Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
special intentionsAnonymous303-02-2017
Prayers requested for special intentions for myself and family. thank you.
Local First RespondersRachel Lindsey303-02-2017
Please pray for Deer Park Volunteer Ambulance of Deer Park, WA. They are a true non-profit organization who only get funds from donations, insurance and private pay patients. They are about to be put out of business/service if they don’t get the funds they need ($900,000). They are true humanitarians who help others out of the kindness of their own hearts everyday 24/7. They are having a very hard time getting grants to stay open.
Oración de sanacionJuan DI IORIO203-02-2017
Santa Maria Reina de la Paz, te ruego por mi conversión y santidad. Guardanos a mi mama Marta y a mi, de todo mal. En estos días de adversidad y angustia, pido tu protección y tu bendición Maternal para mi mama Marta y para mi, y en particular te ruego por la salud de mi mama Marta y también la mía. Que Marta, pueda superar su estres y recuperar la movilidad de la mano y para que me protejas mi salud expuesta a riesgos. Te ruego por los sacerdotes y religiosas. Madre Reina de los Angeles, te necesitamos. Grazie!. Alabado sea Jesús (Juan desde Mar del Plata, Argentina)
New Born baby Ben born with cancerDiana Sclafani503-01-2017
To heal cancer for newborn Ben ... grace & faith be with his family
Please pray for my son Steve
A light in their heartsAnonymous403-01-2017
Please pray for my son Eduardo and his family, for Virgen Mary of Medjugorje send light to their hearts so they recognize that God has to be first in their lives and to help them with the sad time they are having now as is separation, for them to decide the right decisions for their baby son. Thank you
Care and ProvisionJeni Mcmahon303-01-2017
Dear Blessed Mother , I pray for my daughter Therese as she starts her Ist year of University in Melbourne. I pray that she will have good and restful sleep, find the right accommodation and please show her clearly if this relationship with Joss is good for her. Most importantly I pray that you will lead her deeply into the heart of your son Jesus. Amen
Healing of nerves and gutJennifer Rauch 302-28-2017
Please pray for complete healing of my back and nerves and infection in bowel as well as mind and spirit and relive from pain.
My complete recoveryAnonymous602-28-2017
Please, pray for my complete recovery (ma guérison complète) and for my family. Thank you
Gods peace in our family Anonymous502-28-2017
My husband is alcoholic and also has personality disorders he takes care of family but considers money most important and can\'t love anyone I have a sister in law she also is very selfish and money minded please pray that Jesus touch them and heal them we all get an annointing of Holy Spirit and peace and harmony in our relationships
My soulAnonymous802-27-2017
Please pray for my soul and the souls of my family that they may spend eternity with God the Father, His Son and all the Saints of Heaven. Please ask that He care for our needs here on earth. God bless you always
Bring Faith back to my eldest son & daughterAnonymous902-27-2017
My son tells me he no longer believes in God, despite his Catholic upbringing & schooling in Catholic schools prior to college. Now he is an atheist. It is heartbreaking. I fear for his soul. Pray 4 him!
speedy approval of my green cardstella jayawardene502-27-2017
Please Holy Mother, come to my aid and help in this present need. I have been praying for so long and I still have not heard anything from the immigration Please implore on my behalf to the Heavenly Throne and obtain this favour for me my Mother. Thank you dearest Mother of Medjugorje. I love you with all my heart. Your loving child, Stella
Pray for my sister's eyesight to be restored to what is was before her stroke.
ConversionEunice Lincoln 302-26-2017
Dear Mother I pray for the conversion and increase in faith in my family.
ZA MIR I ZASTIT 15 ROZAEC GOSPE Suzana Bratovic202-26-2017
Please helpAnonymous402-25-2017
Dear Mother, please ask you Son to help us financially. The VA owes my husband a lot of money (he is a veteran). Please intervene and give them an open heart. Jesus I trust in You.
HealingMartin Gormley502-25-2017
Please dear mother Mary, heal our grandson who is sick in hospital..He has something wrong with his Bowel,,Please do not let it be a serious condition..Thank you dear mother Mary..Please bless and heal all our family.
o zdrowieTERESA mEJNA302-25-2017
ozdrowie dla Teresy zakrzepica zyl ichoroby kobiece o zdrowie dla Marzeny guzek na piersi chore gardlo tarczyca (health convalescence for Teresa vein thrombosis ichoroby women's health for Marzena lump on his chest sick throat thyroid)
Grief-stricken Anonymous402-25-2017
I would like to ask prayers for my good friends family on the loss of there 10 year old grandchild John Joe who passed away after having a heart faliure at school. The family are practising their faith aNd are Grief-stricken. Please also pray for a special intention for myself. Thankyou