Day: August 18, 1982

August 18, 1982 – Message from Our Lady of Medjugorje

Mirjana reports to Fr. Tomislav Vlasic what the Gospa has told her concerning the sick: “Have them believe and pray; I cannot help those who do not pray and do not sacrifice. The sick, just like those who are in good health, must pray and fast for the sick. The more you believe firmly, the more you pray and fast for the same intention, the greater is the grace and the mercy of God.” Question asked with regard to a marriage planned between a Catholic and an Orthodox: “In my eyes and in the sight of God, everything is equal. But for you, it is not the same thing because you are divided. If it is possible, it is better if she were not to marry this man because she will suffer and her children also. She will be able to live and follow only with difficulty, the way of her faith.” (Wednesday, August 18, 1982)