Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Grace appreciatedAnonymous401-15-2018
Thank you for your prayers for a woman who needs a full-time job with benefits, a new place to live, and someone safe and good to share the rest of her life with. Please pray also for her sister's physical and spiritual needs. Lord, have mercy. And may God bless you for your prayers. Amen.
For healingNora McDonald 401-15-2018
Please pray for Jenny Daley she is fighting cancer and is very sick , gospa please go to Jesus intercede for us that she maybe healed
VictoriaTeri Tope301-14-2018
If it is God will that my daughter receive va benefits for school and health. Bring her home, so with the help of Mary my mother and Jesus, she will come back to church and my grandchildren will be baptized and receive the sacraments.
My sonAnonymous301-14-2018
Dear Mother Mary, I ask that You intercede before Your Divine Son for my son David, that his mind be cleared from delusional thoughts, that he has peace, is able to study for his Bar Exam February 27 & 28 finally pass it and is able to find employment. That he remains faithful to Jesus all his life.
Dear Mary, I offer you my anxiety and struggles with my health issues.and my kids too.Keeping up with appointments, diagnosis my heart is weak,.I need strength to support my family and job.This is overwhelming.
Healing for Donson\Anonymous701-14-2018
Dear Mother , Please intercede for my husband suffering from crone disease for long years.
Prayers for the sick Anonymous601-14-2018
Please pray for Jennifer who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and has 2 small children. Husband passed away a few years ago and these kids could become orphans without your prayers for mercy. May she be spared for the sake of the children. Prayers for recovery.
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Help and Guide me with my Move!Donna Hornbrook401-13-2018
My Dear Mother Mary, Please pray, guide and be with me through this move and transition. The Lord gave me this opportunity for work in September and now is the time for the transition. Thank you for guiding me to an apt. to live where a church is close by. Be with me O Holy Mother of God!
GabeSharon Randolph301-13-2018
Please pray for my nephew Gabe who is in the hospital. I don't know why, but he's had anger and addiction problems. Thank you.
Daughter's birthday & help for her car & her financesAnonymous401-13-2018
Please pray for Kelsey, her 29th birthday today. Her car broke down after spending alot of money for repairs with no satisfaction & needs help to solve this. Also, for her recovery from Lyme Disease & job opportunities. God Bless
Guidance on decisionAnonymous201-12-2018
Please pray for guidance/sign whether or not I should move. God\'s Will be done, but I have had too many people tell me they know God\'s Will and they only lead me in circles. Thank you.
Prayers for healingPenny Gleason501-12-2018
For a supervisor's Mom - Shirley Esserly who will be facing surgery for cancer of the uterus next week and for her daughter Kimberly who will be with her during this time. For my brother Tom, who suffers from schizophrenia and is going through a rough patch. May the Lord bless him with peace.
for a friend who is dead Anonymous601-11-2018
For a friend of mine ,Marie-Helene, who died yesterday nigth . She was a Christian full of charity . Please Mary , take her with you and lead her to the Father . Thanks so much
My Son to find his pathAnonymous701-10-2018
My 25 year old son who is qualified but has not gone down that path seems to be struggling to find his path in life. When he is not working he tends to drink a lot and struggles to 'fit in'. Please pray that Jesus may lead him on the right path for him with the intersession of our blessed Mother.
Quinten Anonymous901-10-2018
For the repose of the soul of Quinten Barios who took his own life and for those who mourn
I ask for the grace and the will to follow Mary's requests of us. I pray for true conversion & peace in my family. Help me oh dear Mother of God give me an increase of Faith, Hope, Love, Humility, Patience, Perseverance and Obedience. Amen
PetionMany Rowe601-10-2018
Our dear lady holy spirited Jesus please take care of my husband family my self extended family\'s John keen wife family
Special SomeoneAnonymous601-09-2018
Please pray that I may find that special someone to be faithful and be a special part of my life. I am so lonely
Urgent prayer petitionSylvia Mayer-Martinez901-09-2018
Prayers needed for Dr. Martinez who is being falsely accused of sexual harassment by a patient. She is taking him to court. He was arrested without proof and detained. He already had plans to go to Medjugorge this year.