Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
my sonAnonymous1012-25-2016
please pray for our son kieran who suffered depression who is mildly autistic and has lot emotional problems in his life including a personality disorder help to gain confidence be more sociable get rid of his very bad temper and help him to become more marture for his age he is 33 i would love to hm to grown up and become independent God please look after all my family xxx
AleppoValjean Albright512-25-2016
Mother! Merry Christmas and thank you! Please let the peace of your Son bring peace and hope the all the people and the region of Aleppo. I ask this in Jesus' name. Thank you Mother. Kiss Him for me.
Dearest Mother!Valjean Albright612-25-2016
Thank you! That is all I can ever say! Thank you! Yet I ask on this Christmas Day, bless my family with your heavenly blessing, that all would be converted and be open to LIFE!! To love your Son above all, and serve Him before all else. Take the palor of the world from us. Let your golden light fall on us. I pray for all the world to be open to Mercy. I love you, Mother.
SonKaren Hammonds912-25-2016
Please include my son in your prayers. He is very angry. Soften his heart to me. God please hold him in Your hands. Amen
conversion to ChristAnonymous912-25-2016
please Mother Mary bring my family together in Christ,,, all things are possible and I need you to intercede for me,,,, thank you for all you do
prayer request for James and adamAnonymous612-25-2016
Please bring James, Adam, Sarah and the family back to you. Help Adam to Choose the right friends and Help James to make the right choices
Peace on EarthAnonymous512-24-2016
I pray that the United States of America will go back to being a land whose principles were founded on the belief in God as our Father and our Creator. That the virtues will be practiced, that life will be honored from conception to natural death. That the Word of God will be the basis on which we live our lives in peace with one another. I pray that all will come to know Jesus in a personal way and will make him the center of their lives and strive for holiness.
For my family and marriageIvana Sever412-24-2016
Please pray for my family and my marriage.
healing and conversionBecky and Sverre Dehli312-24-2016
Please pray for healing of long standing colds, flu, ear infections for us. Also healing emotionally and spiritually for Michael and Ingrid.
Inner peaceMary Connolly312-24-2016
Dear Gospa,I'm so happy tha tI've been guided to write to you tonight on the eve of the birth of Your Son Thank you for many graces you have given me.OBlessed Motheryouknowwell whathasgonewrong withinmethis year.Inow realise why as Iv not trustedonyourintercession ortrustedintheLord enough.I Mary this night present this petition to you on the eve of Jesus Birthday& I ask You to bless guided Naoimh & healher from whatever is leading her Please heal my insomnia& give me inner peace. Helpme. Directbless&guideKevininhisvocationtoproedthood.. Amen
SicknessPatricia Whelan412-24-2016
Peace of mind for my dear mum , who is in so much mental pain.
Spiritual Healing/Liberation and trip to MedjugorjeAnonymous212-24-2016
Gospa, I want to ask you for the healing and liberation of Luis Fernando, and that I can go to Medjugorje in March and attend the retreat with Father Marinko, please bring Jesus to my heart today, and pray for my family and friends.
Direction and happinessAnonymous212-24-2016
Please bless her with direction, good choices, happiness and health...she is turning 18 and needs to get into a college
Dad's in hospitalAnonymous512-24-2016
Mama Mary, dad was rushed to the ER last night, doctor said there might be problems with his heart, please make him all well for this Christmas- I love him so much
To solve the problem what they haveAnonymous312-24-2016
And to bring their son back to God
Please pray for my grandsons. That God may lead them. Keep them from harm.
Jesus knows the details Anonymous212-24-2016
Thank you
Young mother of 8 CancerRita Glavin512-24-2016
Dear Friends, I have another very important prayer request. Please pray for this sweet mother of little children, Lorraine Marie Minten who has been very sick with cancer. I pray that she will feel better for Christmas. She had a recent procedure done to blast another tumor on her liver and is not recovering as quickly as before. Please pray for her and storm heaven for a Christmas miracle.I would like to take this opportunity to also ask for prayers for two of my brothers who are fighting cancer too. Thank you in advance. God bless you all