Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
RosieRosie Treacy909-28-2017
Please pray that I will be healed of anxiety and depression and over sensitivity as I get hurt to easily
Pray for all the victims of natural disastersMariel Shockley709-28-2017
Please, pray for all the victims of natural disasters, including my family in the Caribbean islands affected by this hurricane season.
Prayer please?Valjean Albright 1009-27-2017
For my husband's special intention, Our Lady knows what it is. Restore his confidence in the gifts you've given him my Jesus. Relieve the burdens he carries. Please hear my prayers for R. Fill him fresh with joy, hope and peace. Thank you so much!
Healing so that I may travel on pilgrimageAnonymous1409-27-2017
Please pray that the spasms in my back will cease so that I may leave on a pilgrimage next week. Thanks for adding me to your many prayers. Dennis
Urgent need for employment, housing and a new opportunityAnonymous1109-26-2017
Prayer request for Nicholas' urgent need for steady employment. Lack of employment having a domino affect on his physical and mental health, housing, retirement savings, inability to use his skills and talent. Should be facing retirement, but struggling with starting over. Thankyou 4 ur prayers!
My sisterCaroline A Serafin809-26-2017
Please pray for Josephine Martarella diagnosed with asthma cold and pneumonia further testing required Thank you GOD BLESS Caroline Serafin
Fasting help- prayers neededAnonymous1009-26-2017
I need prayers to help me with a 9 day fast. Alone I can not do this. I do have special needs as I am supposed to be on a low carb diet(Paleo or ketosis diet) which basically means very little or no bread. I don't like bread anyway but I do need to do a more modified fast of green vegetables. TY
Turn aroundAnonymous409-26-2017
please pray that Maggie does well on her test today and it is the catalyst for her to work harder and do better for the glory and honor of God.
Upcoming health meeting Anonymous709-26-2017
I was bullied from 2010-2016 by my manager. Had a complete breakdown on May 4th 16. Still cannot work for fear. A priest saved my soul May 16. Joined Legion of Mary & visited Medjugorje May 17. Met Mary TV in cafe & loved Fr Leon & Rosie. have medical health meet Oct 12; frightened being judged agai
CathyCesar Duarte709-26-2017
Please Blessed Mother heal Cathy Campione. Thank You
Healing from addictionChristina Slattery609-26-2017
Please pray for Mary to intercede in the healing from addiction for my son Matthew, his friend Natasha, my daughter Pip,her friend Albi and my brother Tony. Also that they turn to Jesus with all their hearts and strength. Please pray for healing of Tony's foot. Thank you and God Bless, Amen
Mary TVAnonymous809-25-2017
That Mary TV continues Mass online. Thank you for help in. my books in the past years. Praying for peace in the world NKorea Iran USA. God bless Margo .
Victim domestic violence very stressed left home Need help w new addiction
for my mother hwalingMaria Vassallo709-25-2017
please pray for my mother who is very ill
o uwolnienieAnonymous909-25-2017
Maryjo Matko i Królowo Pokoju, - Mary Mother and Queen of Peace, ask your son's grace to release from all weaknesses, conversion and reparing of our children's marriages, profound faith and pardon to Marek.Please also Mateńko relief of pain and reconciliation with the will of God for Father
pray for conversionAnonymous809-25-2017
I hope and pray that I may change with my heart and soul to follow God's will and not what I think I want
Urgent prayer for sonLucy Quao909-25-2017
Ask Our Mother of Medjugorje and Queen of Peace to intercede to pray for my Son who have left his wife and children to come back to them. Thank you.
In need of a miracle for a job to return to my countryAnonymous909-25-2017
Dear Mother, As you know I need a miracle to get the job I recently interviewed for so I can return home. I have been trying to go home for years. Please Mother let it happen now, I know I could have done better and not let my anxiety because of the unjust situation I am in to deter me.
Prayer request for my familyPatti B.609-25-2017
I am asking for prayers for good health for my husband who has had a heart attack and has a blockage in his artery and has a form of Leukemia. For the conversion of my children to come back to their faith and that they have a miracle to convince them. That I have good health and stamina. Amen
please pray for frank and brigid we are in so much need of mary,s help at this time of our lives