Day: August 30, 1981

August 30, 1981 – Message from Our Lady of Medjugorje

Vicka: At 6:20pm, we began to pray at the home of Marinko Ivankovic. The Virgin arrived and said: “Praised be Jesus!” Vicka: People say that since they locked up Fr. Jozo in his cell, the doors unlock by themselves. Is that true? “It is true, but no one believes it.” Ivanka: How is Mirjana? What are her feelings? “Mirjana is sad because she is all alone. I will show her to you.” Suddenly, we saw Mirjana’s face. She was crying. Dear Gospa, there are some young people who betray our faith. “Yes, there are many.” She mentions some names. Vicka asks the Virgin concerning a woman who wanted to leave her husband because he was making her suffer. “Let her remain close to him and accept her suffering. Jesus, Himself, also suffered.” On the matter of a sick young boy: “He is suffering from a very grave illness. Let his parents firmly believe, do penance, then the little boy will be cured.” Jakov asks her about the sign: “Again, a little patience.” Ivan, who had been several days without an apparition: How will I do in this seminary? “Be without fear. I am close to you everywhere and at all times.” Ivan’s diary: Are the people pious in our village? “Your village has become the most fervent parish in Hercegovina. A large number of people distinguish themselves through their piety and their faith.” (Sunday, August 30, 1981)