Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Oldest Grandson's EducationAnonymous410-29-2017
Blessed Mother, please help my oldest grandson to stay focused on obtaining his High School Diploma and to choose a Career best suited to him. This wonderful young man lacks loving support from his father. Please bless him with courage & determination to obtain his goals. Thank you Loving Mother.
Please say a prayer for my childrenAnonymous610-28-2017
For my children, Victoria and Joseph, to return to confession and the Holy Mass. Keep all evil away from my kids. It's so hard for the youth, Please Jesus, have mercy...they need special graces. Please say yes on behalf of my title, a mom. Thank you my Lord and God:)
Prayers for my FamilyPia Aycocho510-28-2017
Please pray with us as we discern for family migration to Australia. Please pray if this is the right decision for our children. And if migration to Australia is where God is leading us, He'll make the whole process easy and favorable for our family. Thank you sisters!
Thomas FreemanTherese Petrusq3010-28-2017
Young man on the way home to u.s. went missing in panama..since June 30 no sign of him anywhere7
that I pass the test I need in order to continue my course of study to be a math teacher along with another chance at companionship with this man named Chris because I now realize he’s the life companion God has and wants for me
Healing of RelationshipAnonymous710-27-2017
Years of broken relationship between my sister and myself, rejection and unforgiveness with no end to it in sight. Request prayer for a breakthrough with total healing of hurtful memories on both sides.
Healing and pilgrimageAnonymous610-27-2017
Please pray that my husband and I with my two girls may have the opportunity and finances to go on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje next year. Oh how I would like to cry out to our Blessed Mother to heal my children of their anxieties and bitterness and heal their sibling relationship as well. Thank you.
Please can you pray for a friend of a family member who is living on the streets, She has internal bleeding and has been given blood transfusions but half way through treatment she left hospital for drugs and hasn't returned. Her name is Nicola Mackinley. Thank you
Prayer for ChristopherAnonymous410-26-2017
Please pray for Christopher for a safe trip & to make good choices. Please pray for protection for him and his friend. Also, help for me to fast & also for a financial situation I am facing that it be resolved in a favorable way. God Bless!
Please pray that my daughter is successful in getting a coop job in her next coop term. Thank you Heavenly Mother
Daughter self-harmingAnonymous1010-26-2017
Please pray for my daughter, J, who has started to self-harm as a result of anxiety and low self-esteem. She is 17 years old and in an important final year at high school. We are taking her to the doctor at 4pm today (Thurs) EST. Thank you.
Health and healing/Protection Anonymous410-26-2017
Please pray for my brother who is gravely ill, and for the tests and treatments he needs; for my daughter and her family, protection from all who are enticing her to leave home and family. May God's will be done. Thank you
Deliverance from Computer Addictions, Depression, and AnxietyAnonymous410-26-2017
Please pray that Maggie is delivered from her computer addiction, depression and anxiety so she can go back to school and work. She is only 17 and ruining her life with this. She has to finishe High School. Please pray she stops lying to me and start behaving like God wants her to. Thank you.
I request prayers for the travel we are about to do happens soon and in peace love and safety
Pray for meAnonymous610-25-2017
Please pray for me I feel very lonely and would like to meet a suitable partner. I love God. I do not understand why I am left alone. No family. Thank you
Prayers for my community Anonymous510-25-2017
Blessed Mother and Jesus i asked that you pray for all my brothers and sisters in christ. My community lives in sadness and too many people fight amoungs each other. Families are suffering especially the children. Praying for peace and unity. We live fearing our lives due to drugs and alcohol.
Please pray so I have work and profit from my woek
Health of Baby WilliamAnonymous310-25-2017
Please pray for the health of my grandson who has been admitted to hospital suffering breathing problems.Please pray for his parents who suffer with him and are sick with worry.Thanks you everyone
I request prayers on behalf of the travel I and Losang are about to do so it happen soon and happen in peace love and safety. I also ask your help so Losang has a good man who takes good care of him in all he needs. Thank you
Dear Sirs I sell houses as a work live I ask prayers so I am sucessful and have many concreet opportunities with good houses and good families who need my services. I also ask prayers so my colleague Ana helps and act as a good colegue in all situations. Thank you