Day: August 11, 2017

Here is some homework in anticipation of the Feast of the Assumption!

(c) Mateo Ivankovic 2017 J.M.J. August 11, 2017 St. Clare Dear Family of Mary! We are approaching the Feast of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven, August 15. I want to give you all some homework this weekend in anticipation of this powerful feast of Our Lady. Below is my reflection for the Assumption in 2016. Please read the article by Fr. Paul Scalia that I included in this email (see the link below). It is a good way to begin to ponder this Feast and be ready for the graces! August 15, 1985 “Dear children! Today I am blessing you and I wish to tell you that I love you and that I urge you to live my messages. Today I am blessing you with the solemn blessing that the Almighty grants me. Thank you for having responded to my call.” In this simple message given on the Feast of the Assumption in 1985, Our Lady showed her love. She blessed all those who were receiving her message. And she told us that she loves us. In her love she longed for us all to live her messages. She urged us! Why? Because she knew that in her messages we would find the way to peace, to unity with God and with each other. Her messages have continued to be a source of protections and salvation for us. She is drawing us back to her Son in these turbulent times. And then she blessed us with a “solemn blessing” given to her by the Father. Wow!! We want her solemn blessing today!! I read an incredible article about Our Lady and her role in these days, written by Fr. Paul Scalia, the son of Chief Justice Antonin Scalia. Fr. Scalia obviously has his father’s intellect, fueled by much study, and an inner compass that leads him to the depths of the truth. This article, in a few words, reveals the role of Mary in our world today! It will amaze you. Here is the link to the entire article, found on “The Catholic Thing” website: Maria Assumpta, ora pro nobis!! In Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Cathy Nolan ©MaryTV 2017