Day: August 29, 1981

August 29, 1981 – Message from Our Lady of Medjugorje

Jakov: Are you also appearing to Ivan in the seminary? “Yes, just like to you.” How is Ivan Ivankovic? (Son of Pero, cousin of Vicka, and one of four men in Bijakovici who bear this name. He had been arrested by the police on Aug 12th, while on the hill of the apparitions, and was imprisoned.) “He is well. He is enduring everything. All that will pass. Father Jozo sends you greetings.” What is the news from our village? “My angels, you are doing your penance well.” Will you help us in our studies? “God’s help manifests itself everywhere.” “Go in the peace of God with the blessing of Jesus and mine. Goodbye.” (From Ivan’s journal.) Ivanka: Will you leave us a sign soon? “Again, a little patience.” (Saturday, August 29, 1981)