Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
saving brentKellie anderson912-28-2017
I humbly ask you to pray for my ex stepson Brent. He suffers from a rare genetic disorder. He is 18 , weighs 60lbs is non verbal and has no arms. He was put in an instution by his dad and step mom. He does not have to be there. I want him to live with me.
protectiondenise musci812-28-2017
please protect my home from fire also for healing of my sprained ankle & for my husband his tumor dont come back
Very Urgent Prayer RequestDwi ---812-27-2017
My name Dwi. Please pray for me without ceasing. I need a lot of prayers and miracles.
Please dear Blessed Mother, give Caroline the grace of complete healing from her neck injury, please give her the grace of a complete recovery and a quick recovery. Be with her throughout this trial and give her a deep inner consolation and strength. Amen
I would kindly ask you to pray for the conversion of my husband Edward. He is in a very dark place and is being unfaithful to me, his wife. That God will open his eyes to this sin. Also prayer requests for our children Alexander and Timothy to return to the church and the Sacrements. God bless you.
a permanent job for JamesAnonymous512-26-2017
I suggested to my son James that if he prayed and returned to church his prayers for a job application would be answered. They were not and his contract ends in September. Please pray that James secures the right job so that his faith is restored. I pray that all our faith & hope is restored
miracleC D1312-25-2017
Please O mother Mary I have terrible moods please restore my mental health and well being and confidence amen
Emergency Prayers Please!Valjean Albright 912-25-2017
Please pray for Paisley, 6 mos old , who will be taken off of all life support on Christmas Day. For torrents of graces of Divine Mercy for her parents and all in attendance. We ask that the Father’s will be done, in Jesus name, through Mary. Amen. Jesus, we trust in you.
Mariella creaAnonymous512-25-2017
Please blessed mother help me with my case in France. My extenants are taking me to court. You know that all the charges they are bringing against me are faulse. Make sur that the judge see that it is all lies. Thank
Family Healing 7 conversionAnonymous912-25-2017
Please pray for son who is estranged from me and others in family because of our faith & belief in God. He is now an atheist and recently came out as being gay. Please pray for him, he is in so much bondage and refuses to change. Only God can help him. Thank You!
Alfred CreaAnonymous812-25-2017
Please blessed mother keep the demons of the drugs and alcool away from my son. Send him an Angel to keep him on the right path of recovery. Amen
For Poor SoulsAnonymous712-25-2017
praying for those poor souls in my family, those that recently passed, especially the needs of my brother James, who died alone.
employment in need of a job and new living enviorment, Eric Lloyd612-25-2017
god will grant me this favor of being employed and hired where i can utlize my skills and ta talents god and jesus has given me, lead me to the right of the direction, i ask that you you help with angles of you send down from heavean help me stop being taken adavantage of help me moving
Recover from strokeDianna Anderson612-24-2017
I had a stroke a little over a year ago I have use of my right side; I still can’t fully use my left arm and hand please pray for me.
Please prayMiriam Albright 712-23-2017
I ask you to pray that my son would get to Confession before Christmas. God bless you!
Healing for anotherAnonymous712-22-2017
Thanking GOD! for my dear friend Hilary who came to my financial rescue just in time for Christmas!!! Please pray for her : she is recovering from a broken hip.
For those in needAnita Bamforth812-22-2017
Please pray for Meg, Pat Gregory, Jim Moores. Peter Lavelle all Terminally ill. Please pray for Sheila Harris that she will have a conversion of soul and many we all. For the homeless, lonely, those who suffer mentally and physically, pray for all our priests, deacons, Lord hear our prayers. Amen.
Son Kathy B412-22-2017
Please continue to,pray for our youngest son ,and thank you for your prayers because a miracle has happened . He is now in hospital receiving care. We have tried for 2 years to get him help . I know our lady has intervened for him. Praise be to Jesus and Merry Christmas tomDenis and Kathy.
Happy new year Amber amunet Satchel 512-22-2017
I pray my life changes drastically in 2018 I pray and ask that the lord to bless the year 2018 to be good to me I pray 2018 brings me Change!
Please prayAnonymous412-22-2017
For my family who are undergoing much attack. And for myself to surrender FULLY to our Lady, without reserve. Thank you so much. God bless you.