Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Prayer petition Anonymous901-02-2018
Please say prayer for me that lump will be benign and Dr. report will be good. Thank you.
Filipa Healing. Mental and Spiritual illnessAnonymous901-01-2018
Please pray for my daughter Filipa She has a mental disturb illness as bipolar. We suffer a lot. She lives we me with their sons :Lourenço 5 years and Jose Maria 3 years old I have to care all them and she say I am the reason of all her problems and disturbs.
personal intentionsAnonymous401-01-2018
Personal intentions.
Jenny healingNora McDonald 501-01-2018
Pleas pray for Jenny Daley to be healed and cancer free gospa hear our prayers intercede for us to Jesus that Jenny will be blessed and healed this new year amen
helping those that passed onAnonymous401-01-2018
anica, who admitted her mistakes and asked for forgiveness, before she no longer was able to fight the cancer....
conversionmarlene hughes301-01-2018
dearest mother i love you so much...i ask for the grace of conversion for myself and all my family thankyou so much i love you
My daughterAnonymous501-01-2018
Please pray that my 11 year old daughter....she needs love and not hate and anger that she holds inside of her. She is not happy. Her dad brain washed her that it was my fault I left her dad and we got divorced....there were anger issues. We been divorced since she was 6.
Be blessed to marryConnie Stensland1101-01-2018
Please pray that someone special comes into my life and asks me to marry him.
Healing and MiracleDiane Murphy401-01-2018
Martin my son please pray all his numbness in his stomach goes away and bring his confidence back .We need a miracle and me Diane his mum also needs help too and dad Pat.
prayers needed for a relationship that is fraying Anonymous201-01-2018
I'm in great need prayers for my relationship with my boyfriend. I feel like I am loosing him. I ask that our relationship becomes stronger and communication improves very quickly. I desprately want to marry this man.
Girl in storeAnonymous512-31-2017
Please pray for a girl I saw with her father in a store yesterday. He was very angry and threatened to hit her in front of everyone and she seemed scared.
Prayers for sonAnonymous712-31-2017
Please pray for my son who is having a test run on Friday for stomach problems. Also pray that he will want to return to the church and have his new son baptized. God bless and thanks so much
For son to desire God and leave the lifestyle of homosexuality, refresh his baptismal and confirmation graces. For my daughter to know herself through the eyes of Christ. For my husband desire of prayer and may his spiritual senses be enlightened so he can see God everywhere . For my health . RSL
Parotid Gland (Salivary) Tumor Larry Rabaglia412-30-2017
I am a 60 year old married father of 3 . Recently diagnosed Dec 22. Biopsy scheduled Jan 4. 30% chance malignant/70% chance benign. Praying for benign pathology report. Went to Medjugorje 23 years ago and it was a wonderful experience. Please pray for me. Thank you.
conversion & courageAnonymous312-30-2017
conversion & mental & physical healing of my daughter who is seeking God in all the wrong places, & to go to Confession, forgive her ex-husband, & heal her relationship with her family, & for my son-in-law to grow & seek visitation of his two sons & our 2 other daughters
Holy Mother .. You are aware and know my intentions .. if it is God's Holy Will Amen ..if not may I accept and continue on i God Wil Amen .. Mum Dad and All Family living and dead I ask for your Holy Mantle Amen ... Love all ways Peace Thanks for listening Amen
james and adamPhilomena dsa512-30-2017
A permanent job for James. Adam passes this university year, does the right thing, starts saying NO to bad influences and that both return to church. Help me to pay the bills and mortgage
sean glynnAnonymous612-30-2017
I pray for Sean Glynn that he may stop drinking, return home and settle and be able to see his son
Job neededCarla Burger712-30-2017
Mother Mary, as you continue to heal my son in rehab please send people in his life to help him with a job when he comes home. Thank you
Prayer for humanityJudy Pellatt212-29-2017
I pray for all my brothers and sisters throughout the world, especially those in need and distress. I also pray for all those who never pray and have never prayed. May the Lord shower them with his abundant grace.