino503-29-2017
Please pray for me to get a promotion at work, at a different department. I have a 6 year old son, and it's been very difficult at work. My supervisor is not married or has children. She's middle aged and she has no compassion. She expects me to train myself and attend night meetings to update my skills. But I cannot do that at this time. My son comes first. I don't see him all day, I am working... and I need to spend time with him in the evenings, help with homework, prepare dinner, bathe...etc. Please pray that I may move to another department that is more flexible and pays more.