The March 18, 2018 Message

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March 18, 2018

Dear Family of Mary!

Here is Our Lady’s Message of March 18, 2018 – through Mirjana Soldo

Dear children! My earthly life was simple. I loved and I rejoiced in small things. I loved life – the gift from God – even though pain and sufferings pierced my heart. My children, I had the strength of faith and boundless trust in God’s love. All those who have the strength of faith are stronger. Faith makes you live according to what is good and then the light of God’s love always comes at the desired moment. That is the strength which sustains in pain and suffering.

My children, pray for the strength of faith, trust in the Heavenly Father, and do not be afraid. Know that not a single creature who belongs to God will be lost but will live forever. Every pain has its end and then life in freedom begins there where all of my children come – where everything is returned.

My children, your battle is difficult. It will be even more difficult, but you follow my example. Pray for the strength of faith; trust in the love of the Heavenly Father. I am with you. I am manifesting myself to you. I am encouraging you. With immeasurable motherly love I am caressing your souls. Thank you.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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PS. The video of Our Lady’s encounter with Mirjana will be posted on as soon as possible! Thank you!



Mirjana’s March 18th Apparition

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March 16, 2018

Dear Family of Mary!

On Sunday, March 18, Mirjana will have her yearly apparition, the one Our Lady promised her on the last day of her daily apparitions. That last daily apparition was Christmas Day 1982. Mirjana had been seeing Our Lady daily for 18 months. But those daily apparitions were to end on Christmas day. Mirjana shares what she experienced in her book, “My Heart Will Triumph”. On this final day, Our Lady promised Mirjana she would come to her every March 18th. She writes:

My parents told me later that my final daily apparition lasted for an extraordinary 45 minutes. Our Lady and I talked about many things. We summarized our entire 18 months together – everything we had said to each other and everything she had revealed to me. She entrusted me with the tenth and final secret, and she explained that I will need to choose a priest for a special role. Ten days before the date of the event foretold in the first secret, I am to tell him what will happen and when. He and I are then supposed to pray and fast for seven days, and, three days before the event, the priest will reveal it to the world. All ten secrets will be revealed in this way.

Our Lady also gave me a precious gift. She told me that she would appear to me once a year, on March 18, for the rest of my life. March 18 is my birthday, but Our Lady did not choose that date for that reason. For her, my birthday is not different from anyone else. Only when the things contained in the secrets start to happen will the world understand why she chose the 18th of March. The significance of the date will be clear. She also said that I would experience some additional apparitions. (These became the 2nd of the month apparitions.)

She then held out something like a rolled-up scroll, explaining that all the secrets were written on it, and that I should show it to the priest I choose when the time comes to reveal them. I took it from her hand without looking at it…” (Mirjana Soldo. “My Heart Will Triumph”. P. 136-37)

Mirjana suffered greatly from the loss of Our Lady’s daily apparitions. But she was brave, and has continued to follow Our Lady all these years. Her book is wonderful, and I recommend it to all of you as a way to glimpse the life of a visionary. (You can order the book here:

I want to share the message Our Lady gave Mirjana on March 18, 2017 with you all. It is helpful to review what Our Lady says to us on these occasions. It is a wonderfully loving message:

“Dear children! My motherly desire is for your hearts to be filled with peace, and for your souls to be pure so that in the presence of my Son you could see His face. Because, my children, as a mother I know that you thirst for consolation, hope and protection. You, my children, consciously and unconsciously are seeking my Son. I also, as I passed the time on earth, rejoiced, suffered and patiently endured pains, until my Son, in all His glory, removed them. And that is why I am saying to my Son: help them always. You, my children, with true love, illuminate the darkness of selfishness which all the more envelopes my children. Be generous. May both your hands and heart always be open. Do not be afraid. Abandon yourselves to my Son with trust and hope. As you look towards Him, live life with love. To love means to give oneself, to endure, and never to judge. To love means to live the words of my Son. My children, as a mother I am speaking to you: only true love leads to eternal happiness. Thank you.” (March 18, 2017)


Mary TV will record Mirjana’s apparition on Sunday, and post it as soon as we can. You can view it at !

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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(c)Mateo Ivankovic 2018
March 15, 2018
Dear Family of Mary!

