Day: October 20, 2017

October 20, 2017 Update from Denis – Be Ready – This is a Turning Point!

Our Lady over Mary TV’s studio (Explained on the home page of – very bottom) October 20, 2017 St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Dear Children of Our Lady of Medjugorje, Family of Mary TV: This Tuesday, October 24, Mary TV will be LIVE Streaming “A Prayer for Peace” in Vienna’s St. Stevens Cathedral. Featured speakers include the Pastor of St. James Church in Medjugorje, two cardinals and Medjugorje visionary Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti…. 4:00-9:00pm Vienna Time (10:00am to 3:00pm EDT in the US). Here is the schedule: Evening of Prayer in Vienna – Schedule Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Cathy and I just returned from the most wonderful pilgrimage with Tom and Mary Matasso and many of Mary TV’s shipmates! Our whole time together was overflowing with grace! Thank you for your prayers – and for your donations. I’ve got to tell you what your prayers and donations have accomplished for Our Lady! As soon as we arrived in Medjugorje Tom and I headed to Mary TV’s studio…. He was excited to show me the new technical equipment your donations made possible, right after Our Lady had told us in her message, “Be ready! This is a turning point!” Tom told me: “Four years ago a digital TV station control room cost $1,500,000 ($US). Today,” gesturing with a sweep of his hand towards all he equipment before us, “a full blown digital TV station control room costs $35,000!” I had asked you for $35,000 and you came through! Your donations gave this gift to Our Lady! I wish you could have seen all the beautiful, grateful faces of people expressing gratitude for Mary TV, they immediately wanted to get a AAA Satellite Hotel TV Installer. Due to your generous donations Medjugorje is coming into homes throughout the world. I could tell you many stories. I’ll conclude with just one: With Mary TV’s very competent technical crew in Medjugorje running things smoothly, Tom had the leisure to just sit back and do some thinking “outside the box”…. (Remember, this is the guy who built the first all digital TV station in the US – TXCN of Dallas!)! With the prayer of Medjugorje going on around him (our studios are right next to the Church) he got the idea to put together from existing equipment sitting on a shelf not being used for anything, a new POV camera that would go up closer to Our Lady’s statue on Apparition Hill. Discovering that Sony doesn’t make a POV box big enough (no one does) Tom and Kiki went to a local plumbing store, purchased 10” drain pipe and made their own! The lens still needs fine tuning but there it is! Take a look at the top of Mary TV’s web page: Live close up camera at Apparition Hill IT’S TIME TO FINISH OUR DOWNSTAIRS TV STATION! The station has been “on hold” for 14 years (we’ve been waiting for the money). It’s time! The facility is huge….20 foot ceilings! The main film studio can hold 150 people! FIRST: we need a $30,000 to fix a serious water leak (our studio is so deep into the ground, during the rainy season water comes into the floor). SECOND: $25,000 to finish the electrical, lights, spray the walls and put floors in the engineering room, control room, and the two studios. THIRD: $15,000 for new cameras. We need 3 TV cameras at $5,000 each. (As noted in the third paragraph above, technology is getting better and cheaper – changing, I’m told, every three months! A television camera that used to cost $100,000 now costs $5,000 (and it’s a much better camera now)! FOURTH: $5,000 to put in two bathrooms…. $75,000 DOES IT ALL (the price of Mary TV’s first camera)! OUR LADY NEEDS YOU NOW! GO OUT AND FIND A DONOR!!!!!! (Donations are tax exempt) How you can help: “The source of grace is here, but you, dear children, are the vehicles transmitting the gifts. Therefore, dear children, I am calling you to work responsibly. Everyone will be responsible according to his own measure. Dear children, I am calling you to give the gift to others with love and not to keep it for yourselves,” (May 8, 1986 message from our Mother). “BE READY! THIS IS A TURNING POINT!” (6/2/17). Thank you and God bless you! Denis Nolan