Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Prayers for my son and my brotherAnonymous501-19-2018
Please pray for my son, Francis, who recently lost his work along with 4 others in the same department. Please pray for my brother, Brian, who recently began radiation treatment for colon cancer. We don't know yet how long he has had it/if it was detected early. He will eventually have surgery.
13 childrenAnonymous801-18-2018
Please pray for these 13 children that were beaten,starved, chained up, they are free now but they have alot of medical needs. Thank you.
St. Frances Xavierteresa bitz601-18-2018
today the relic of St. Frances Xavier is being venerated at the cathedral in Saskatoon and I am taking my mom from the home and I need your prayers because her dementia causes her to get very agitated. Praying for peace in my family!!!!
Request For Healing of CancerAnonymous801-18-2018
Please pray that Chuck, who will soon undergo surgery, will be healed of esophageal and stomach cancer. Thank You
marriage healingSam Chedid901-18-2018
Please pray for healings in broken marriages and for my daughter's family.
Healing from CancerSharon Fortuna1001-17-2018
That I may be healed of my cancer. That my treatments help keep my cancer from spreading. That I may be here for my family who need me for many years to come. This is my prayer. Amen.
Travel MerciesAnonymous501-17-2018
Pray for my upcoming trip to PA to visit two of my sisters. Peace over power. Safety. Healing.
Need divine InterventionAnonymous1001-17-2018
Need assistance w/employment after abrupt loss of job.. Money needs to make ends meet for now and for future as I have to start over again at an older age. Physical difficulties with painful arthritis making it very hard to find employment.... Feeling vulnerable and hopeless. Pray for me.
Family reconciliationAnonymous801-17-2018
That my exhusband, daughter, son and I as well as second husband and our children could find peace, forgiveness and reconciliation. That Nathaniel will be freed of melanoma in his eye. And for the poor souls of our faithful departed to be freed to heaven. Amen and thank you.
Please pray Tim Gafurov1301-17-2018
I have severe depression, no job, no money, feeling suicidal. Please say a prayer for me
HealingKathy Martin701-16-2018
Please heal my son Richard and help him lead a happy, normal, life.
DEAR GOSPA, cover the world with your mantle to protect us from nuclear war. Guide the church in the truth ,that she will remain faithfull to the Gospel.
IsaiahMaria Teresa Engelen 401-16-2018
Please pray for my son Isaiah who is struggling with TJ who is antagonising him at school. Send Isaiah guardian angels, the Holy Spirit (wisdom), control over his emotions, & help him not to strike out. For the faculty & principal to help them communicate, respect each other, and keep peace.
Deliverance and healingAnonymous301-16-2018
Dear Mother Mary! I beg you to come with Your Son Jesus and deliver me from all evil that is bothering me. May the precious blood of Jesus cover me completely and wash me me clean. Give me health of body ,mind and soul. Jesus I trust in You! Forgive me all my sins and set me free. Amen
Hello! Please pray for me to get the Government job I applied for, please pray that they would call me very very soon. Thank You!!
Prayer for MaryKathy Borthwick401-16-2018
Please pray for Mary Horton who had a bad fall, just retired, they have had to operate and she may never walk again, nice lady who helped my son, thank you
For Beth Anonymous501-15-2018
Please remember Beth, a young girl of 12, who has been diagnosed with a brain tumour
conversionrachel mills401-15-2018
I wan\'t to consencrate my daughter to Mother Mary for her conversion and protection.
I pray for Billy that he may be at peace and without resentment as we had a misunderstanding. I pray that Mary will heal our sadness and any anger and restore friendship acceptable to God.
Job or Business, Smooth functioningAlias M.Chacko301-15-2018
Dear In Christ, Pls pray for me as I am retiring this week. Wed and Thu is very important for me and am handing over all documents. I need a smooth handing over. Pray for me and request for your valuable and mighty prayer for my peace of mind.