“Dear children! In this time of God’s signs, do not be afraid because I am with you. The great love of God sends me to lead you to salvation. Give me your simple hearts, purified by fasting and prayer. Only in the simplicity of your hearts is your salvation. I will be with you and lead you. Thank you.” September 2, 2007

Our Lady is with us in these days. And she is leading us. And I dare say she gives us signs to help us on the way. I want to share a small but very beautiful sign that was given to one of our shipmates in Scotland just last year! Anna shares very beautifully the impact of a sign that she and her family received while she was in Medjugorje!! Thank you Anna, for sharing this beautiful testimony with us all!

Dear Cathy, Denis and Mary TV community,

Last August I fulfilled my dream of 8 years and finally went to Medugorje with my husband, sister and 11-year-old grandson. My grandson, Cameron, was due to begin his first term at High School two days after our return. I had hoped that in Medugorje he would see and feel the message of Our Lady “That God Exists” and that that knowledge would guide and protect him throughout his High School years. I thought I, as an adult had something to teach Cameron about faith and its importance.

The temperature in Medugorje was in the mid-forties Celsius and very uncomfortable and so we decided to take Cameron to The Circles so that we could all swim and get some respite from the heat. Whilst there Cameron helped me to go to the restroom as to reach it you have to maneuver steep stairs and I can only walk with the aid of a crutch and needed assistance.

Cameron is always happy to help. The floor of the restroom was awash both inside and out, the source of which I didn’t know. A leak, dripping pool water from swimmers? I couldn’t guess and feared the worst. On the way out Cameron said “There’s a cross in that puddle Gran!” and made to pick it up. In grandmother mode I chastised him and told him of the dangers of germs. My darling grandson then showed me the beauty of being childlike in our faith as we are constantly reminded, and a lesson I still needed to learn. He reached down immediately and picked up the cross which was not a complete crucifix but the figure of Jesus from a crucifix and laid it on a shelf in the wall insisting, “Gran we can’t leave Jesus in a puddle.”

And how magnificently right he was. Our roles had reversed and Cameron taught me what it is to revere and honor our Lord absolutely. I felt that our Blessed Mother had gently nudged me and it was me who needed to learn from the School of Medugorje not Cameron.

Three nights later Cameron’s parents FaceTime us. My son, Cameron’s father, had flown to London to work on the same day that we had gone to Medugorje. My daughter-in-law was the only one at their home that week. They wanted to know if Cameron could throw any light on the appearance in their bathroom of a figure of Jesus, as you would find on a crucifix.

My son had checked his Rosary and my daughter-in-law doesn’t own one. Nor is she Catholic. Cameron had brought his Rosary with him and was not missing a figure. Both Cameron and his dad have Rosaries with engravings on the cross not figures of Jesus. They had found the figure that night and it was standing upright, not lying as you would expect if it had fallen.

I believe that this was our Blessed Lord’s thank you to a child who knew by instinct and purity of heart that even a depiction of Our Lord Jesus made from inexpensive metal is worthy of respect and reverence.

Our little figure of Jesus is beyond value and is shinier than when it first appeared. Every time I hear you reminding us of the call to be more childlike I confess I have a little giggle because in Medugorje I saw that lesson in action and it’s now burned into my soul. I hope that my witness might be of some value to others. I spoke to Cameron to seek his permission to share this with you as it was his miracle and my lesson- Matthew 21: 16-17: “From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise!”

Thank you

Anna Tod Glasgow, Scotland

I am so very touched by this beautiful witness. Cameron, you are amazing!! And Anna you are too!! May we all become like children in the arms of Our Lady. She will give us signs on our way and we will find ourselves in the arms of Jesus in no time!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2018

PS. Anna first posted this witness on our “Testimonies” page on the the Mary TV Website. There are other lovely witnesses on that page. And I encourage all of you to share your witness on that page, for all of us! We need the Good News!!

Testimonies page

PPS. I still want to nudge any of your who might be called to God to Medjugorje!!! Mike Nolan ( ) is taking a group to Medjugorje on April 2 – 13, 2018! He has room for more pilgrims and says that the airfares are very reasonable. If you have been receiving nudges to go to Medjugorje, call Mike at 574-335-9952!!

