Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
How Much LongerAnonymous1012-12-2017
Please set me free, how many prayers, how many times must I speak to Priests before these doubts are gone forever, please Mother help!! Help me to accept and move on and really live!!!
I wish I was with YouAnonymous412-11-2017
If it is your will Mother, I wish I could visit you one day in Medjugorje and bring whoever else you want to come. But for now I invite you to visit me, come in to my heart, my broken confused heart, and then take it to your Son to make new, Love David
Prayers neededAnonymous712-11-2017
Please pray for Melissa B - in prison, drug addict. Her dad is very sad. For Melissa T-drug addict. Our family is very concerned. For Holly T, Misty T, Nariah T, Tommy T & Lynn T.Please pray for them their needs & return to God. Also for my mom. Blessings
financial needRena BENNET512-11-2017
Loving Mother please intercede for us to your most Loving son Jesus to sanction my Daughter Beverly's personal loan for which she has applied for in Fullerton India. Thank you dearest Mother
Deeper Belief in JesusAnonymous312-10-2017
My lady friend is not a Catholic but was raised Lutheran. She has expressed reservations about becoming a Catholic, partly because of the hypocrisy seen during the test of the church. She is a very good person. I ask your prayers for her to open her heart, forgive and come closer to Jesus. Amen
Prayer for my granddaughter and son.Anonymous412-10-2017
Please pray that my son again becomes a practicing Catholic and raises his daughter in the Catholic faith.
My son Ian Anonymous1212-09-2017
Please pray for my son Ian. He's suicidal and feels God is punishing him and feels he has no choices.
Good health, work and conversion of dauAnonymous412-08-2017
I would like to pray for good health, work and conversion of my daughter her boyfriend his family back to the Catholic .Church.
healing reconciliation Anonymous312-08-2017
Mother Mary, please intercede for A, J, C, R,, LJ and family may be reunited and totally healed together as family in Christ. All thoughts and lies leading them apart or thoughts of suicide may cease. May LJ live forever together as one in service to the Lord. Finally remember the VL family .
For victims of brain traumaKathy B512-08-2017
Pleas pray for all victims of brain injury esp. Brian, Pete, Sean and carol
Please prayMiriam Albright 312-08-2017
On this Feast of the Immaculate Conception, I pray for all of our families to return to Her Immaculate Heart to be healed and protected. Please, especially for the Martinez and Guerrero family’s intentions. And for those in need of healing in mind, body or spirit. May our own hearts be humble
So Loney and DepressedAnonymous1212-07-2017
Please pray that I will find someone special in my life that has strong faith. I live alone with no children and feel so depressed.
Please help my mind Anonymous812-07-2017
Please Mother, help to remove this Anger & Fear I have inside of me, help me to surrender to your Son, to open up to allow the Holy Spirit to act, to heal, to guide, to give me the graces I need not to worry, to really live life. I don’t want to get sick. Mother I want to live, live as per God will
Please pray for healing of our marriage. My husband is full of anger and hatred. Please pray. In jesus name i pray amen
Lost Sheep: My Daughter, Brianne LeeJeannee Waseck612-06-2017
Cathy is talking about lost sheep, & my heart is especially burdened for my 35 year old daughter, who is steeped in paganism and is just so dark ... & who is estranged from me. Perhaps it sits heavily now because it is the 'all hearts go home for Christmas' time of year ... please pray! +
Prayer for Healing and Canonization of Fr. Solanus CaseyJoyce Herbert Canella512-06-2017
Please pray for my husband, Charles, who was diagnosed with malignant melanoma on his heel. We have had one surgery to remove the cancer. Thank God that the pathology indicated that it had to spread to his lymph nodes. He has a second surgery 12/7. Please pray for a speedy recovery & healing.
Conversions Anonymous412-05-2017
For the conversions of George Soros, Christina Haritos, Donald Trump, Marc Chyrulia, Oprah Winfrey, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, and Cecile Richards, and for the repose of the souls of Dr. Henry Morgentaler and Christopher Eric Hitchens.
Special Requests Anonymous412-05-2017
For all the souls in purgatory, the salvation of all the dying, and the conversion of all sinners, especially Dave McConnell, Gilles Latour, John Latulippe, Paul Crooks, Gabriel Cillo, MIC, Alexander Chung, MIC, Ken Fraser, Ken Jones, Barack Obama, Jean-Pierre Mercier, Richard Dawkins, Bill Maher.
painting onecar d212-05-2017
O mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee that I may improve in my painting and pass painting one to be able to concentrate and get on with it
Deliverance from Depression for 17 year old MaggieAnonymous1412-04-2017
Please pray that Maggie is delivered from depression and that the Lord make up the years the locusts have eaten. She has stopped doing all school work, etc. and just stays in her room. Please pray that she stops waisting her life and that the Lord lift this weight off her shoulders.