Day: October 13, 2017

One last reflection from Medjugorje!

(c)Mary TV 2017 J.M.J October 14, 2017 Dear Family of Mary! We are near the end of our pilgrimage in Medjugorje, so I want to send you one last reflection before we leave.  It has been a beautiful and fruitful time here in Our Lady’s village. Yesterday, on the 100th anniversary of the miracle of the sun in Fatima, Denis and I were able to climb Cross Mountain early in the morning.  We were blessed to be joined by Steve D., our friend from Indiana who is part of the pilgrimage group.  We left at 6:00 am in the dark to walk to the base of Cross Mountain.  It was cold and dark.  Steve was our cheerleader!!  We couldn’t have done the climb without him. Steve and Denis on the way up Krizevac There were very few pilgrims on the mountain, so we were able to linger at the stations, and pray out loud.  It was very special to share our spontaneous meditations with each other.  Steve was really good at focusing on Our Lady in each station. We felt her very near as we climbed. The 12th Station – Jesus dies on the Cross The 12th station was very moving.  We noticed that the artist of the bronze relief stations had placed Our Lady at the foot of the Cross, holding Jesus’ legs, much the same as the stained glass window in St. James had depicted her.  And so we recalled the Risen Christ Statute and the tears that flow from Jesus’ legs. So beautiful! Our Lady embracing Jesus’ legs during His death on the cross. We met an long time friend at the top, Gay from Malawi.  it was a great victory for all of us to climb again the mountain that brings us so close to Jesus’ passion and death.  The victory at the top gave us all joy! Beneath the Cross, Me, Gay and Denis!   We prayed for you all up there, all your intentions.  We left our troubles and fears, our sorrows and pains, our hopes and petitions there at the foot of the Cross.  Jesus will hear our prayers, there where Our Lady prays for us.   The Cross on Krisevac!  So many graces!!! Thank you for joining us in our time here.  We ask you all to pray for one thing, that we are given permission to again have our camera on the Blue Cross streaming on our web page.  So many of us find hope and strength from the cameras on the holy sites of Medjugorje.  And the Blue Cross is very powerful.  Please pray we will be given permission to stream there again soon. We leave Medjugorje on Monday, October 16.  I will resume reflections later next week.  Thank you for you patience.  And may you be blessed by Our Lady and her Son with every blessing! In Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Cathy Nolan (c)Mary TV 2017