Life giving waters!

Life giving waters!!

(c)Mateo Ivankovic 2018

March 14, 2018

Dear Family of Mary!

March 6, 1986 “Dear children! Today I call you to open yourselves more to God, so that He can work through you. The more you open yourselves, the more you receive the fruits. I wish to call you again to prayer. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Here is the homily given March 13, 2018 in Medjugorje at English Mass. Such a good summary of Lent!! And of pilgrimage!!

Homily for English Mass in Medjugorje, March 13, 2018:

A very mysterious reading from the Prophet Ezekiel. Living waters have birthed upon us and all that was dead and dry will now take on life. Who are affected by this death, this dryness? It is ourselves. All of us have been waiting for this wonderful water from heaven. We all know what rain does to the parched earth. We are not only parched, we are dead.

We await the rain from above and it has come. It has rained the Just One upon us. It is Jesus. Jesus, who now works through his Church, through the wonderful Sacraments of the Church. And these Sacraments involve every aspect of our lives. Where ever there is death and dryness, life comes back.

We are like the parched earth. We have to receive this rain. And stay with it. And allow this wonderful rain, this wonderful water to bring fruitfulness in our lives. God knows how much we need it. I am sure we all have histories. Very depressing, deathly, discouraging histories, and we wonder whether our lives can ever bear fruit. Can we ever become anything? Can we become alive again?

Yes, we can. And we will! If we allow this wonderful living water into our lives. For in many ways He comes to us. But we in our turn must open up our lives, our hearts. It is a person. Jesus Christ.

What has happened to us that we are so parched, so dry. That we lack fruit in our lives. What has happened that everything goes wrong in our lives? It is the presence of sin. We live in a very sinful world. We know. Especially today we know this. And so we cry out to God once more to rain upon us this water, the Son of Justice.

He comes to us through the Mother. Mother Mary. He did this in the beginning, continues to do so through history, and He is doing so in a special way today. And that is why we are here in Medjugorje.

We approach the Mother; we show her our wounds. All the deathly things in our lives. Our mistakes. And we ask her to bring back life. Once more to give to us the fresh water of her Divine Son. And to make ourselves, who live in the shadow of death, to come into the full light. To become fruitful. To become joyful. Once more to put a smile on our face. She will do that. That is why she came.

And she has chosen collaborators. People who will receive this water, become fruitful, put a smile on their face, and return home to those who still live in darkness and the shadow of death and be a source of hope for those people.

We have not come to Medjugorje for ourselves. We are here for others. For every member of the Church, and for those who are not members of the Church, we are here also for them too. So that they too can receive this wonderful, life giving water.

Many people come here because “I have this that I want. I want to pray for this and pray for that, I want this favor and that.” We are here for other people. We are members of the mystical body of Christ. There are very sick members in that body. And we have the great privilege and the honor to receive this wonderful health that Our Lady brings to us. Take this back with you. Give it to other people. Bring hope into their lives. Try to put a smile once more on their faces.

The Blessed Mother has asked that we in so many words not only receive her messages but also live them. We cannot go back to business as usual. It is wonderful to be in Medjugorje, but now it is back to business. It should not be that. We are going back for God’s business, which is to save souls. To give hope to those who are in despair. To those who have given up. And especially those people who have fallen through the cracks. The refuse of humanity. The kind of people that we tend to push out of the way. Go out of your way to bring them back into the picture of salvation, of God’s mercy.

But in order to do that you have to do something with your life. You have to do things that up to now you might be fearful of. No one mentions these. We have to take a leap into generosity. A leap in letting go. A generosity that will remove the obstacles in our way, obstacles to which we are attached, about which we prefer not to talk about.

Yes, I will go to church, to Mass, say my Rosary, but don’t ask me to do those other things. Obstacles that keep you from receiving the full waters of salvation. If these waters do not enter into your life, they will not be brought to others. You have come here to be filled the waters of grace. Do not leave, empty. In order to be filled with Christ, you have to remove the obstacles. Yes, we are full of self. And we hate to let go. But we must. We must become empty so that we may be filled with this living water. You will go out into the world, and you will see the thirsty people, the sick people, hungry people, people looking for God. You will stop and give them a drink of living water.

