Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Healings and PeaceAnonymous405-26-2017
Pls. pray for my total healing and for all I pray for as well. Also for proper housing for Fran and for peace in my family and in the world
exams- Schoolsilvia galvan305-25-2017
mother please intercede for my school exam, my sons school friends and new teachers, for my mothers depression and her knee. my husband eyes. for peace in the world. may your petitions be triumphant. thank you for listening to my petitions.
Healing for BillAnonymous405-25-2017
Healing for Bill who is very sick with leukemia and stomach problems from lots of chemotherapy and medications, please pray for him Healing for Barry, Doris, Debbie
LIGHT OF GODsadha Barnes605-25-2017
Mother of the Rosary i pray for all of my Sin committed again you\\\'re immaculate heart and the heart of Jesus. please grant me guidance and peace for all in my family Amen
Forgiveness and Mercy Glen Wiltshire 505-25-2017
Plese pray for me that my lord Jesus forgives me form my wicked ways that I have been living in my whole life. I pray that the lord will clense me from my sins and lead me away from the wicked path that I have been on.
Prayer for my familyAnonymous305-25-2017
Prayer for guidance in the first nations art if I should get funding also for son evan. Blessings to my husband and I and my five boys, please mother continue to help me be a mother to my boys. Amen
Dear Precious Heart of Jesus Anonymous405-24-2017
I thank You first for all the graces and good things you bestow on me and my family everyday, even though we do not always recognise them immediately. I would like to pray especially for the proctection of souls, the souls of my family, friends and of the whole world at this time when so many horrible things are happening and so many temptations fill our lives. I would like to also pray for inner peace and the return to old good values for all families so as to prepare this base of love and caring for the world around us. Amen
Please pray for a young man Paul and his family...right now a miracle is needed! Our Lady Queen of Peace pray for Paul
Struggling with addiction, survivor of abuse
General Prayer RequestAnonymous405-24-2017
For my deeper conversion and also my family ; God\'s Will whether Kelly & Michael should Marry; healing for Clyde, Gloria, Millie, JoAnn,Trent,;Tim\'s son;;return of the U.S.A to the Judeo-Christian principles on which it was founded; safe travel and God\'s guidance for President Trump, Milania, and all who\'re travelling with him; my and Clarke\'s siblings and their loved ones; victims of the Manchester attack...the Souls who died/ their living loved ones; conversion of ISIS and all terrorists to Jesus Christ; end of abortions;Our Lady\'s Intentions.
have the courage Anonymous405-24-2017
To say de Rosary with my Family everyday. My husaband doen not think it is necessary and the kids complain about it....I pray for the courage to continue...
Stress & lonelinessAnonymous405-23-2017
Please pray for me as my job has been very stressful and so lonely being at home alone.. I hope and pray that I may find that special someone to share my life with.. Please keep me in your prayers
in desperate need of a financial, break through.Anonymous605-23-2017
Dear Lord, im be hind in my bills, and mortgage. im unemployed no work. ive ben looking for work. and praying i get work so i can pay bills. i pray the phone would ring and get a lot of work. as im self employed. pleaase, please, pray for me. that this request be granted. in the name of Jesus Amen.
Work Permit from GermanyJoseph Sukumaran605-22-2017
Kindly pray for my wife, Mary, who is a Doctor and currently in Germany, to get work permit.
End to AbortionMary Lake405-22-2017
For the United States of America that we will be a leader in the world to ending abortion. May President Trump be blessed with the wisdom and courage to know and follow God\\\'s will. Surround him with people who live the life of joy, putting Jesus first, others second , and ourselves third.
pray for everyoneruth ryan405-22-2017
mum and i are pray for cathy and dennis and all the ship mate and roseie and her family
Family turmoilAnonymous705-22-2017
Please pray for our family as we struggle with our difficulties. Having our oldest daughter Madeline living with us and our second daughter kaitie is very hard because she is dating. Help us. I feel in terrible anxiety.
For Bill my husband healing from leukemia and heart blockages For Doris healing from her chronic pain and regain her hearing For Debbie That I can adjust to lower denture and dental implants will heal and I can eat better and release from anxiety and fear worrying about my dental problems THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP, DEAR BLESSED MOTHER THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING TO MY CALL
Barbara's Urgent PrayersBarbara M505-21-2017
Please make sure I never have an accident on both of my ankles. Every day they are swollen and painful. Please bring me genuine singles friends. Please make sure this man or woman does not take advantage of my good nature. I want someone else to help with my financial, guidance, helpful, not shutting at me, but someone who is positive and treat me with respect. The person must have lots of patience in their life and trust. I want RS Charles to stop calling me & get caught.
i ask prayers for my SonTiziana Cachia805-21-2017
I am sending to pray for my son Cristian Cachia to find a good foster family for all his life as he has Autisim and myself cannot take care of him. Thank you for your prayers