Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
prayer for healing and strengthAnonymous209-24-2017
please remember John and his family, pray that the Lord may heal him and bless his family. pray for C and family , J and family who need help and healing and for J junior, Bless us Lord. Thank you all.
An urgent request for healing prayer for a man who has been given a very short time to live because of cancer. Thank you for receiving my request. Mary Dolan, Oamaru, New Zealand.
my prayer request is for David. A PekeraCathy Testa1009-23-2017
Dear Lord, Mary, and all I am asking that you heal David for his cancer kidney brain lungs thyroid this has been a very difficult journey we are taking David to a specialist very soon in hopes that he will help along with gods touch and mary, I do believe in miracles and I know God is always with
Our son 45yr old Carl James Tolley does not know Jesus..been away from sacraments 30 yes pleas pray for his deep true for Debbie Hamilton healing ..both knees need serious repair from fall
Son needs treatment urgentlyAnonymous709-23-2017
For my youngest son who,is very ill with schizofrenia to be cured and return to the church and for reconciliation between brothers
Prayers for my daughterBeth Smith609-23-2017
Please pray for my daughter, Amy, who is facing a very serious health issue right now. Please ask God to heal her, to guide her doctors, and also to relieve her pain. Thank you and God bless.
for te unbornAnonymous409-22-2017
please pray for the unborn babies of our country IRELAND we are under attack as never before may GOD our father OUR BLESSED MOTHER and ST JOSEPH be with us in this battle for life amen
our sonAnonymous309-22-2017
Please pray for our son who just graduated college and needs his career job so he can provide for himself. He has rent and student loans. My Lord and My God, open wide the door of opportunity. Please give Joseph the grace of a follow through attitude. Thank you
heart surgery complicationsAnonymous209-22-2017
please pray for a friend's neighbor who is in critical condition. needs many prayers as well as the family.
For marriage conversionAnonymous109-21-2017
Dear Mother Mary. I pray for Sarah that she gets her marriage reconciled after getting married in an hotel. Also Mary I pray that Niall and Ciara and Neave and her fiancé will marry in the Catholic Church. Thank you Mary for listening to my prayer and I know you will bring it to Jesus your Son.
Mother Mary I ask you to intercede for married couples whose marriages are in great difficulty at this time. I've been asked to pray for them and I place them in your love and care. Thank you Mother Mary
Mary I need you Lorna Marino809-21-2017
Please for my mom peace until death. My marriage to grow and heal from the past. For Justine's conversion and her boyfriend Mitch too. Success in her career that's pleasing to your Son. For Len continued success and for me that I am lifted out of this grief into joy, to do Gods will in the world
Prayers for my upcoming marriage Catherine Whelan509-21-2017
My fiancé Martin and I will be getting married next April after Easter please pray for our conversion and healing and that God's will will be done in our lives as we serve Him in our vocation and try and help Him achieve His kingdom on earth
NEW JOBAnonymous509-21-2017
Dear mother Mary. Iam praying for my husband Rodgers to get the anew job that he recently did interviews for ,loving mother you told JESUS at the weeding in Caana that the have no you request he performed the first miracle .Mother Mary grant us the miracle of this new JOB in our family .
Dear Mother Mary ,at your request Jesus performed the first miracle ,grant me the miracle of a salary increase,more projects from our donors,new and old to our organization,being able to receive the holy Eucharist with my husband next year,paying all our debts,bless Rachel,Gorreti,samson pass exams
Prayers for LeeVelera Faison409-21-2017
I would like to request prayers for father before next appointment with neurologist. He has Parkinson\\\\\\\'s and I\\\\\\\'m asking for prayer to give the doctor wisdom to help dad.
A friend who is dying Anonymous709-21-2017
Please pray for a friend of mine who is dying of MS. He can't talk anymore, is having difficulty breathing and is near the end of his life. Please pray that our Lord calls him soon so he doesn't have to suffer much longer. God bless Tim.
Healing of my mom and familyAnonymous609-21-2017
My mom is 76 and has pancreatic cancer. There\'s conflict and strife between my sisters involving her care. Please pray for physical and spiritual healing for my mom as well as healing in family relationships. Thank you!1
Prayer for God MercyAloys NTIHEMUKA309-20-2017
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, kindly pray for me for Mary the Queen of Peace to intervene in my difficult financial/carrier situation to reverse quickly. May God have Mercy on Me.
Jeans babyAnonymous309-20-2017
Dearest Mother of Medjugorje prayers for Jennifer in her pregnancy, to deliver a healthy baby. For baby Evan for his faith health for Jacob, Kaden center to love the faith and pray to have all the sacraments for Jamie Keri to open their hearts to their faith. To care for the family. Wayne bill Garr