This is the work that awaits us. And it is a work, hard work. The kind of work that makes us sweat even thinking about it. I have to fast? I have never done it. I get dizzy when I fast. I get nervous. I get agitated. We do what we can. But let us do something.

It is not so much what you do, but with the love that you try to do even a little. Do it with much love and it becomes great. And it becomes the source of living waters for other people. Very briefly there are people in our lives that we have not forgiven. And somehow we are determined not to forgive them because they don’t deserve it. And because every time I think of it there is a swelling of anger and resentment against these people. We have to get rid of that anger and give that forgiveness, otherwise you will remain full of yourself. You will go back home empty handed.

Pray for those who are a source of irritation to you. At places of work the people you cannot stand. People about whom we say, ‘Why in the world did God make you anyway?” We should say, “Why in the world did God make me? God made all of us because he loves us and no one is superfluous. What God sees is not what we see. God sees inside of us. And He loves that. It is precious to Him, because it is His image and likeness that He sees.

That is what we have to see in other people. We have to see the image and likeness of God. You will not be able to see it as long as you are dependent upon your senses. It is time to exercise the faith we have all received. For it is faith that gives you access to God, and faith gives you access to your neighbor.

So in closing, dear people, let us go back determined not to do a great deal, because you won’t do it. But to take those baby steps towards Jesus Christ. To begin to open your arms, at least open your fingers, and receive those living waters. Go back with the conviction I have come here for other people. Yes, they need us. Because God has made it so, that people should need us. And in a certain sense, God also needs us. Because God always works through people. He doesn’t have to need us but He wants to need us. He wants to save us and others through us.

So when life gets a little bit hard, even here in Medjugorje, tell yourself, “I am not here for myself. I am here for others. They depend on me. God depends on me. I must not let them down.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
(c)Mary TV 2018

PS. I still want to nudge any of your who might be called to God to Medjugorje!!! Mike Nolan ( ) is taking a group to Medjugorje on April 2 – 13, 2018! He has room for more pilgrims and says that the airfares are very reasonable. If you have been receiving nudges to go to Medjugorje, call Mike at 574-335-9952!!


You can do this!!

(c)Mateo Ivankovic 2018

March 13, 2018

Dear Family of Mary!

We are in the very middle of Lent! With three more weeks to go I think we all need a pep talk!! Our Lady is the best cheer leader I know. So here are a couple of rousing messages to help us on our way to Easter!

December 02, 2014 “Dear children, Remember – for I am telling you – that love will win. I know that many of you are losing hope because around you, you see suffering, pain, jealousy, envy… but, I am your mother. I am in the Kingdom but am also here with you.

My Son is sending me anew to help you. Therefore, do not lose hope; instead, follow me – because the victory of my heart is in the name of God. My beloved Son is thinking of you as he has always thought of you. Believe him and live him. He is the life of the world.

My children, to live my Son means to live the Gospel. This is not easy. This means love, forgiveness and sacrifice. This purifies and it opens the Kingdom. Sincere prayer, which is not only words but is a prayer which the heart speaks, will help you. Likewise fasting (will help you), because it is still more of love, forgiveness and sacrifice.

Therefore, do not lose hope but follow me. I am imploring you anew to pray for your shepherds so that they may always look to my Son who was the first Shepherd of the world and whose family was the entire world.”


November 02, 2015 “Dear children, anew I desire to speak to you about love. I have gathered you around me in the name of my Son according to His will. I desire that your faith be firm, flowing forth from love. Because, those of my children who understand the love of my Son and follow it, live in love and hope. They have come to know the love of God.

Therefore, my children, pray, pray so as to be able to love all the more and to do works of love. Because, faith alone without love and works of love is not what I am asking of you: my children, this is an illusion of faith. It is a boasting of self. My Son seeks faith and works, love and goodness.

I am praying, and I am also asking you to pray, and to live love; because I desire that my Son, when He looks at the hearts of all of my children, can see love and goodness in them and not hatred and indifference.

