Day: July 29, 2018

We have a great responsibility!

(c)Mateo Ivankovic The Papal Flag which flies outside St. James Church!!!! July 30, 2018 St. Peter Chrysologus Dear Family of Mary! Every week Rosie Zubac gives Mary TV the news from Medjugorje! She captures the daily realities of Medjugorje and helps us all feel connected to Our Lady’s village. But this week, in her “Tea with Rosie” she shared about the coming of Archbishop Hoser to Medjugorje! It is such good news, so joyful and life-giving to hear him share about his mission. So I am quoting Rosie in this reflection. You can view the video of “Tea with Rosie” on our website in the archive window on the home page. Thank you, Rosie, for keeping us informed and in touch with Medjugorje: This is Rosie Zubac, speaking to you from Medjugorje! On the 22nd of July, a new era was marked here in Medjugorje. The Holy See’s Visitor, Archbishop Hoser, began his mission here. At the beginning of this month, the Apostolic Nuncio, Monsignor Luigi Pezzuto, read the letter from the Pope in which he explained the appointment of Archbishop Hoser in Medjugorje and his mission. There were many, many priests concelebrating the Evening Mass, and as well as Monsignor there was Bishop Guido Gallese, Bishop of Alessandria from Italy. It was a wonderful occasion where we actually received acknowledgement from the Vatican for this place of Medjugorje and all the pilgrims who come here. We are very happy that the Archbishop is resident here and is going to help with the running of the Parish of Medjugorje. The 25th of July is the Feast Day of St. James. He is the Patron Saint of Medjugorje, the patron of pilgrims, and the statue that we have here depicts him as a pilgrim, with his walking staff and his small water vessel, and his seashell. Those are all signs of a pilgrim. This year the people of Medjugorje went on a procession to the garden with the ruins of the old church, where there is an outside altar. There was a procession with the statue of St. James, which was followed by local people in traditional dress, and many priests concelebrated the mass. At the end of this Mass, the Archbishop addressed the people of Medjugorje. He said, “We have a great responsibility towards the whole world, because truly Medjugorje has become a place of prayer and conversion for the whole world. Accordingly, the Holy Father is concerned and sends me here to help the Franciscan priests to organize and to acknowledge this place as a source of grace for the whole world.” These were remarkably positive words from the Archbishop. And so we are all really happy about this appointment for the sake of the parish and for the devotion, Our Lady, Queen of Peace. On the 25th of every month, the visionary, Marija, from Medjugorje has a message for the world, and this month and every month, after we receive this message there is all night Adoration in the church of St. James. It is a way to meditate on the words of Our Lady and to adore her Son, Jesus. So if you come here, and maybe you have come from a country far away and you have jet lag, you can come here and spend that night in prayer. So that’s about it for me this week, so God bless you and God willing I will see you next week! Good bye!! I don’t think we have yet completely understood what a big change has come to Medjugorje. Archbishop Hoser has brought the protection and pastoral care of Pope Francis to Medjugorje. Let’s pray for the Archbishop as he begins his mission in Medjugorje! In Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Cathy Nolan ©Mary TV 2018   PS. The Youth Festival in Medjugorje, Mladifest, begins on Wednesday, August 1, 2018. Mary TV will stream the entire festival, live. We will also archive the sessions so that you can catch up on what you miss. Please pray for our team as we prepare for this great event. Here is the schedule published by the Parish: