Day: July 21, 1981

July 21, 1981 – Message from Our Lady of Medjugorje

Vicka’s diary – 27th apparition, 6:30pm Just like every day, we spoke with the Gospa. She arrived at 6:30pm, and greeted us: “Praised be Jesus!” Then we asked her if she would give us a sign. She said yes. Then we asked her how much longer she would still continue to visit us. The Blessed Virgin responded: “My sweet angels, even if I were to leave the sign, many people will not believe. Many people will only come here and bow down. But people must be converted and do penance.” Then we questioned her on the subject of the sick. For some, the Gospa said that they would be cured only if their faith was strong, and for others, no. Then she prepared to depart. Upon leaving, she said to us: “Go in the peace of God.” (July 21, 1981 – Tuesday)