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Please help me with my life!Anonymous507-25-2017
Dear Mother Mary, Please pray and help me with my life, dear Mother. I pray the rosary everyday, say the divine mercy chaplet at 3 and go to mass almost every day. And still have not found work. Please guide me.
Dear Mother, we have bee searching for a home all this year. We have not found one, and we need your help very badly. Please intercede for us that we many find a home near Jeannine so that we may be there to help her through this winter of her pregnancy. Please intercede for Jeannine that her illness subsides with the medicines they are giving her and that her baby is born healthy. Please allow us to be grandparent servants to our children and grandchildren, and allow us to teach them all about you and your son, Jesus. Thank-you Mother Mary. We love you, and we need your help. Mary
.dear rev fr.,please pray for the cure of my diabetes and bipolar disorder(which is a serious psychiatric illness).please pray for the schizophrenia and depresssion of family members.cure of all genetic based mental illness in our family.guidance in life.inner healing of all our family members.solution to financial and deliverance from all bondages,spells,hexes,curses,charms,black magic,african witchcraft and all kinds of witchcraft done against our family.please pray for the problems caused by our tree healing..intergenerational healing
For the soul of a young man 25 yrs old Stephen Crea jrDiana Sclafani907-25-2017
For Stephens soul to go to heaven
Stress & lonelinessAnonymous707-24-2017
Please pray that I may meet a special man to share my life with. I feel very lonely.
For All Victims Valjean Albright 507-24-2017
Of human trafficking and those who abuse them, Gods release , Mercy and protection. Also for all immigrants and refugees, please Father, bring them to safety and peace. Give to them all they need to be well and safe. Mother, pray for these. I pray for all of your prayers. Amen
Favorable court decisionSusan Inteso507-24-2017
Pray for merciful decision on 7-25 court hearing.. Need someone to go with me and/or strength to go alone (handicapped). healing of physial and spirtual relationships in family. Safe summer trips for friends. Also intersession on Good St. Ann. May God\'s will be done. Our sweet Blessed mother hold my hand tight. I pray and love u all. Thank you for your prayers.
Prayers of healing for a brother and sisterangela pisaturo707-24-2017
My cousins, Diane and Peter are suffering greatly. Diane is having chemo for breast cancer and Peter needs open heart surgery to replace a cow value that is faulty. Please pray these two recover from their illnesses.
Prayer to be back in my homeSheana Arrington807-24-2017
I went through a bitter divorce 5 years ago. Due to lack of funds, I had poor legal representation and my 3 children and I were court ordered to move out of our home. One month after we moved out, he moved his mistress in our home. We are still displaced living in a one bedroom. Please help me in praying that my children and I are back in our home and gives us peace of mind. Thank you and God bless. Sheana Arrington
Oración contra el ataque del malignoAnonymous007-24-2017
Madre vengo a pedir vuestra ayuda contra los ataque que pretenden llevarme a una recaída. Madre quiero estar con Jesús y con Vos Gracias Madre por vuestra asistencia sin Jesús y Vos no podría vencer.
Thanksgiving for Answered Prayers...Healing & ConversionAnonymous507-24-2017
for dtr., Kelly....for favorable outcome of employment search & answers to financial problems....God\'s Will regarding her & Michael\'s future....whether they should Marry...healing in all ways needed for Michael--Wisdom for both to accept God\'s Will; deeper Conversion for myself and loved ones..return to faithful practice of Catholic Faith for family members; healing of heart problem for Mary Gail; healing for Jeff\'s mother; Kathy\'s pre-mature baby....; healing for Rosa; Our Lady\'s intentions; Mary TV family; U.S. Military, especially those in harms way/their loved ones
lisa mc Cann ,Marie Shine ,Ann Neeson Anonymous607-23-2017
please pray for three very sick ladies who all need miracles .Lisa Mc Cann needs a brain surgeon immediately or she will die .Marie has a brain tumour please pray .Also Ann Neeson needs a miracle . Our Lady Mother Of us all I implore your intercession NOW
urgent prayer reqestAnonymous807-23-2017
Please pray for Shirley. She was on vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC. She got sick, couldn't breathe or swallow & was admitted to the hospital & put in intensive care. She has now been in an induced coma for 4 days and has crashed three times. The doctors aren't sure what is wrong, but it doesn't look good.
Prayer request for a miracle Darron Traylor207-23-2017
Prayer request for the desires of all my ungodly sinful habits that are destroying my life and family return to church and give his life to Christ a renewed heart more Christ like demons evil spirits to flee in Jesus name Amen
Thank you for praying for 1 For court case in july for me 2 Financial independence 3 for french people to accept JESUS and be saved 4 For friendship 5 for my parents jacques suzan top accept JESUS and be financially wise 6 For my business to be sucessful
HEALTHLINDA Birri1007-22-2017
Mary please heal my thyroid lumps. One keeps growing.
Please Mother, let your love and presence bless, fill and surround Jeff. He needs you so much. Thank you! Love.
Prayers for my family Anonymous807-21-2017
My son and I have many challenges as a family. I am a single mom raising a beautiful boy with mental health concerns. I struggle with our issues and a very judgmental family I pray for patience, tolerance and forgiveness. I struggle with forgiveness for those who are so hurtful.. Please pray for my son to be wrapped,protected , and healed by our Blessed Mothers mantle . And prayers for me to help let go of hurt, to be a loving mother, and to find forgiveness in my heart for those who have been hurtful. Thank you ...
Pray for my wife's Back pain Biju Augustine707-21-2017
Please pray for my wife , she got a back pain , and a cyst in her spine ,it compressed her nerve system, doctor said that need a surgery and it is a risky surgery , please pray for her for a speedy recovery without any surgery. thank you.
Family health, sobriety & employment as God Wills!Laura Phelan1007-19-2017
Father, please help my family to be closest to you. Also, Father, I pray especially for help for my husband's Lyme Disease diagnosis today. May all 6 of us have health and work with "you" to find employment that pleases you and serves people in need. Thank you Father for all your love and blessings! Thank you for Medjugore.