Day: March 23, 2018

Every pain has its end!!

(c)Mateo Ivankovic 2018 March 23, 2018| St. Turibius of Mogrovejo Dear Family of Mary! “…My children, pray for the strength of faith, trust in the Heavenly Father, and do not be afraid. Know that not a single creature who belongs to God will be lost but will live forever. Every pain has its end and then life in freedom begins there where all of my children come – where everything is returned….” (March 18, 2018) Our Lady continues in her March 18 message with a very powerful exhortation. She is lifting our eyes towards heaven and our eternal heritage. She is showing us how to keep heaven in our field of vision through our daily life. In this way we will not lose hope! Here is her program: 1. Pray for the strength of faith… Faith is a gift from God and He can give it to you if you ask! 2. Trust in the Heavenly Father… Once you ask for faith, trust that God is listening and will respond! 3. Do not be afraid… Continue to have faith and trust in God, and He will drive out fear. 4. If you belong to God you will NOT be lost… Belonging to God is an act of the will, “O Jesus, I surrender myself to you!” 5. If you belong to God you will live forever… Believe in your future life with God, forever. “O Jesus I surrender myself to you, take care of everything!” 6. Believe that every pain has its end (pain is finite)… When we suffer it feels like an eternity. Our Mother gives us hope that it will end. 7. Believe that after pain is vanquished life in freedom begins… There is a new life awaiting us, free of sin and its consequences. 8. Understand that life in freedom exists in the place where Our Lady’s children come… Our Lady is leading us to that place of freedom from sin and death!!! 9. Understand that everything will be returned in that place where Our Lady’s children go… Nothing is lost. “Not a single creature that belongs to God will be lost but will live forever!” This is our future. This is coming for all of us. Our Lady wants us to keep our eyes focused on Heaven, and on God. She knows what she is talking about. She comes from Heaven! In Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Cathy Nolan ©Mary TV 2018 PS. On Sunday we will receive the March 25, 2018 message! I will send out the message as soon as I receive it!! PPS. On Sunday, March 25, 2018 much of Europe will change their clocks to Daylight Savings Time. Therefore, Mary TV will change its live programing to reflect the time change in Medjugorje. If you live where Daylight Savings time is already in effect, you will go back to our normal live streaming times. See the webpage for more information!