My children, apostles of my love, do not lose hope, do not lose strength. You can do this. I am encouraging and blessing you. Because all that is of this world, which many of my children, unfortunately, put in the first place, will disappear; and only love and works of love will remain and open the door of the Kingdom of Heaven. I will wait for you at this door. At this door, I desire to welcome and embrace all of my children. Thank you!”


Do not lose hope!!!

Do not lose strength!!

Love will win!!!

Follow me!

I will wait for you at [heaven’s] door!!

You can do this!!!

Yahoo!! We can do it! With our Mother urging us on, we can live love, live for Jesus, live for heaven.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan

©Mary TV 2018

PPS. Mike Nolan ( ) is taking a group to Medjugorje on April 2 – 13, 2018! He has room for more pilgrims and says that the airfares are very reasonable. If you have been receiving nudges to go to Medjugorje, call Mike at 574-335-9952!!


The one who humbles himself will be exalted.

(c)Mateo Ivankovic 2018

March 12, 2018

Dear Family of Mary!

July 2, 2007 “Dear children! In the great love of God, I come to you today to lead you on the way of humility and meekness. The first station on that way, my children, is confession. Reject your arrogance and kneel down before my Son. Comprehend, my children, that you have nothing and you can do nothing. The only thing that you have and that you possess is sin. Be cleansed and accept meekness and humility. My Son could have won with strength, but He chose meekness, humility and love. Follow my Son and give me your hands so that, together, we may climb the mountain* and win. Thank you.”

“Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted.” (Luke 18:14)

(March 10, 2018 homily by Fr. Maximilian, in Medjugorje)

Two people went up to pray. Now let us see these two people. Let us identify them. One is a tax collector, which is the symbol of sinfulness. It is a sinful person for the Jew. He works for the Romans, the enemy, for his own riches. The other one is a Pharisee, which would be a righteous person, a religious person. Today as a Christian we would say that he went to church every Sunday, even every day. He prays the Rosary, he fasts. He is doing all, you see.

But Jesus gives us the clear understanding that all these practices do not make a person religious. Rather it is an authentic relation to God. And the Pharisee obviously does not have an authentic relation to God, because the center of him is himself. He starts his prayer, “I thank you God…” The tax collector starts his prayer, “Oh God, have mercy on me a sinner…” In that, he is right. He says the truth. He is a sinful person. But he confesses his sin with honesty. And honesty in prayer is so essential that it determines if our prayer comes to God, touches the heart of God or not.

For if God asks us to forgive, seventy times seven, He forgives infinity more. His joy is to forgive. And therefore if we honestly confess our sins, He always forgives, He always justifies us. He went home justified, in his honesty.

But in our prayer we have to look to God. We have to put our prayers before God and not before ourselves as the Pharisee does. And pride in ourselves, it is astonishing how common this is, to put ourselves in the center and to pride ourselves in our talents. One may say “I may not be as rich as the others, I might not be as powerful as the others, but I am more clever, more bright. So there is always the possibility to put ourselves before others, to compare ourselves with others, and to put ourselves above others.

It becomes even, for our Western society, a virtue. Pride becomes a virtue. We are number one! We are the champions! Just look at the Olympic Games. Everything is arranged to beat the others, to be faster.

Erich Fromm, who is a psychologist and philosopher, says it is a pagan attitude, paganism entered into our society, when we again introduced the Olympic games back into our society. And we are all there looking. And if our man runs a millisecond faster than the other, we are all happy. We are strong. We are good.

If you look honestly into it, it is quite naïve. If little children do it, we can understand it. But if adults do it and spend millions on it, it becomes actually embarrassing. Where are we as humanity? Erich Fromm said instead of Olympic Games we should have the Passion Play, which we do together, with singing and dancing, with instruments, all together, praising God. We should put God in the center. But today, man is in the center.

And after original sin, we know how it went with Cain and Abel. When we don’t have God anymore before us, when we hide from God, then we can’t see the face of God anymore in our brothers and sisters. And we become afraid before them. They become our rivals. They are our competition, they become our enemies.

Our future generations will speak about these attitudes we have today, not only the Olympic Games which are still quite innocent, but we reach so far as to create bombs to destroy one another. All this because we don’t put God in the center in our lives. This has incredible repercussions for humanity.

