Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Family and HealthAnonymous404-15-2017
Pls pray for my family to open their hearts to God and for the conversion of each one of us, for our peace, health and healing; for my health to be healed and strengthened and that Jesus will provide and lead me to where I can work and support myself, paying my debts. Thank you!
Healing and conversionVern Brizan104-15-2017
Healing for my friend Marina who is suffering from adult form of Hydrocephalus which causes to be off balance and she may have to have surgery and for my friend Gloriela who has a back problem and is always in pain. For my son that he may turn is life to God and know that God is a merciful and forgiving God. Mary our mother protect and guide my family.
Urgent prayer for parentsSavia C304-15-2017
Please pray for my father Darlan. Satan has taken control of him totally. He is against priests and religious people. He does not pray. He is very stubborn angry and has hatred. Day by day he gets more aggressive and angry. He gets angry and acts stubborn if things are not done his way. He skips meals and drinks heavy in anger. He has suicidal tendencies. He walks out of the house when angry. Please pray for his good health, peace of mind and love and fear of god. Please pray that he may be freed for the bondage of evil and delivered from evil. Please pray for my mom Alice in stress.
Liberation and healingAnonymous204-14-2017
Brian has been addicted to alchohol and hashis for several years. He is divorced and has two children 15 and 17 years old. He is now homeless and has lost his selfrespect. He is a goodhearted and loving man and Father when not drinking. This year he admitted to himself that he is an addict and asked professional help and treatment but he relapsed. I pray that he'll be liberated and healed and that he and the children may be blessed by God and helped in all their needs. Thanks for your prayers.
For my daughtersPatricia McCabe204-14-2017
For Tricia that her husband will let her come to Medjugorje For Lisa who is addicted to drugs
HolinessPatty Kean504-14-2017
Blessed Mother, I want to see the Face of Your Son in everyone. I want to love Him and them as you love Him and us. I am so weak and weary. I am sorry for squandering so many graces. Please do not give up on me!
Protection during travelling.Doranne Alden104-13-2017
I pray to you dear Mother Mary to look after my children as they travel home this Easter. Please keep them safe Amen
Healing Prayer RequestDavid Mott104-13-2017
Pray for good outcomes for my Friend Lisa's biopsy and my biopsy. Pray for my brother Don and my sister Carol to find peace in Our Lord and Mary. Prayers for Peace in the world for all People. Happy Easter Everyone!!
My sister veteran pen palCaroline A Serafin204-13-2017
Thomas Knox hospitalized diabetes.
Pray for Bruce CorbySandra Bierly404-13-2017
Please pray for Bruce Corby who is in his final battle with cancer. Pray for a peaceful death and for his wife, Doris who is battling this as a caregiver.
please pray that i pray the rosary often
Urgent prayer requestAnonymous1004-13-2017
Please pray for 15 yr old Emma who is suicidal and has a plan. She currently has been admitted to the hospital.
Return my familyAnonymous904-12-2017
Please pray for my children and family members return to Our Mother Church. I pray for them to attend mass and receive the Sacraments of Confession, Communion, and Holy Matrimony.
My brotherFlor Castro604-12-2017
My dear Mother Mary please help my brother and his wife get back toguether and restore their marriage and love relationship. If it is God's will grant them the grace to have children. May it be for the glory of God.
Holy WeekAnonymous804-12-2017
As we go through this Holy Week...may we take our Cross up with all our Burdens and Follow our Lord..
Many in the Family suffer from health problem Secondly I wish peace in all encounters Third Pro Life will reign in my Country and all agreements will be resolved peacefully I ask that I spend the rest of my lefe in reperation in peace productively and pro active in spreading the True Faith and lastly that I will get my new home I ask all in through Our Holy Mother if its God\'s Holy Will Thank You Amen Love always JMJ
Family Anonymous504-11-2017
Dearest Gospa. I ask your prayers for the conversion of my family especially Jamie, Jacob, Kadence, Keri, Igor, Bill. May Wayne and I come to Medjugorje with our children. I pray for Wayne and family to go to confession and have the gift of fear of the Lord. For the people in my family who suffer addiction to drugs and alcohol. For Pat
SalvationNancy McAninch404-11-2017
I pray for salvation for all my family and myself as well as the whole world. May we all come to know Jesus as our Savior.
Prayers for Medical School ExamAnonymous604-11-2017
I am taking an exam for medical school on April 15th. Please pray for me that I will successfully pass the exam. I need to pass in order to one day (in two years) be a doctor. I have struggled with depression and anxiety throughout medical school, which has made studying much more difficult, as well as focusing for my tests. I know that the Lord loves me, prays for me, and is guiding me, but at times doubt and anxiety get in the way. Any prayers for peace would be much appreciated. Thank you very much for your prayers! Mary Immaculate Queen, Triumph and Reign.
For my mother-in-lawAnonymous404-11-2017
For the physical healing of my mother-in-law and for her to return to the Catholic church