Day: July 29, 1981

July 29, 1981 – Message from Our Lady of Medjugorje

Vicka’s diary – 35th apparition, 6:30pm Today we waited for the Blessed Virgin in Vicka’s room. At exactly 6:30pm, the Gospa came and greeted us: “Praised be Jesus!” Jakov was the first to question her on the subject of a person who was ill. The Blessed Virgin said: “She will be cured. She must believe firmly…” Vicka asked Our Lady why she had not come the day before. The Blessed Virgin said something, and smiled, but no one heard it. Then Marija and Jakov asked her about certain sick people. We then took some religious articles, and the four of us approached Our Lady so that she would bless them. As Our Lady was blessing the articles our hands became very cold. Jakov asked if we could embrace her. The Blessed Virgin said that we should approach, and embrace her. Then we asked her to leave us the sign. She said: “Yes. Go in the peace of God.” As Our Lady began to disappear, on the ceiling, the Cross and the Heart were visible. The cross, the heart, and the sun are also mentioned by Vicka’s diary in later apparitions. In church we saw the Blessed Virgin a second time toward 8:00pm in the choir loft. While we were praying, the Blessed Virgin prayed with us. (Wednesday, July 29, 1981)