So our first effort should be to put ourselves before God, because there starts humility. The saints as they went before God, never prided themselves with the talents they received. But as God drew them closer to His love, His Heart, they saw all their imperfections. For when the light grows, the dark spots are more clearly seen. And they humbled themselves before God, but not focusing on the dark spots but offering them to God with all humility. Humility is the most important virtue that we in our spiritual life have to develop before God. Because only then He can take us and press us to His Heart, to His bosom. He exalts the humble and humbles the proud.

We should get that lesson, we should ask for that lesson from Mary, today on Saturday. She how felt she was always the least of all, that she may teach us true humility. We should learn to put ourselves last first of all before God, that we may learn (as she says in her messages here) to see the face of Jesus in everyone that we encounter.

This needs a deep relation with God. This needs not just a little prayer in the morning, but hours of prayer every day. So God becomes the most important person in my life. My great love, my joy, that I am looking forward to be with Him. Then we can become that yeast, that true Christianity. Not like these Pharisees who try by themselves to be better, but true Christians who will form society by their simply being. Because they will be a place of God, where God will be present in them and through them. So they will bring whole dough to rise, and bring all of humanity to a new stage of life which will not be any more pride about ourselves and the talents God has given us with His great love, but together we will glorify God, who in His great merciful love has forgiven us all our sins and has raised us up. And raised us up continuously. Each one of us and all humanity wants to raise up to the new life of Christ.

(Fr. Maximilian Dalve – English Mass homily in Medjugorje on Saturday, March 10, 2018)

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!  Cathy Nolan

PPS. Mike Nolan ( ) is taking a group to Medjugorje on April 2 – 13, 2018! He has room for more pilgrims and says that the airfares are very reasonable. If you have been receiving nudges to go to Medjugorje, call Mike at 574-335-9952!!


The Gift of Love

(c)Mateo Ivankovic 2018

March 9, 2018
St. Frances of Rome

Dear Family of Mary!

“Oh, apostles of my love, how much my motherly heart loves you. How many things I desire to teach you. How my motherly heart desires that you be complete, and you can be complete only when your soul, body and love are united within you.” (March 2, 2018)

The Theological Virtue of Love! Here is the summit of God’s gifts. Love is everything. The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us:

1822 Charity is the theological virtue by which we love God above all things for his own sake, and our neighbor as ourselves for the love of God.

Of course this is the command of Jesus we all know so well:

And one of them, a lawyer, asked him a question, to test him. “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the law?”


And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend all the law and the prophets.” (Mt 22:35-40)

So what is Jesus telling us about love? “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment.” Doesn’t this sound very much like what Our Lady tells us about her desire for us? She desires that we be complete. But we can only be complete “when [our] soul, body and love are united within [us].”

Both Jesus and Mary are telling us we must love the Father with all our heart, all our soul and all our mind. We must unite all our faculties and our entire body in the great desire to love God above all else. This is how we can become complete. We are complete in our total love for God. And when we are complete, when we are united within by love of God, then we will find everything we ever hoped for. We will find peace, hope, joy, freedom, purpose, and the ability to love our neighbor.

Our Lady models this completeness to us. Her messages are leading us in that direction. She wants us to find the end for which we were created, God! She is staying with us now until we all do find Him, and love Him to distraction!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan

©Mary TV 2018

PS. On March 11, 2018 many places in the USA and the world will change to Daylight Saving Time. For two weeks our schedule for live streaming will change in the USA in order to correspond to Bosnia time. Bosnia changes to Daylight Savings on March 25, 2018, then USA will go back to the normal time differences.

March 11, 2018 (USA – EDT and CDT)

Podbrdo Rosary (Sundays only) (2:00 pm Medj time)

9:00 am EDT (South Bend)

Hour of Mercy (every day) (3:00 pm Medj time)

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Daily Rosary (every day) (4:00 pm Medj time)

11:00 am EDT (South Bend)

Evening Rosary Medj. (Monday through Saturday) (5:00 pm Medj Time)

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International Mass (Monday through Saturday) (6:00 pm Medj time)

1:00 pm EDT (South Bend)

On March 25, 2018 Medjugorje time will change to DST. Then we will be back on the normal schedule again for a couple of months. On June 1st the parish changes their daily schedule. J

PPS. Mike Nolan ( ) is taking a group to Medjugorje on April 2 – 13, 2018! He has room for more pilgrims and says that the airfares are very reasonable. If you have been receiving nudges to go to Medjugorje, call Mike at 574-335-9952!!


