Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
for my daughterAnonymous712-21-2017
Please pray my daughter will let God help her, take her out of the deep hole she is in, depress, angry, desperate ... Thanks. God Bless you all.
African migrants in LibyaAnonymous412-21-2017
Please pray for the refugees (men women and children) detained in inhuman conditions in Libya or dying in capsized boats as they try to make their way to Europe, fleeing dire circumstances in their own countries. Mother come, Mary come!
Prayer for a.veteranCaroline A Serafin412-21-2017
Please pray for Thomas Knox fell now has blood on his brain.Thank You God Bless Caroline
John who is seriouley sickAnonymous212-21-2017
Speedy recovery forJohnKuipers
Prayer RequestLeo Sourisseau012-21-2017
Prayer For the Second Coming of Jesus - I pray that Jesus Christ returns to Earth soon, to bring the eternal love and peace of the Kingdom of God to all who believe in Him, and for every knee to bow to Him, and for every tongue to confess that Jesus is Lord at His return. Amen.
our son has become estranged from us for no reasonable explanation. He has refused to talk to us to help us figure out what is wrong and how we can help. He suffers from depression and will not seek help. Please pray for reconciliation, compassion and love for all of us.
PRAY FOR THE USAAnonymous312-21-2017
Please pray for the USA. We are in need. Please pray for all Gary’s, my whole family, dead and alive. Thank you
bladder cancerAnonymous412-20-2017
Please pray against any type of bladde cancer cells
Christmas SeasonAnonymous712-20-2017
Please pray for me that I can focus more on the Lord's Birth instead of being alone over the Christmas Season.
Mother seriously illJoanne Kenny912-19-2017
Please could you pray for my mother, Kathleen, who is seriously ill in hospital with a heart & lung condition. It’s 50/50 over the next day or so whether she makes it. She is the one who has passed on her faith to me and told me about Mary tv & the Rosary. Our Lady or Medjugore, pray for us!! Thanks
Complete psoriasis skin healingAnonymous712-19-2017
Complete and total healing of psoriasis since I have since age 8 and now middle age a miracle for me and also to increase my grown children\'s faith if that be Gods will
Employment crisisAnonymous812-19-2017
Please pray for our son inlaw who has lost his job due to mental health issues. Please pray that the dismissal will be reversed as it seems so unfair as he was very depressed. St Joseph, please help us.
Prayers NeededSandy Bierly812-18-2017
Please pray for my friend’s daughter, Corrine, who has an eating disorder and is in a treatment center in Arizona. Corinne is having a very hard time adjusting to being so far from home.
Pray for youngest sonKathy B912-18-2017
Please pray for Sean who is very ill and suicidal
Surrender to GodAnonymous412-18-2017
Dear Jesus I am tired of carrying this load help me surrender it to you through intercession of Mother Mary. Place all in same position as me Thank you God 4 me
Family needsAnonymous612-17-2017
I have posted prayer requests previously and I would like thank all those who prayed for my family. I would like to ask for continued prayers and our lives transition from where we are currently living to our home state of OK. I pray that Mary will be the light guiding our path.
prayers for surgeryAnonymous412-17-2017
Please help John Anthony and Maryjo Monday for their heart surgery to be a success. Be with them Jesus and Mary
Prayers for dying manAnonymous512-16-2017
Plz can you pray for Phil who is dying of cancer and living the last few hours if that on earth if that. He has little or no beliefs in God but a lovely person. For the sake of your sorrowful passion Jesus have mercy on him and on the whole world.
Help for My FamilyGaye Norris512-16-2017
Please pray for my mother, Charlotte, who suffers from an unknown illness. Please pray for my, Gaye, for my depression and a closer walk with Jesus. Please pray for my dad, Tim who no longer attends church. For my brothers,Tim and Jeff and their families who have left the church. For my step-dad.
Friend's HealthJeannee Waseck412-16-2017
Hilary - recovery from a broken hip (has multiple health problems; is in her early 60s) thanking God for the church people who've been there for her!