Prayer Request

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Pray for cancer patients - St. Peregrine prayerSofia P602-02-2018
Join me pls "Oh, St. Peregrine, whom u call "maker of wonders", for numerous miracles u get from God for all who turn to u. You who for many years suffered a cancerous diseaseYou who were favored seeing Jesus come down from the cross to heal your illness, ask God and the Blessed Virgin for the cure
desire to make a pilgrimagePatricia Mascaro302-02-2018
Please pray with me to travel to medjugorje as a pilgrim this year for international youth festival. I need to find the right people to travel with or the courage to make this journey alone. I also have a great desire to walk the camino of santiage. Blessed Mother, please pray for and w/me.
Relationship HealingAnonymous602-02-2018
Hello! Am Tammy, Please pray for my boyfriend Tyrelle and I Tammy to be freed from all spiritual blockages and negativity that is affecting us, pray for us to have stability also please pray for Tyrelle to follow the right path and not let others lead him astray. Thank You!
please include brigid and frank costello in the prayers at the shrine thanks our lady please help us.
Son to return to the faithAntonette Trout-Mikel402-02-2018
For my son to return to our Catholic faith and the Sacraments. For him to give up materialism, and gain humility. For him to be married in the church, to care for his health and respect his family.
Prayers for guidance by the Holy Spirit regarding our son GregAntonette and Brad Mikel402-02-2018
For our incarcerated son Greg, that we might know the right way to direct him, that he will return to our faith and the church, and accept rehabilitation and a change of lifestyle willingly. For his continued physical and spiritual health and for our strength in guiding him. Mary, pray for us.
March 2018 USSR electionsAnonymous402-02-2018
pray USSR voters March elections Acts 1:24
SalvationMartina Gnappi502-02-2018
Please I have a prayer request. Please pray for Nick C. ,pray for his salvation. Please pray for him because his situation is hopeless.Please ask Jesus to touch his heart. Thank you
AlsMarty Regan402-01-2018
For a cure of als, that if gods will i may be cured.
Married To Pathological LiarAnonymous502-01-2018
Been married for almost 26 years. My husband is a chronic liar. He lies so well, you wouldn't even know he is lying to you. Marriage is built on trust. There is no trust in my marriage. It is a heavy cross. Pray for him and for me.
Prayer Request for Husband's Surgery 2/1/2018Joyce Herbert402-01-2018
Please pray that Charlie's surgery will go well tomorrow. He is having skin grafting on the heel of his foot, after two months and two surgeries to remove a malignant melanoma. We already have our miracle because his lymph nodes were clear, so now all he had to do is get well and recover.
Cure for cancer/healingTheresa Henderson201-31-2018
Cure for cancer for all people and special healing for Irene Olson (brain tumor), JeNene Miller (breast cancer), John Coxwell (terminal lung cancer), Gloria Krise (not sure of type), Tiffany Henderson (Thyroid cancer), Joanne Decicio and Margaret Foley (colon cancer)
Return to the church and baptismAnonymous201-31-2018
For my son, Josh Henderson, to return whole heartedly to the church and baptism for his wife, Rachel and their two children/my grandchildren, Josie and William (due in April).
Hard timesAnonymous401-31-2018
I would like for you to pray for my father who has cancer and is now on hospice. For my brothers that are struggling against the addiction to alcohol. For my marriage that is in crisis, my husband left a month ago. For my sister's marriage that is also in crisis, and for my mother who is diabetic.
Prayer for my daughterAnonymous701-31-2018
Please pray for K, having anxiety & panic attacks due to lyme with co-infections. Please pray for these symptoms to stop. God Bless
God's Will to be doneAnonymous301-31-2018
For courage for our son Shawn. A conversion for daughter in law Melissa. Guidance in the words we speak to them. Protection for our 6 grandchildren.
Please pray for me and my husband to find our dream jobs in 2018. Jobs that will bring joy,peace and give us time with God, and that pays well.
DaughterNancy Shaughnessy601-30-2018
Please pray for God's will for our daughter Meghan. Thank you!
Cancer FreeAnonymous1001-30-2018
Please show that my bone scan is free of cancer and that it has not spread anywhere else in my body.
Barbara's Urgent PrayersAnonymous801-30-2018
I want my health to improve, get married, and meet my devoted Catholic man, as I am very lonely in my life.