The Gift of Hope

(c)Mateo Ivankovic 2018

March 8, 2018

Dear Family of Mary!

The second Theological Virtue that Our Lady speaks to us about in the March 2, 2018 message is Hope. Here is what she tells us:

“…My children, I am with you in life, in suffering, in pain, in joy and in love. Therefore, have hope. It is hope that makes you comprehend that life is there. My children, I am speaking to you, my voice is speaking to your soul, my heart is speaking to your heart…” (March 2, 2018)

These words from Our Lady are so very comforting. She tells us she is with each one of us at every moment of our life. No matter what we are experiencing, she is there. If we are suffering and in pain she is there, as she was for her Son, Jesus. Completely united with us, suffering with us, praying for us, encouraging us. When we are joyful, she is there, rejoicing in our happiness and offering it to the Father. When we love, she is loving in us, and through us. Her presence is for us a reason to hope!

Why is hope important? Like Faith, Hope rests on our trust in Jesus, our trust in the Father who created us. Hope tells us that life is real, and that we are made to live…to live forever with God. Here is the definition of Hope found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, n.1817:

1817 Hope is the theological virtue by which we desire the kingdom of heaven and eternal life as our happiness, placing our trust in Christ’s promises and relying not on our own strength, but on the help of the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Hope gives us the desire for the Kingdom of Heaven. Hope tells us that eternal life is real and is intended for our happiness. Hope assures us that though we are weak, God will find the way for us to arrive in the Heavenly Kingdom He has created for us! The Holy Spirit will guide us and help us with His graces.

And I believe that in this day, Our Lady is the grace-bearer from the Holy Spirit, sent to bring us home. That is why she continues: My children, I am speaking to you, my voice is speaking to your soul, my heart is speaking to your heart.” Our Lady’s voice is speaking to us, whispering words of encouragement and strength. She is the voice of the Spirit, speaking to our soul with words of light. Her heart speaks to each of our hearts with words of love, of comfort, of truth. Her heart is united with our hearts, in love. Our Lady is the grace of the Holy Spirit for us in these days. She is with us to keep hope alive.

We do need Our Lady. If ever there was an age without hope, it is our age. With Faith almost nonexistent in many of our cultures, hope becomes weak. With no God, there is no future to hope in. We can become hope for others, if we allow Our Lady’s words in our hearts and souls to take root. We can become hope for others just as she is hope for us.

May it be so!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2018

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The Gift of Faith

(c)Mateo Ivankovic 2018

March 7, 2018
St. Perpetua and St. Felicity

Dear Family of Mary!

In the March 2 message Our Lady speaks to us of the three Theological Virtues: Faith, Hope and Love. She speaks of them in the most practical of ways. For instance, here is what she says about faith:

Everything is easier alongside Him [the Father]. Also, pain lived with Him is easier because faith exists. Faith helps in the pain, and pain without faith leads to despair. Pain lived and offered to God raises up. Did my Son not redeem the world through His painful sacrifice? As His mother I was with Him in the pain and suffering, as I am with all of you. My children, I am with you in life, in suffering, in pain, in joy and in love…(March 2, 2018)

Our Lady tells us that life lived with God is always easier. Everything in life contains challenges, suffering, pain, disappointment, fear. But those things are mitigated by our relationship to the Father. Indeed, Our Lady tells us that even pain is easier when endured with the Father because faith exists. When we have a relationship with the Heavenly Father, we receive faith as a gift. That faith helps us to see everything with different eyes. What could seem to be impossible, endlessly difficult, can become “easier” to bear when we have faith. Indeed, when we offer our pain up to God, it becomes joy, according to Our Lady. It raises us up!!

We believe that God exists, and that He has promised many things that will happen in the future. These promises, these truths, give us a context in which to understand our difficulties and pains, and that context helps us bear our difficulties. When we have faith in God we have a strength to live that rises above our difficulties.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church describes the Gift of Faith like this:

1814 Faith is the theological virtue by which we believe in God and believe all that he has said and revealed to us, and that Holy Church proposes for our belief, because he is truth itself. By faith “man freely commits his entire self to God.”

