Day: May 14, 1982

Spring 1982 – Message from Our Lady of Medjugorje

Question asked at the request of the pastor at Lzbicno, alleged place of other apparitions: Why are there so many signs in Hercegovina? “It is God who gives them. My children, have you not observed that faith began to extinguish itself? There are many who do not come to church except through habit. It is necessary to awaken the faith. It is a gift from God.” People are surprised that you are appearing in so many places: “If it is necessary, I will appear in each home.” With respect to the little visionaries from Lzbicno, which is located 36 miles from Medjugorje: In 1982-83, 18 persons, mostly females, said they received apparitions. The visionaries from Medjugorje were said to have received kind words from those in Lzbicno, but the Blessed Virgin reminded them strongly, that they must not have any contact with these persons, nor invite them to Medjugorje. “Did I not tell you not to come together with those children? I am your mother, you must obey me.” For Jakov, who was crying to see Vicka ill: “The cross is necessary because of the sins of the world.” (Spring, 1982)