Day: June 28, 1981

June 28, 1981 – Message from Our Lady of Medjugorje

The visionaries: What do you wish? “That people believe and persevere in the faith.” Vicka: What do you expect from the priests? “That they remain strong in the faith and that they help you.” Why don’t you appear to everyone in church? “Blessed are they who believe without having seen.” Will you come back? “Yes, to the same place.” Do you prefer prayer or singing? “Both, praying and singing.” Vicka: What do you wish from the crowd which has gathered here? The visionaries said this question received no response except for a glance filled with love, and Our Lady’s smile. Then Our Lady disappeared. The visionaries prayed so that she might return because she had not said: Goodbye, my angels. During their song, You Are All Beautiful, she reappears. Vicka: Dear Gospa, what do you expect of this people? She repeated the question three times and finally was given this answer: “That those who do not see believe as those who see.” Vicka: Will you leave us a sign so that people believe that we are not liars or comedians? No other response, only a smile. “Go in the peace of God”, She said, as she disappeared. (June 28, 1981 –  Sunday)