Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
need prayerAnonymous2005-21-2018
My son once again does not come back home again. Does not call me. He is my only son. Its easy for others to say leave him in gods hands. Its true but as his mother I too am concerned of his well being. He is putting on weight so terribly. Now he has uric acid problem. Pray for healing
please intervene God. I'm hurt inside, i am so tired to cover everything by pretending and no matter how hard I pray nothing seems to be working, please pray for Damianus aditya christie and me. I have been waiting for reconciliation and peace for me and him,
Abortion referendum in IrelandAnonymous905-20-2018
That the Irish people will vote NO on Friday to keep abortion out of Ireland
Baby and motherHrvoje Ljubičić1205-20-2018
Please pray for Snježana. She s pregnant. That everything would be good with she and baby. That she give birth well and that she and child are healthy and good in Jesus name i pray. And please pray for my family. Thank You Lord . Thank you all.
Prayers for the individual needs of my familyAnonymous1405-20-2018
I would like you to pray for my younger son who will be sitting for his final exams so that he will do well and find a job and also for the conversion of my husband and elder son so that they will open their hearts to Jesus Christ and to let Him heal them.
prayer for my son a job,Anonymous2105-19-2018
Please pray for my son to be able to have a job and still be able to travel to Medjugore in July, and also for the conversion, not only for my family but all who are in need of conversion.
Urgent request Anonymous1905-19-2018
Please pray for my 5 yr old grandson who has possibly been infected with tetanus but has not been vaccinated against it.
Protection and GuidanceAnonymous1505-19-2018
Dear Mary and Heavenly Father, I pray that you always keep my children and I safe/protected, healthy, happy, and full of your love and the Holy Spirit. Evil has surrounded my family and I pray people will see the truth from the horrific lies and deceit. In Jesus name, Amen
Need Grace to forgiveAnonymous1405-18-2018
I need the grace to forgive and to surrender all to God and the grace to be obedient so my life can be restored.
Prayer request for familyAnonymous1305-18-2018
Please pray for my family, we are relocating to our home state at the end of June, pray for healing and happiness when we move. I ask for prayers for my husband to find a job to allow him to move with our family which will help our family to heal. Thank you for praying for our family! AMEN!
My son's futureAnonymous1505-18-2018
Please pray that God's plan for my son will be perfectly fulfilled. He is very unhappy and is staying with girlfriend and her father after I had to ban him from my home as he started drugs again. Mother Mary keep him under your mantle and Jesus I surrender him to You, take care of everything.
A HomeAnonymous1305-17-2018
Please dear ones pray that my husband and I will be able to obtain a home in the area we are living in and continue to have the health and work to have a retirement. We are getting up in age and have had so many personal afflictions that have affected our future. God Bless You !
Daughter Anonymous1505-17-2018
Please pray for my daughter Lizzie and her boyfriend Matthew they are planning to live together . I am concerned about this decision and I suspect her boyfriend has a drinking problem. Please pray that God intervin in their lives . Thank you
Cure Back and leg painAnonymous1705-16-2018
Please cure my Lower back and leg pain. Strengthen my legs so I can stand. Help me to make Fr. Don Calloway's Conference and Medg. in August. Thanks sweet Mother
personal intentionAnonymous1305-16-2018
I ask to pray again for Mark S, for his conversion and that he can find his path. I also ask prayers for an important personal intention, that God's Will will be totally fulfilled.
For my childrenAnonymous1205-16-2018
For my children that they return to the faith,marry in the faith, bring spouses into the faith,baptize children in faith and know the will of God in their lives.For health of daughter in law and pregnancy, For my daughter and her offer of new employment is agreeable so she can move.
Family issuesAnonymous1605-16-2018
Please pray for convertion of hearts of our whole family and our relationships. For reconciling and forgiveness of each other’s faults, for the end of offensive and controlling behavior, for appreciation and encouragement of each other. For help with finding a house that we all like. Thank you!
Healing for brain dead 8th graderPat Gordon Rohr2205-15-2018
Oh Mother, she attempted suicide or was playing an asphyxiation game, who knows, but her little sister found her. Please ask Jesus to restore her to life, like the little girl in the Bible. Please ask Jesus to hold tight her little sister, family and the students in the school. Thank you Gospa.
Request for Prayer for our MarriageAloys NTIHEMUKA1405-15-2018
Dear Brothers and Sisters, I and Uwamahoro Domitille are planning to get married in this summer.Kindly pray for us so that our Lady, Queen of Peace blesses our marriage and intervenes in all the situations that might hinder our wedding. In christ
Please PrayValjean Albright1705-15-2018
Please pray for the Morgan family and all of us for healing of marriage and relationships. For the conversion of all of my family. Thank you and God bless you.