Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Rain!teresa bitz506-09-2017
For farmers in Saskatchewan that are in need of a general rain very soon.
Baby PaisleyValjean Albright506-09-2017
I ask your prayers for all children today, esp Paisley, 1 week old, at Stanford with heart and lung problems, for a complete restoration to health. For openess to life for all married couples. And openess to Divine Mercy for all for whom we pray. Amen
So AloneAnonymous706-09-2017
Please pray for me as I feel so alone and empty...I pray so hard that this will pass.
Awakening of God's love and Mercy in my familyAnonymous506-09-2017
Return of my family to the sacraments. That my little grandchild will be allowed to make her First Holy Communion
Prayers for inner spiritual and psychological healing for 2 sonsAnonymous506-09-2017
Please say a prayer that I can keep on trusting that Jesus and Mary will take care of everything so that my sons can return to prayer and the Sacraments for the healings that they need.
Please keep everyone safe who is running the marathon tomorrow evening in Newcastle.on Tyne
Bring my adult children back to the Catholic Chruchstacey Ramos406-08-2017
Dear God Please send The Holy Spirit down on to my adult children so they can be filled with your presence. SO they will come back home to the Catholic Church and get their young Children baptize by a priest. Please show them the importance of receiving Holy communion in the Catholic Church. Amen
i would like to marry kaitlyn
Healing of Abigail PanchanartAnonymous306-08-2017
I was told that Abigail has cancer. Please pray for Abigail and for the cancer in her body to miraculously disappear for good and never comes back, and for Abigail to have a healthy and happy life ... In Jesus's name ...Amen
Please pray for me to be heal and cure me from the Kidney disease as soon as possible with out any problem. Thank You Jesus Thank You Mother Mary Please pray to settle my dept and make me free Thank you Jesus
Prayer for Unity Between me and my wife mevitra Anonymous306-08-2017
Dear Fr, i would like to request you to pray for me and my wife to get united soon, she is angry on me and her parents are telling her to leave me i think so its been 5 months we are away from each other n not talking i am trying my best to send her emails and saying sorry, we been married since dec 27th 2014, we r from Goa india,, i have been to mudugorje last week i really liked it and will be back soon hopefully with my wife in sep, as i am going to go to goa in july and aug to try to settle our problem and if she come back with me to london we will come together to medugorje, please keep
Marriage reconcilitionAnonymous506-07-2017
Please pray to the blessed virgin Mary to soften my husbands heart so that we can live together as husband and wife . Jesus blesses marriage. Holy Mary mother of God, we thank you for the gift of your son.
RestorationBetsy Warner806-07-2017
My son,Francis Anthony Torre Del Fino is suffering from brain damage. I'm asking for restoration of the brain. Thank you very much!
Desperate search for empoymentAnonymous606-07-2017
Please pray that the Lord blesses me with a job in my field. I have recently moved across the country to care for my father who has alzheimer's disease. I pray to Jesus that he put the right job in my path. Thank you for your prayers, God bless you
For the dying...Valjean Albright606-06-2017
I beg your prayers for the peaceful repose of Mary Rose Tanner and hope for her family, esp Venice, and for all the dying that the Holy Angels will be very active in assisting those near death, for peace and trust in His Divine Mercy. Please, also, a little prayer for me and my family. A miracle for the Meschis 47 year marriage and perseverance in all of our marriage covenants. Lady's messages be heard and loved by all!
Palor of the WorldMyriam Albright506-06-2017
The Lird told me that the palor of the world has settled on my once vibrant family. That I am to bring them each by name to the foot of the Cross, daily, so He could return them to the " golden light of heaven". Let us together pray for ALL families, daily pleading the blood of our Savior over them, so that all of us will once again return to the glory of heaven, here on earth! Thank you Mother. Thank you Jesus. St. Joseph, pray for all families!
Please PrayAnonymous706-06-2017
For all alcoholics. For peace in their families and for their conversion, please will you pray for my husband? Thank you and God bless you.
Healing of Relationship with DaughterAnonymous506-06-2017
Please pray that my relationship with my daughtrer, Eileen, is healed. Please pray that Eileen is healed and delivered. Please pray for her to have a wonderful birthday today. Thank you.
For good health in mind and bodyAnonymous306-05-2017
Please pray that my appointment with the Neurologist goes well, Tuesday 11am EST goes well and also my eye appointment that I am also worried about on Thursday (6.20am EST). I also ask for healing from Anxiety that I am also having treatment for. Holding onto to the power of God every time I have an anxiety attack about these health issues and also Our Lady's hand in the Rosary, Queen of Peace, pray for us! Thanks and Amen.
Blessed WeatherTeresa Bitz706-05-2017
We are in much need of rain and so our many other farmers. The warm winds have dried out the little plants. Please pray for good weather as our growing season has just begun! For our daughter Madeline!