Day: November 27, 2017

“My Son, your Brother…”

  (c)Mateo Ivankovic 2017 November 27, 2017 Dear Family of Mary! “Dear children! In this time of grace, I call you to prayer. Pray and seek peace, little children. He who came here on earth to give you His peace, regardless of who you are and what you are – He, my Son, your Brother – through me is calling you to conversion, because without God you do not have a future or eternal life. Therefore, believe and pray and live in grace and the expectation of your personal meeting with Him. Thank you for having responded to my call.” (November 25, 2017) Jesus spoke to St. Faustina many times about His desire to give us peace, to share His divine life with us. Here is one instance: Today, in the course of a long conversation, the Lord said to me, How very much I desire the salvation of souls! My dearest secretary, write that I want to pour out My divine life into human souls and sanctify them, if only they were willing to accept My grace. The greatest sinners would achieve great sanctity, if only they would trust in My mercy. The very inner depths of My being are filled to overflowing with mercy, and it is being poured out upon all I have created. My delight is to act in a human soul and to fill it with My mercy and to justify it. My kingdom on earth is My life in the human soul. Write, My secretary, that I Myself am the spiritual guide of souls and I guide them indirectly through the priest, and lead each one to sanctity by a road known to Me alone. (St. Faustina’s Diary 1784) Jesus’ kingdom on earth is His life in the human soul. Jesus longs to be accepted in our souls, to make His home with us, to pour out His mercy in us, so that we can convert and prepare for eternal life with Him. He will do it all, if we just let Him act in us. Jesus, give us Your peace, help us convert, and show us our future in You and through You, eternal life in Your Kingdom. In Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Cathy Nolan ©Mary TV 2017   PS. Mike Nolan has produced Two new CDs: “Oh Jesus, We Adore You!” (A collection of songs used for Adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament in Medjugorje. It is very prayerful and peaceful!) “The Mary TV Soundtrack!” (A joyful compilation of the music used on Mary TV! ) CDs are $15.00 each, and you can order them directly from Mike Nolan 574-335-9952 [email protected]