Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
PrayersRaquel Kenyon804-06-2018
I have been sick with a fever for approximately 1 month. I would like to get better and return to work. Also, for Dave Marshall who is in hospice and the repose of the soul of Christopher who recently died at age 20.
Please pray for my son and girlfriend who are being destroyed by drugs . They have lovely children who need them also my community in Ireland is destroyed by the drugs , Holy mother we need your help please pray for us Amen
Prayer for my family needsVaclav Trumpes604-06-2018
Please pray for my wife Susan,who is pregnant, and my 2 little children Kyle and Vanessa. We need your prayers to stay healthy, happy, and financially secured. God bless all the parents ..
financial needsAnonymous604-06-2018
Dear Mary ,our mother you never fail our prayers.Please help my family with all the financial struggles were going through this time.It is very hard and I have anxiety and get overwhelmed but you can give us the graceswe need to get through hard times. thankyou for the good news in todays vist to dr
Re: surgery. Need prayersSusan Inteso504-06-2018
Please pray with me to our merciful Jesus and Blessed mother that my oral surgery goes well tomorrow. I have several handicaps making this difficult procedure and I\'m feeling under the weather to boot. I am very anxious and trying to give it all to Him. Day 8. For souls in Purgatory. God bless!
Relief from anxietyAnonymous1304-05-2018
Please pray for k for relief from anxiety due to lyme disease. Please pray for her to do well in the job interview and as she returns to work to not be riddled with anxiety but instead be calm and confident.Also for DW, VG, CP, PP God Bless
Healing and Conversion Anonymous704-05-2018
Please pray for healing and conversion in my family . And pray thanksgiving to our Blessed Mother for many graces .
Gay MarriageAnonymous1004-04-2018
Dear Holy Mother, I beg you for your prayers for a friend who's son is planning to marry his gay partner, My friend Is heartbroken and will not be attending the wedding as it is against Catholic religion. Please send peace and understanding to all her family. Much prayers are needed. Amen
For My familyAnonymous504-04-2018
Dear Mother Pray for My family. For ever love and holiness
For My Deceased Husbands SoulDonna Hornbrook1104-03-2018
Dear Mother Mary, I come to you and ask you to pray with me to your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, that he have mercy on my husbands soul who past away last week. He had a heart of gold. Lord, remember him when he comes into your kingdom. Blessings, Donna
Healing of our daughter and our marriageR. M.804-03-2018
Our daughter and our marriage are in great need of healing. She is disabled and my wife wants to leave our marriage. I pray to Jesus, Mary and Joseph that all will be healed and our marriage will survive. Jesus I surrender completely to you, please handle all things.
Ryan Keith cancer therapyJohn and Debra Dinolfo904-03-2018
We ask Our Blessed Mother\'s intercession for son-in-law Ryan Keith's healing of cancer. We praise and thank Jesus, Father, and Holy Spirit for the gift of Ryan in our family and the gift of family healings of body, mind, and spirit.
hurt - need prayerAnonymous704-03-2018
But somehow, wherever i go and whatever i do, there is someone creating a blockage for me, creating a problem, talking bad about me, condemn me and belittling me. I am not able to look up, down or turn right or left. Everything is wrong. Sarcastic smile when they look at me or ignorant of me.
well beingAnonymous904-03-2018
Now I am 61+ years old. I am a retiree. I did not have a blessed family life. Always condemned by in laws and husband in front of other people. Now I am in heavy debts. I am living on interest received by savings. so I try to do some tutoring job to overcome the finance problem.
My future course, husbandAnonymous604-03-2018
I want my boyfriend to convert from lslam, and accept my Christ as his saviour. I want my parents blessed, want my future course blessed. Want to experience Christ entirely
Prayers for my familyMary Beth Smith504-03-2018
I ask for prayers for my family as we relocate this summer. My husband need a job offer to allow him to move with the family so we will not be separated. My family is under great stress and we need to stay together in this move. Thank you for the prayers!
Healing RequestAnonymous604-02-2018
Dear Holy Mary Please can you heal Clare Sumner from cancer, she has been suffering for quite some time now. Thank you very much, Amen
Dear Holy Mother Please heal Marie Doran speed her recovery up from a serious fall. Please comfort all Holy Souls in Purgatory and speed there time up so they will be with you in heaven. Heal all the minds and souls of my family and bring peace to there hearts. Amen
Unbaptised adultsAnonymous504-02-2018
Dear Holy Mary I want to lift all the adults and children in this world especially those in my family that they will be baptised before it is too late. Thank you Mother Mary for listening to my prayers. Amen
Prayers PleaseAnonymous404-02-2018
Dear mother queen of peace intercede to Jesus for my family, much peace is needed. Prayers also for all those who are grieving. Stand beside all surgeons around the world and give them a steady hand and a great mind to carry out operations safely. Help all addicts and all the homeless. Amen