Day: July 14, 2016

July 14, 2016

BOOST YOUR HOME’S CURB APPEAL WITH A LANDSCAPE INSTALLATION There a lot more to landscaping than having a good-looking lawn. Landscaping can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home and add to the value of your property. New England artificial turf can be the perfect choice if you are looking for a long term low maintenance cost. 1. CREATE PRIVACY Here you may choose to plant evergreens along your property line. While neighbors can be great, adding privacy means that you never feel on display and you have personal space in your garden away from the eyes of neighbors and people walking past. Natural alternatives to conventional fencing add a screen while contributing to the aesthetic appeal of your garden. Evergreens, in particular, are effective as they stay green all year round. If there is not enough space to plant trees, raised planter boxes can also be effective.   2. INVEST IN LANDSCAPE LIGHTING Lighting up the entranceway and other areas of the garden is a good way to enhance curb appeal, especially when the property is viewed after dark. Don’t limit your landscape design ideas to trees, plants, and lawn – expanding the design to include outdoor lighting can have a powerful impact both visually and functionally on your outdoor areas. The entrance to a home is a good place to start, making it easy to navigate from the sidewalk to the front door. This creates a welcoming feeling after dark, as well as providing safety and security. From there you can expand to other areas of your garden.   3. SPREAD FRESH MULCH Adding mulch to flower beds and entry paths enhance the look of existing plants making them seem brighter and fuller. It can also be added to areas around trees. Depending on the quality of mulch that you opt for; this can be an inexpensive way to add new life to your garden without having to do any significant hardscaping or soft-soaping. Working with a landscape company ensures that the mulch will be added as part of the installation if it is needed.   4. ADD CURVES, EDGES, AND CORNERS If you’d like to take a bigger step and make structural changes to your garden, you can dramatically improve your home’s curb appeal. By adding crisp edging to a flower bed, you can boost your yard’s aesthetic appeal. This is best done with the help of a professional landscaping company that will be able to suggest the changes you can make that will balance the need to create a sense of space with creating curves and edges that are appealing to the eye.   5. WORK ON BEAUTIFULLY GREEN GRASS Regular lawn care will boost the color and cover of your grass. Keep in mind that for every inch of grass that’s visible above the ground, there’s at least an inch of roots below the ground. Cutting the grass too short may cause the roots to die. Hiring a company that offers specialist lawn care services will ensure that your grass gets a new lease on life.