Day: June 3, 1983

June 3, 1983 – Message from Our Lady of Medjugorje

Fr. Vlasic has begun to form a prayer group requested by the Virgin on May 25th. Jakov, Vicka, and Ivanka: What do you expect of Fr. Tomislav? Has he begun well? “Yes, it is good. Have him continue.” What should one do so that people will not drive away from here the priests who work with faith and love? “Pray and fast for this intention. I will tell you when the moment comes, what you must do.” Fr. Tomislav wants to call the parish to prayer and fasting, so that the church recognizes that the events here are supernatural. It is a good way? “Yes, it is a good way. Have the parish pray for this gift. Have them pray also for the gift of the Holy Spirit so that all those who come here will feel the presence of God.” (Friday, June 3, 1983)