Day: October 4, 2018

St. Faustina’s source of strength!

The Eucharist is the heart of faith! (c)Anthony Zubac October 5, 2018 Saint Maria Faustina Dear Family of Mary! “Dear children, I am calling you to be courageous and to not grow weary…” (October 2, 2018) Our Lady knows that of on our own steam, we have only limited courage and minimal strength.  She also did not have superhuman strength or courage.  We creatures are limited.  But there is a source of strength, a source of faith so powerful that nothing can overcome it.  There is One who has unlimited courage and strength.  And He is our Savior, the One who died for us and Who lives for us and with us now.  Jesus!! Our Lady lived in complete union with Jesus, and she found her strength in Him.  The Saints also found that strength, as they grew in union with Jesus.  St. Faustina, whose feast day it is today, lived completely on the love of Jesus, and His presence in her life.  She wrote in her diary about the wonderful strength she received from Jesus: “O my Jesus, You alone know what persecutions I suffer, and this only because I am being faithful to You and following Your orders. You are my strength; sustain me that I may always carry out what You ask of me. Of myself I can do nothing, but when You sustain me, all difficulties are nothing for me. O my Lord, I can see very well that from the time when my soul first received the capacity to know You, my life has been a continual struggle which has become increasingly intense. “Every morning during meditation, I prepare myself for the whole day’s struggle. Holy Communion assures me that I will win the victory; and so it is. I fear the day when I do not receive Holy Communion. This Bread of t lie Strong gives me all the strength I need to carry on my mission and the courage to do whatever the Lord asks of me. The courage and strength that are in me are not of me, but of Him who lives in me – it is the Eucharist. “O my Jesus, the misunderstandings are so great; sometimes, were it not for the Eucharist, I would not have the courage to go any further along the way You have marked out for me.” (St. Faustina’s Diary, 91) It is the Eucharistic Lord Jesus who was the secret to St. Faustina’s strength and courage to carry on the mission of Divine Mercy.  Jesus in the Eucharist sustained her, minute by minute.  We are given the very same Jesus, present in the Eucharist at Holy Communion.  And He wants to sustain and strengthen us, giving us courage every day.  Our Lady has told us much about this gift of strength and love that awaits us in our reception of Jesus:  “If receiving my Son in the Eucharist is the center of your life then do not be afraid, you can do everything.” (June 2, 2012)  “The Church needs apostles who by living the Eucharist with the heart do great works; it needs you, my apostles of love. My children, from the very beginning the Church was persecuted and betrayed, but day by day it grew. It is indestructible because my Son gave it a heart – the Eucharist, and the light of His resurrection shone and will continue to shine upon it. Therefore, do not be afraid.” (December 2, 2015) “Do not forget that in the Eucharist, which is the heart of faith, my Son is always with you. He comes to you and breaks bread with you; because, my children, for your sake He died, He resurrected and is coming anew.” (May 2, 2016) “But, my children, do not forget that the Eucharist is the heart of faith. This is my Son who feeds you with His Body and strengthens you with His Blood. This is a miracle of love: my Son who always comes anew, alive, to bring life back to souls.” (May 2, 2018) Here in Medjugorje, the Eucharist is the center of everything.  Our Lady has built a beautiful place of prayer, centered on her Son.  I am headed to Eucharistic Adoration right now, where I will pray for all of you.  The answer to all the troubles in our time is found in Adoration of Jesus, and reception of Jesus in Holy Communion!  We have the key!!!  Let’s rejoice!! In Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Cathy Nolan (c)Mary TV 2018 PS.  The next reflection will be for Monday, October 8!  I will be praying for all of you!!!