Day: October 4, 2016

Ivan’s encounter with Our Lady in Vienna on September 27, 2016

Ivan Dragicevic as he encounters Our Lady in the Cathedral in Vienna September 27, 2016 JMJ October 4, 2016 St. Francis of Assisi Dear Family of Mary! On September 27, 2016 Mary TV streamed “An Evening of Prayer for Peace” in St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna, Austria. We were able to stream Ivan Dragicevic’s apparition that evening, live! It was a wonderful time of prayer and witnessing. Unfortunately, at the very end of the event, just as Ivan was beginning to share about his encounter with Our Lady, the stream failed. Therefore, no one present in the Cathedral over the internet was able to hear Ivan’s sharing. Thanks to the hard work of our shipmate, Beatrice, who lives in Vienna, we now have the transcription of Ivan’s remarks. Thank you, Beatrice!! Ivan Dragicevic St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna, September 27th, 2016 After Holy Mass, after Adoration, it is very difficult to say something.  I will keep it short and tell you a little bit about the encounter with the Mother of God. I always say that it is so hard to describe this encounter, to find words and to describe all of it to you.  What I find most difficult to describe, the most difficult, is the love – the love with which the Mother loves us and the love with which She leads us. Today She came to us happily, very merrily. She greeted us with her motherly greeting:  “Praised be Jesus, my dear children!” Then, for some time, the Gospa prayed over us with outstretched arms.  In a special way she prayed over the priests present – and for you, Your Eminence Cardinal Schönborn. Gospa prayed especially for this diocese and for all priests. Afterwards, the Gospa prayed in a special way over all of you who are sick present. And then She said: “Dear children! Today I want to invite you in a special way to pray for all people who are suffering, for all who walk on the way of the cross and carry pain. I invite you – I call you – to pray, so they accept their cross and find love through that cross. Thank you for having responded to my call today!” Afterwards the Gospa prayed for the Holy Father for a while. I entrusted all. Then the Gospa blessed us all with Her motherly blessing and blessed all the religious articles you had brought with you. I entrusted you all, you, your needs, your families, your concerns. Then the Gospa continued praying over us and went away in this prayer. She left in the sign of light and said: “Go in peace, my little children!” I have emphasized the most important things from the encounter this evening here. Thank you for today, thank you! And may Mary always be with you, to love you, to protect you and to go along with your heart. Thank you!” Our Lady gave us a powerful message. She shared with us how to pray in this suffering world, how to support our brothers and sisters who suffer. Our Lady knows that suffering is very difficult to bear. And yet, it can be the way of love if we surrender it to Our Lord. It is also significant that Our Lady blessed us and all the religious articles we brought to the Cathedral, whether in person, or through the internet (as most of us did)! Denis once asked the Cardinal about the blessings given over the internet, and it was confirmed that just as the blessing of the Holy Father can be given over the internet, so Our Lady’s blessing can be given to those who are connected on the internet and who are open to receive this blessing. What a blessing it was to be able to participate in the Evening of Prayer for Peace in Vienna. Thanks to all who made it possible!! In Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Cathy Nolan (c)Mary TV 2016 PS.  You can view the archived video of the Evening of Prayer in Vienna at this link: