Prayer Request

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Please pray for me that i get back the love i felt before. I love you Mother Mary please help me not to fall into the darkness and sins. Help me to find back, all i felt before on the time i converted. All the love i had before. Help me Mother Mary.
SalvationVeerle De Caluwé704-20-2018
Please pray for my salvation and for the salvation of my family and friends.
Pray that I find peace, the peace that I struggle to find all of my life. pray that I believe that God the almighty is with me all the time, and want the best for me. Pray that I see God in everything; and trust in him completely. Pray for Tina to find a place to live in; for her to find strength
prayer requestAnonymous704-19-2018
for my daughter Brighid who will be having her final divorce hearing and settlement on Monday April 23, at 9:30 am. Her soon to be ex husband has once again become very verbally abusive, manipulative and threatening her. Please prayer for her for wisdom, protection, strength, fair settlement
prayer requestsAnonymous904-19-2018
am asking you to pray for two intentions My sister Mary Jane is currently in rehab. She is unable to walk on her own or stand on her own due to herniated bulging disks, arthritis. Her sugar is also very high at this time. She has been in a great deal of pain.
health, job, family healingAnonymous604-19-2018
Please pray for K to do well in her interview today & for a full recovery from Lyme with co-infections. Also, for our family relationships to heal from hurts, wounds, and miscommunications and understandings in our family. May I be the first to begin to change. God Bless
Pour mon fils violentAnonymous704-19-2018
Please pray with me so that my 33 year old son awakens to the true love that is God. He is not able to live a good relationship as a couple. Lord, free him from his pride and all that prevents him from being himself. Amen. Thank you for your prayers. xxx
Brian Mortensen 2 years ago shot to deathDiana sclafani704-19-2018
Pray for the Mortensen family as they morn the death of their son Brian who was accidentally shot by a stray bullet 2 year ago today, just 3 days after the birth of his only daughter Charlotte.
My sonAnonymous604-19-2018
Mother Mary please pray that Jesus will remove all obstacles so my son will leave his girlfriend and go to his father to begin his healing. He wants to leave her, he knows he must but is struggling with it. Break all strongholds and guide him on the path of his calling. Thank you
Please Holy Mother increase my ancient fervour. Do not let me become lukewarm. Convert my family. I offer up my intention for the holy souls in purgatory especially family members. Thank you
Cancer in the lungs and spine-Gods will be done for Nickydiana sclafani704-19-2018
For healing of the very good and faithful servant Nicky. He dedicated his life to raising his nephew with Down Syndrome and is a faithful servant of God. Help pray for healing of cancer in the lungs and spine, so Nicky can continue Gods work-Gods will be done! Divine Mercy prayers requested
urgent needRena Bennet704-19-2018
Heavenly Father please protect Nicholas and our children and myself with the precious blood of Jesus. Place your hands upon NicholasAnd give him your healing touch so that he is fully recovered from the brain injury . I Believe that by your holy wounds Nicholas is healed.
Healing of marriage and familyAnonymous1204-18-2018
Please pray for the healing of my marriage and family. Pray for my husband to be able to live a faithful married life, free of all addictions.
Jennifer well again Anonymous1304-18-2018
Blessed mother please bless Jennifer and make her well again. She has young children. Please make her tumor go away. Amen
Work, health and bereavemntAnonymous1204-17-2018
Please pray for my husband who has a job interview (2pm GMT), that will be the right job for him after being out of work for months. Also, for my daughter who is mentally ill and for me as I lost my Mum in December. My Mum had a great devotion to Our Lady and introduced me to Mary Tv. thanks
Business failing Anonymous1804-16-2018
Dear Mother, please pray for our businesss that we just started and have no finance to continue. I am desperate and don’t know what to do with no income coming in. Please mother I beg for pardon, help us and interseed for us. Thank you Jesus and Thank you Mother.
Open the door to a jobMary Beth Smith1704-16-2018
Please pray for my family as we are moving this summer but my husband need a job opportunity to allow him to move with our family. Please God open the door to an opportunity for him. Please pray our family will heal with our family. Thank You!
Please prayTim G2904-16-2018
I have severe depression, no job, no savings. Feeling suicidal. Please say a prayer for me.
Pray for RoseAnonymous1504-16-2018
Pray for healing from delusions, addiction and pain of rejection by her family
Carla Cookpenny phelan1504-16-2018
Carla is having a 3 d scan today, to see how far her rectal cancer has spread please pray that she is healed