Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
My sister has a drinking problemNANCY COX809-16-2017
Please heal my sister from alcohol addiction. It is ruining her life and hurting those who love her. Please help her to be strong in this new ticket she received for driving with out a license. She is feeling hopeless.
I am asking for prayers for my daughter Sally , Heidi , Colleen and my son Andrew . I was married for 21 years and after the divorce it really hurt our spiritual lives. My children ages range from 32 - 21 yrs old. Please pray that they will come back to our faith ! I found my way back thanks to Mary
Please pray for Steven\\\\\\\'s conversion and for strength to loose weight and end his obesity and for God to send him a beautiful wife with a strong faith.
Pray for my MotherLara McCarthy409-15-2017
Pray for Mary B McCarthy. She has stage 4 esophogeal cancer and can not eat or drink anything. We so love and need mom here for a long time. She is a teacher and teaches us daily. Praying for a miracle and blessing from Mother Mary.
RE: FavorSherry Tate109-15-2017
Please agree with me for supernatural favor to hit my finances and bring forth streams of income immediately.
Extremely urgent prayer requestMaria Teresa Mendoza209-15-2017
Desperately need deliverance and healing from demonic activity,my body can't take it,success w/ home employment,get enrolled and pass my courses!
Marriage in the church Anonymous209-15-2017
Please Pray for Marc and Renee to be married in the Catholic Church and begin practicing the Faith.
Healing/ relief of agonising pain from cancerAnonymous309-15-2017
Dear Mother Mary I beg you on this your feast of Of Sorrows to be with Anne at this moment of suffering. I ask for a miracle of healing or relief, you know best. Thank you Mary
Problem with sons schoolAnonymous509-14-2017
Please Pray for my son Darren to get into year 13, the school is not fair and rejecting my son to carry on and want him to repeat year 12. Holy mother I love you.
prośba o uwolnienieAnonymous309-14-2017
Mateńko I ask your Son and our Savior release for Mark, to give deep faith to him and transform his life, cassia and julie. The love of God and loved ones and perseverance. I trust you. Marya I believe in your heavenly love. to him and his loved ones, intercede for them, do not leave
ProdigalsJeannee Waseck109-14-2017
Please pray for Brianne, Heather, and Crystal.
Physical Healing and to overcome fear and anxiety Anonymous309-14-2017
After a heart attack and Stent, I have fear and anxiousness. I hope and pray,the Stent will not block. I need to Trust Jesus and Mary more. Thank-you and God Bless you all!
Financial TroubleAnonymous409-14-2017
I am in financial mess. the banks are filing a case against. I have so much of debts to pay off. Jesus, i pray for a miracle to relieve me from this burden. I promise to handle my finances with care. I beg you Jesus, help me come out of this mess. Please help me JESUS. Thank you and praise you Jesus
Concern for Friend's HealthJeannee Waseck109-14-2017
Kevin has multiple serious health problems (diabetes, a heart condition) that he is really not addressing beyond medication. I am submitting this prayer request here, now, because he had to leave work early due to exhaustion.
Merciful Jesus Most Blessed Mother St Joseph V S309-14-2017
Please pray for urgent home needs, safety & protection of family, for return to health .For health & recovery of all in recent car accidents
Return to the faithAnonymous309-14-2017
Please Lord help my family and me to return to Mass.
Prayer for God MercyAloys NTIHEMUKA609-12-2017
Dear Mary Family, I and my colleague Mr.Maxwell Shimba have been in a difficult situation since almost two years now, we are requesting a prayer so that our Our Heavenly Mother, intercede for us for a quick assistance from Heaven.May Jesus have mercy on Us and deliver us from any powers of darkness.
to the most high Anonymous609-12-2017
please give my dad the peace he needs and your protection during his surgery on 9/13/17 thank u amen
Deliverance From DepressionAnonymous909-12-2017
Please pray for Maggie to be delivered from depression. She is 17, and it is very hard. Thank you.
For people suffering of cancer and Venezuela's liberationAnonymous609-12-2017
I would love you to help me with your prayers for Luc Deflo my husband & Milo Daeleman, both with cancer and Venezuela's liberation. Thanks and God bless us all!