By faith we commit ourselves entirely to God. We believe that He exists, that He is personally involved in our lives and that He has a wonderful plan for our future. When we have this faith we can give ourselves over to God in a profound way. Then we can face our realities, our pains and sufferings, with a confidence that all will be well, because God is involved, He loves us.

Faith makes everything bearable. Faith makes sense of everything. God exists! And He loves us!

Our Lady continues in the message to tell us that our faith will reveal to us that Jesus saved us by his painful sacrifice. And He gave us Mary as our Mother to be with us in our pains and sacrifices. Her motherly presence is a sign of God’s love, and a reason to continue to believe. Our faith is bolstered by Her presence in our lives.

So the Virtue and Gift of Faith is something to be treasured and lived. “Everything is easier alongside Him!” Faith enables us to live alongside God!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2018

PS. Mike Nolan ( ) is taking a group to Medjugorje on April 2 – 13, 2018! He has room for more pilgrims and says that the airfares are very reasonable. If you have been receiving nudges to go to Medjugorje, call Mike at 574-335-9952!!


The Five First Saturdays

(c)Mateo Ivankovic 2018

March 6, 2018

Dear Family of Mary!

“…Oh, apostles of my love, how much my motherly heart loves you. How many things I desire to teach you. How my motherly heart desires that you be complete…” (March 2, 2018)

Our Lady is our Mother. She really is. Jesus gave her to us from the Cross. She is our Mother!

Last Saturday (March 3) was First Saturday. The 5 First Saturday devotion is such a blessing. Lucia of Fatima received this request. Here is a very brief description of the devotion:

The “Five First Saturdays Devotion.”

The Blessed Virgin Mary said she would “assist at the hour of death, with the graces necessary for salvation,” all those who fulfilled the Five First Saturdays Devotion.

There are 4 things you must do -and you must do each of them on the First Saturday of 5 months in a row:

1.Go to Confession
2.Receive Holy Communion
3.Pray 5 Decades of the rosary
4.”Keep her company” for 15 minutes by meditating on the mysteries of the rosary with the intention of offering reparation to her. This is a separate prayer time from praying the rosary, though.

This devotion seems so simple, but it becomes a great desire for those who practice it. I received a witness from one of our shipmates about her completion of the Five First Saturdays Devotion just this past weekend:

Today I finished my fifth First Saturday Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
No more eternal hell for this kid.

How grateful I am… but not grateful enough. I asked the Blessed Mother before going up to Communion today if She would receive Jesus for me and be thankful for me because I know alone I can’t give Him all that He deserves. I knew for certain at that moment that She always has been thankful for me when I could not be.

My whole life She has been there. Not a moment have I been alone.

When I meditated for 15 minutes on the rosary all I could think of was…

First mystery: She said yes for me.
Second mystery: She gave thanks for me.
Third mystery: She let me kiss Baby Jesus and brought Him over to me.
Fourth Mystery: She presented me to the Father.
Fifth mystery: She found Jesus for me when I lost Him.

She not only was with me during all the suffering in my life but also suffered along with me.

She holds me in Her arms.
Teaches me to pray to the Holy Spirit.
Never did She die and leave me.
She is Queen of all of me.
And I am Hers forever.

Really – I have the thought that She makes everything I offer perfect for Jesus -that way I don’t have to worry about my weakness, I can forget myself and just be radiantly joyful.

She connects me to the love between the Father and the Son. I am very much welcomed and a part [of them], forever.

Well, who wouldn’t want such graces and fruits as these! Every First Saturday is a great opportunity to draw closer to Our Lady, make reparation to her heart for all the disrespect and faithlessness directed towards her, and meditate on Our Lady’s mysteries. She has always been Our Mother, Mother for each one of us! We are so blessed.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan

©Mary TV 2018

PS. Mike Nolan ( ) is taking a group to Medjugorje on April 2 – 13, 2018! He has room for more pilgrims and says that the airfares are very reasonable. If you have been receiving nudges to go to Medjugorje, call Mike at 574-335-9952!!