Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Come to youAnonymous204-24-2018
Please pray for me, that i may come back to Medjugorje again.
Return to the ChurchAnonymous204-24-2018
Please pray for Jennifer, Kristen, Randi and Arvin to return to the Holy Roman Catholic Church and to the Sacraments. May a love be born in their hearts for the Holy Church and the Sacraments and fervor in their hearts to bring this love and joy to others. In Jesus name I pray. Amen. Thank you
That my friend John\'s contract. be honored Jeep 2000 dollars lost
prayer requestsAnonymous504-23-2018
I pray for fulltime work for myself soon, i pray that i get my papers & my residence.certificate soon as someone messed my papers up, i pray healing for brian from all his ailments, healing for antoinieta, joseph,yeye, malcolm, myself from psoarisis, william, desmond,i pray my husband Carlos calls
Baby and motherHrvoje Ljubičić604-23-2018
: Please pray for Snježana. She s pregnant. That everything would be good with she and baby. That she give birth well and that she and child are healthy and good in Jesus name i pray. And please pray for my family. Thank You Lord . Thank you all.
Prayers for our relocationMary Beth Smith504-23-2018
I would like to request continued prayers for my family as we move this summer. My husband will need to find a new job in order to relocate with our family, please pray with me that God will provide a job, the sale of our house, and a smooth move. I pray this move will allow healing for my family.
School teacherCaroline A Serafin504-23-2018
Please pray for Leticia Perez-Foucher she diagnosed with an aneurism.she collapsed on her way to school.Thank you and GOD BLESS✝️
Ron Pagano passed away yesterday-left young children Diana Sclafani404-23-2018
Divine Mercy take Ron to heaven and keep the children and family of Ron in your hands
Help my friend find a job.Anonymous304-23-2018
I have been trying to help a friend find a job so that she can continue to work in our country, but so far, I have not had any success. Dear Blessed Mother - please guide and show me how to help WinWin find this job. She's feeling disillusioned with this lack of opportunity.
Husband conversation and a jobAnonymous204-23-2018
Please pray for my husband's conversation and that he may get a job
My daughter's healingAnonymous304-23-2018
Praying my daughter gets freed from all the bondages..that she mat be healed from all her addictions..and she starts living a normal life ..start working and praying she becomes a nun
My son conversation and examsAnonymous204-23-2018
Please pray for my son conversation that he may feel the love of God and start coming to church also I pray he maybe healed and that he may do well in His exams and go for confession
Healing PrayerPENNY GLEASON304-23-2018
For my sister Catherine, that her gastritis be lifted which is more severe because she has MS. and has to use other medicines. That my knee inflammation and chronic pain be healed so I won't have to miss work. Thank you for your kindness in prayer.
for all who are suffering from cancer and other illness, Anonymous404-22-2018
Our Lady please pray for all who are suffering and bring them peace, especially J'O'S, for Mary's relation and help me to get better, also help me with my faith
A request for gracesAnonymous304-22-2018
Dear Blessed Mother we ask For Alf Kavanagh that he may be converted, and be cured of his cancer. For Peggy G and Ray Hennisy who have died. For Fr Tony Norton that his heart surgery will go well. For a successful outcome for Gianni, Chris and Pam. Thank you for the graces that we receive.
PetionMary Rowe7304-22-2018
Our dear lady Jesus holy spirit please take care of my husband family my self extended family's all our friends
Seminarians Anonymous604-22-2018
for seminarians all over the world that they would be sheltered from the world contagion and be generous in their hearts to their vocation. May God pour his grace into them and light fire in their hearts. I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
BênçãosPaula Carvalho304-22-2018
Peço a intercessão de Nossa Senhora, pela Agrosilo na Corte Arbitral e todos os envolvidos. Já agradecendo pela paz e providencia diária. Amém I ask the intercession of Our Lady, for Agrosilo in the Arbitral Court and all those involved. Already thanking for peace and daily providence. Amen
hello folks. Please accept this request for a healing of my right hip & knee; brain & spine. Thank you
Financial helpAnonymous304-22-2018
Please pray for my financial difficulties because of unemployment.