Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Happy MeetingsAnonymous405-21-2017
Please through the intercession of Mary the Mother of God, that my daughter will meet a suitable partner in life.
Please please pray for our President, who wants Peace, and Good for America! And for my family, who is in financial, physical,spiritual need! Thank you!
Please Dear Jesus help my husband Marcus not divorce meAnonymous405-19-2017
Dear Jesus and Mary,my husband made decision to divorce me 5 days ago and he took daughter away 4 days ago and does not let me to speak with her or see her.Please Lord you saw my tears my pain during this 5 days please protect our marriage so Evil leave Marcus heart and my emails and texts can convenience him to do counselling and maintain the marriage.Lord Jesus for the sake of holy sacrament of marriage Evil leave my marriage I pronounce it in Jesus name.Dear lord Jesus pure goodness and love help my husband and I heal all rooted hurts forgive one another in Jesus name. thank you Kathy
Prayers journey Anonymous305-19-2017
Our dear lady Jesus' holy spirite please take care of my self husband family thank you Jesus holy spirite our dear lady 777
conversion and healingHELEN FILIPOWICH205-19-2017
for Dawn, Sonia, Annette, Theresa, and Wes and Helen
Urgent Prayer for surgery on 5/19/17 @ 10AMAnonymous505-19-2017
Please Pray for Anthony and that GOD will guide the surgeons hands that he may be free for ALL cancer and may live a very long life on earth... Please Pray for Pauline, Their Girls, Grandchildren too... May GOD Bless You All Abundantly Now & Forevermore Grazie xxo
Foe my husbandChris Cavolo305-18-2017
For my husband Joe who has much inexplicable pains and has been getting a fever every day now for 10 days. Awaiting results of blood work to determine what the next step is. Please pray for his healing. Thank you and God bless all of you at Mary TV
Friend with cancerPatty Kean405-18-2017
Pam was just diagnosed with cancer after seeing doctors for 6 months with pain. Please pray for her and her family.
Missing college sophomorePatty Kean405-18-2017
A local man in Franklin, MA has gone missing. It has been 4 days now. Please pray for him and his family! His name is Mike Doherty. Thank you. Our Lady, Queen of Peace, bring your peace to this man and his family and community.
exam and employmentAnonymous205-18-2017
asking for prayers to pass tjis nursing board exam on June 2 and prayers to get a call for interview on a job applied and very much desired
Beginning stages of MSTina Peters805-18-2017
I would like to pray for my niece Jennifer Arnn, who has the beginning stages of MS. Jennifer is a beautiful young Lady of 24 and needs prayers for healing in her lower back where the beginning stages of this MS is growing and giving her back pain, and numbness in her legs. Please I pray for this beautiful girl who is full of life and has a zeal for God and people. In Jesus Name, I pray you, thank you for praying for this healing. Amen.
Requesting prayersAnonymous305-18-2017
Asking please for prayers for my children and grandchildren, and for the miracles of blessings both spiritual and temporal at this most needed time. Thank you. +JMJ+
Prayer Request For FamilyAnonymous305-17-2017
Dear All, Kindly pray for my Elder Brother’s (S.Amuldhas & C. Daniel) to free them of depression, tension & achohol habits. Pray for them so that they can prosper in their Business work and achieve all success. Also pray for their Good & Healthy Family Life. May God Pour all Blessings to them. Regards
Healing n blessingJessie Bernadette Wong305-17-2017
Please pray for healing for my nephew Goh W. Z. that his ezema on his body will go away. Also healing for Laura of St Mary/Holy Fam church evening choir. Bless my sister Ivy Wong M.H with a strong healthy body and immune system and to be free of cancer cell, tumour, lump. Bless my nephew with a job. Bless my tenant Jonas and my nephews Melvin Tan C.Y. and Danny Wong H.K. with a successful careers. Thank you,
Thank youAnonymous205-17-2017
Dear Our Lady and Holy God, Many thanks for minding Brendan and for keeping him safe and wrapping your arms around hum and us as a team with love Avril
Barbara's Urgent PrayersBarbara M505-17-2017
Please make sure I never have an accident on both of my ankles. Every day they are swollen and painful. Please bring me genuine singles friends. Please make sure this man or woman does not take advantage of my good nature. I want someone else to help with my financial, guidance, helpful, not shutting at me, but someone who is positive and treat me with respect. The person must have lots of patience in their life. I need to trust this person, and someone who I have respect for me. I am a lonely person, and desperately want to get married to a faithful Catholic man.
A Prayer Request for MyselfMykola (Anonymous)505-16-2017
I have a very huge amount of financial debts, that I am struggling for many years to repay. At times, I feel miserable and left alone (even suicidal thoughts went through my head). Please pray to the Lord, that He may have mercy on me, and through His blessings help me to come out of this stressful issue as soon as possible. Thank you!
Urgent Prayer for Reuniting 3 soulsAnonymous205-16-2017
PLEASE Mother Mary May You Cover Brianne Baylee Brodie withYour Beautiful and HOLY Mantel May they Be safe from ALL harm and Every evil... Please Dear Mother I beg You to intercede for gal tb sb ab to do the proper and moral and HOLY act towards Brianne & The Children... May The Children come back home in June forever to be with Brianne PoPi GiGi UA AB UG Nea MiMi GAB GAB GUJ... Thank You Holy Mother for listening to my prayer... I LOVE YOU SWEET MOTHER... May GOD’S Light and LOVE protect Us All
Please pray for a successful ovarian cyst removal and no cancer cells preseny
Totty (Andrew)Anonymous205-16-2017
Peace and healing of brain injury, for a miraculous healing, for his conversion and of all his family and friends. For his daughter Charlottes healing and Leah to rest I n pece. Amen. Praise .Jesus. justice for his assailant and convarsion.