Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Conversion & Healing of my 3 daughtersAnonymous307-13-2017
Please pray for the healing and conversion of my husband and 3 daughters. Thank you.
Healing of Body , Mind & Spirit !Anonymous207-13-2017
Please pray for our son Walter Jr; & his family , they are a mess . Lord hear our prayer for their conversion , your will be done in their lives.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, please put your mantle of grace around my dear family, Michael, Paul, Rachel and her husband Peter. You know what\'s in my heart for them.
loss of livelihood Anonymous207-12-2017
please pray for the sale of our business. if it is not sold by august, the property will have to be surrendered to the bank. we will lose our investment, retirement money, income, and likely our home. we desperately need prayers. thank you.
praying for healing of anxiety for nephew and familyBarbara Kleaveland207-12-2017
Please pray for David Hanley who is suffering from acute anxiety. He is 27 yrs. old. Not baptized. His mom is Jewish and Dad Catholic. Neither practice.Dad is praying the rosary by himself nightly.
Prayers for Derek & MelissaAnonymous507-12-2017
Please pray for Derek suffering with brown-recluse spider bite without complete resolution, and Lyme disease symptoms.This young man has not known the love of a mother & comes from a divorced family. No family support during this time. He is a fire-fighter so every day offers his life for others. He is need of very good doctors & quick response to treatment as he is not doing well. Also, for Melissa drug-addicted but still loved by God. Please pray for her to desire wellness & release from this curse. She was not brought up with any real faith.God Bless
Wisdom and prudence required and healing in mindSunil Chacko k Kakkassery307-12-2017
failed to work any about one year, may lost job within 3 or 4 months. Family is broken . Fear and some mental illness to be heal. I need courage, patience, love and holy spirit to be happy always. Good thinking action and talk should be gentle . Please pray for me
Son struggling hard with employmentAnonymous407-12-2017
My son, Matt prays Our Lady's Peace Rosary everyday as he struggles stitching together employment upon which he can sustain himself. He works 24/7 and has for 5 years to earn an honest living with part-time jobs. Please pray for him, He is a good young man.. He has another part-time offer that could turn into something for his future. Thank you for your prayers and Amen, from his mom.
Please pray for new baby coming into the world.Anonymous307-11-2017
Please submit my prayer request to Our Lady and her apostles. My daughter in law, Erin is about to give birth, I ask for prayers for my son, Mike, his wife and their baby who is about enter the world. My son and daughter in law are practicing Catholics, thank the Lord! Thank You for your prayers. Amen.
peace for my husband and familyAnonymous407-11-2017
our blessed mother i beg you for a healing for my husband who is very confused angry and unforgiving..he causes rows ,his family are all like that brothers sisters cousins is like walking on egg shells we never know when he is going to erupt.i and my children have been hurt many times .i beg you my mother to intervene right now
Jobannette mcmullen407-11-2017
Please find the perfect job for me
GabbyValjean Albright 307-11-2017
Will you all kindly pray for a 14 year old disabled girl named Gabby. Now found to have cancer in her hip, unable to eat for 2 weeks. God bless you.
Please pray for my Uncle who's having major surgery tomorrowKristin W607-11-2017
Many thanks to Mary and this prayer group for your prayers for my uncle a few months ago! Praise be to God! My uncle survived his chemotherapy, and is able to have surgery to remove the tumor in his neck. He needs more prayers though, because the surgery is very risky and is 8 hours. Please pray that he makes it through, that the doctors are able to do a good job reconstructing his neck and jaw, and that he doesn't lose his voice forever. Mary, our mother, please pray for him and be with the doctors tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers!
re:True vocation to marriage or internet dating site deception ?Edward Roland Drury307-11-2017
hello my name is Ted and am 68 and single, I recently met on Match internet dating site someone called Mary Sonitz whom is about half my age and claims to be a nurse in the USA Army based in Jacksonville Florida. Mary claims to love me from a brief correspondence via emails and her photos are both homely and quite beautiful ,however I am alert to a possible scam or identity theft on the internet. Could you please pray for the discernment of My Mother Mary Queen of Peace in this matter, I shall be able to give personal thanks to my Mother Mary this Sept thanks to Her and Her Son Jesus.
Prayers for Divine Intervention and healingAnonymous607-10-2017
Please pray for Divine Intervention and healing for my son, his wife and their child. Their marriage is hurting and at risk.
Prayer pleaseAnonymous307-10-2017
Brothers and Sisters, I am experiencing such severe hair loss as a result of autoimmune disorder. I'm sorry for the vanity of this heartfelt petition. But will you please in your generosity ask Our Dear Mother for the hair loss and it's source to be healed? As well as the accompanying depression of the disease... I'm humbly grateful. God bless you.
For familyAnonymous507-09-2017
Please pray for good health for Kat and succes in her job. Also gd health for Ray,Peter,Alan,Diane,Pat,Martin
Please pray for the complete healing of body,mind and soul.Anonymous807-09-2017
My nephew Brian is in need of prayers for he has a bone intrusion his spinal chord and cannot move without severe pain and numbness. He is scheduled for surgery 7/9/2017. Please guide the hand of his surgeon. Please send him a priest to hear his confession and for the Holy Spirit to guide him so Brian may glorify God and bring his family to do the same. Amen.
Need of healingAnonymous907-08-2017
Please pray for Colleen who is an alcoholic and needs healing and deliverance. She also has a son Tommy who is very affected by this. It\'s really hard to watch and can\'t do anything about it as I am the mother. God bless.
Prayers for help to end a relationship amicablyAnonymous507-07-2017
Please pray for G & L to end their relationship as amicably as possible so that they can both move on and find happiness. Lord Jesus please help them both at this difficult time.