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for my two sons and self and my husband to get a better job. Anonymous208-02-2017
my elders sons birthday is on the 18th of August specially for him to continue to do well at his job and excel well in the chosen field. I am worried as his seeing a Buddhist girl and I leave it in the Lords hands and continue to pray for him as well as his partner whom he is going out with. for my second son who is completing his higher education that he will too excel in his studies and choose the right path to begin his life as a man. I am deeply hurt for what has happened in my life as I was used by some one to get his personal needs fulfilled. I pray for my life and my husbands.
CONVERSION OF FAMILY (SONS)Anonymous808-01-2017
for the conversion of all my family especially my 2 sons who are rebellious and cynical about church /teachings . they are very self centered and caught up up in the world . they have no time for GOD. Please pray for urgent conversion, ask God to put good Godly mentors on their paths. Send your HOLY SPIRIT to guide them in all areas of their lives. i pray especially for N that he will find full time employment in an area where he can use the gifts and talents God gave him.
Prayer PetitionAnonymous408-01-2017
Dear Blessed Mother, Asking for your intercession of healing for Virginia and Orville Callahand in Louisiana. Thank you. +JMJ+
Pray for Gregorio Alvarez ConversionRachel Alcaraz308-01-2017
He has bipolar disorder, does not believe in God and has a sexual addition, I believe he was abused when he was a child, ask prayers for his conversion. Thank You
HEALING Louise Minniti508-01-2017
Please pray for Corey who now has been diagnosed with flesh eating disease. He has suffered nearly two months of intensive care after a horrific car accident.
O Great and powerful Holy Mother of God, please help me
Catholic School Teaching JobAnonymous307-31-2017
Hello Everyone. I am asking for prayer that I get the job to teach religion class at the Catholic School near me. I feel that it is a calling and the Lord wants me to go in this direction. Thank you.
I\'m being forced to leave my children\'s home by them. I attend daily Mass, pray and fast a lot, am Eucharistic Minister and Lector for over 40 years and am trying to sculpt the first statue of The True Image of Our Lady Queen of Peace. Please help me with your prayers to find a place to live with a room that I can build altars and sculpt.... and for real peace and real love in my family. thank you.
please pray for meJacinta Dunne207-31-2017
i have a goiter on my neck and thyroid problem, the nodule is pressing against my wind pipe,and i need a operation, pray that if god is willing it can be healed in his name,
A MomAnonymous707-30-2017
Very discouraged by the sin and worldliness in my family... the insincerity, culture of death....much is my fault, I'm sure. Mother Mary, please come and make up the difference between the love they've received and the love they're needed. Send strong Catholic mentors into their lives... to change their hearts to Jesus and Mother Mary.Please send us another grandchild... thank you. So grateful for any prayers....God Bless.
Conversionelizabeth marietti607-30-2017
Please pray for conversion for my children: Stephanie, Eric, Clayton and Steven
Two Special People Needing Prayers Right NowAnonymous407-30-2017
Please pray that our school chaplain, Father Emelyn will get permission to accompany our group of 22 students on pilgrimage to Medjugorje on September 24th. Special appeal also for prayer for our dearly loved primary school principal, Tony Devlin, who is at just 55 is suffering from an advanced cancer in his bowel and liver. This news has been a tremendous blow to our local community, since he is such a tireless, talented and dedicated worker for all the pupils in his care.
Healing Anonymous307-30-2017
Please pray for Pat who is seriously ill and fior all medical persons and interventions and treatment, that Jesus will heal him. Also please pray for Carol who has colon cancer, and additional medical issues, for her healing. In Jesus' precious and holy name we pray for their healing! Thank you.
Please pray for me Anonymous507-30-2017
please pray for me I am in difficult situation .Thank you
pray for PIPPO ................PIPPO PIPPO607-30-2017
Zachary ManningValjean Albright 807-30-2017
Dear brothers and sisters, Zach is 18years, an only child. His mother is dying of cancer; 9 brain tumors.... I have posted a request earlier for her. Will you please join many of us to permit Brigette, his mom, to live long enough for Zach to be on his feet, in every way.... dearest Mother, St Joseph, please hear our prayers for Zach! Thank you so much!
That my sister will be cancer Anonymous607-29-2017
Please that my sister Patricia will get her scan down really quick ,The cancer tumour is pressing on her windpipe we pray that she will get a miracle and be cancer free.
Health, help,guidanceAnonymous507-29-2017
Help with my health, help with home and work. Guidance for new place to live. Thank you
For Jorge and Rosa Gonzalez & FamilyAnonymous607-29-2017
Please pray for Jorge and Rosa who are experiencing extreme difficulty at this time, due to Rosa\'s accident that has debilitated her for several weeks. The family is also in dire financial straights due not having insurance to pay for medical costs.
Pleae pray for group from Norway going to MedjgugorjeBecky Dehli407-28-2017
Please pray for three couples going to Medjugorje in November from Norway. Two of the couples have never been there before. It is a miracle that they are going now! Please pray for miracles to happen!