Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Baby LeoDiana sclafani602-12-2018
Heal Baby Leo 1 yr. old , in the PIC unit of the hospital with a viral infection on oxygen
Prayers for surgery pleaseAnonymous402-12-2018
that my surgery on Thursday will be a complete success. I pray I only have endometriosis and that there is no cysts or any other condition present. I pray the doctor will be easily able to remove the endometriosis and I beg the Lord that there will be no damage to my ovaries, womb, Fallopian tubes.
Marriage in troubleAnonymous402-12-2018
Please pray for the conversion of my husband Chris and my two sons who are heavily influenced by his views. Also please pray for my marriage of 20 years which is struggling to hold on mostly because we hold such different values. Please pray that God would be at the center of our marriage. Thank you
Good jobCarla Burger302-11-2018
Mother Mary please ask Jesus to bless my son with a good job that will sustain him. Thank you
Sick brotherBridget Christou702-10-2018
Please pray for my brother who has cancer
Health concernsAnonymous402-10-2018
I am being referred to a specialist as I have a certain health problem. I am worried that it will turn out to be cancer. I ask Our Lady to intercede for me to give me hope and courage and, if it be the Lord's will, I pray that I may return to good health.
Father, grant my petition in Jesus nameTom F202-10-2018
Dear Father, I come before you today and ask you to reconcile Amy and I. Father, I call upon you in Jesus name and promises to be granted this intention and petition. Father, I ask in accordance with your will. Father, I ask that you deliver me from this pain and grant me my hearts desire,
Healing of sickness for my brother Javier Anonymous102-10-2018
My brother has myopathy mitochondrial a disease related to the muscles, that weekened the muscle functioning and causes tiredness. Medical healing by doctors is not really available. Please Mary intercede for us before your Son, Jesus. thank you!!!
My nephew GabeAnonymous402-10-2018
Please pray for my nephew Gabe who was having suicidal thoughts and realized he needed to go in the hospital. In the past he claimed to be a satanist, and I was told he recently started saying Hail Marys. Also if you could pray for some of my children who have had depression for years. Thank you.
Pela cura de minha madrinhaMarco Medeiros202-10-2018
Praised be our Lord Jesus Christ! We live in southern Brazil, I am asking for prayers for my baptism godmother. She is hospitalized with cancer in the large intestine. We believe that with God nothing is impossible. We believe in the power of the intercession of Our Blessed Mother. May.
Prayer for HealingAnonymous502-09-2018
For Barb Divincenzo who was hospitalized with the flu. Thank you!
Faith in God's planAnonymous102-09-2018
Jesus has a plan for each of us. Pray that we have faith in God's plan and we can see the plan unfold for us.
Please pray!Valjean Albright 302-09-2018
For a young woman who is pregnant but a hematoma is rapidly growing near the baby. Please, bring this blessed baby to full term in health and peace to her devout mother! God bless you!
Severe anxiety, depression and hopelessnessAnonymous402-09-2018
I'm asking for prayer because I am suffering severe anxiety, depression and hopelessness. I'm also suffering severe financial problems.
Prayers for resolve of abuse case of a young man AlDiana sclafani1202-08-2018
A young boy Al was abused by an authority figure many yrs ago. The parents are suing the man (who disappeared) and the boy is a man now with emotional and drug problems.. The family needs to forgive and heal.
9 month old baby in coma, please pray !Isaac Lehmann1402-07-2018
Isaac Lehmann was a happy, healthy baby, but he is now in the PICU at a children’s hospital in a coma and on a ventilator. Isaac has possibly been suffering from seizures in the coma. It looks like he won’t be able to walk or talk or his vision and short term memory, stuff like that.
Get well Anonymous502-07-2018
For pat to return to health
Plz pray for my husband.Rachel Rodriguez802-07-2018
Plz pray for my husband Peter who is having serious stomach problem with the intestines and his health is becoming worse day by day,we have a one year old baby plz pray for him for healing,thank you.
God Save EricAlfred Brown Jr602-06-2018
Pray for Eric McDonald-Pray for his conversion and salvation!!!
Healing and peaceAnonymous702-06-2018
Please pray for a successful surgery for AP. For the doctors and nurses and aids involved. For peace in our hearts.