Day: November 19, 2018

Fr. Slavko leads us in Adoration!

(c) Mary TV November 19, 2018 Dear Family of Mary! November 25, 2000 “Dear children! Today when Heaven is near to you in a special way, I call you to prayer so that through prayer you place God in the first place. Little children, today I am near you and I bless each of you with my motherly blessing so that you have the strength and love for all the people you meet in your earthly life and that you can give God’s love. I rejoice with you and I desire to tell you that your brother Slavko has been born into Heaven and intercedes for you. Thank you for having responded to my call.” We are approaching the 18th anniversary of Fr. Slavko’s birth into eternal life! Fr. Slavko was one of Our Lady’s beloved priests. He dedicated his entire life to helping the world get to know Our Lady and live her messages. He did a fantastic job, teaching us and leading us in prayer with the heart, in fasting with the heart, and in loving with the heart. The anniversary is on November 24. I would like to dedicate my reflections this week to Fr. Slavko, by sharing some of the prayers and teachings he left us. Today I want to share one of the meditations for Eucharistic Adoration from his book “Adore My Son with your Heart”. Fr. Slavko suggests these meditations to be prayed during Adoration over about an hour’s time. He it was who established the format for Adoration in St. James Church. As we see even today, hearts are filled with the love of Jesus during those beautiful hours of Adoration in Medjugorje: Come Lord Jesus 1) I adore You Jesus, I believe in You and I love You. (Repeat this prayer quietly within yourself.) 2) You are here present. I believe this with all my heart and all my soul. Still I call Your name. Come Lord Jesus. Maranatha! Come I await You with love! Come, my heart welcomes you and rejoices in Your coming. Come, I wish my soul and my whole self to soar up to You. I wish with my whole life to be one call, one yearning. Just as a child yearns for his mother, may my soul and body yearn and cry out for You: Come Lord Jesus, Maranatha! (Repeat this invocation quietly within yourself.” 3) Come Lord Jesus! My heart, now united to Mary, Your Mother, invites You. I wish to yearn together with her now in the same way that her heart longed for the Messiah, the Savior of her people, even though she did not know that she was to be his mother. I wish to experience together with her that same love and longing for You that feels like a burning within, just as her heart burned from the moment of Your conception in her womb up until Your Death and glorious Resurrection in Heaven. She invites me and instructs me: May 15, 1986 “Dear children! Today I call you to give me your hearts, so that I can change it to be like mine. You are wondering, dear children, why you cannot respond to that which I am seeking from you. You are not able to because you have not given me your hearts so I can change them. You are talking but you are not doing. I call on you to do everything that I am telling you. That way I will be with you. Thank you for having responded to my call.” 4) Thank You for the word which Saint John wrote in the book of Revelations; “Do not be afraid; it is I, the first and the last; the Living One, I was dead and look, I am alive for ever and ever and I hold the keys of death and of Hades…The Spirit and the Bride say: ‘Come!’ Let everyone who listens answer, ‘Come!’ Then let all who are thirsty come; all who want it may have the water of life, and have it free. The one who attest these things says: I am indeed coming soon. Amen. ‘Come, Lord Jesus!’” (Rev 1:17b-18, 22:17 and 20) Amen, Come Lord Jesus! (Repeat this invocation quietly within yourself.) 5) Lord Jesus, you have said: “I am the light of the world, who follows me does not walk in darkness!” I welcome You because I believe that You are light, like the early rising sun, born to illuminate hearts and souls. I come before You and I open my heart and soul to You; so that You may enter into my heart as light, to dispel all darkness, to light up every corner of my soul, especially those corners where hurts have crept in, and where sin and bad habits have taken root, where darkness has made its abode. From the depths of my created self I cry out to You: -Light of lights, Jesus, bathe my heart in Your light! (Repeat this invocation quietly within yourself.) 6) Lord Jesus come into our families! They need light. Parents need light that they may educate their children. Sisters and brothers need your light that they may live every moment together in faith and love. Little children and young people need your light that they may increasingly open themselves to You. Fill parent’s hearts with a yearning for You so that it may spill over into the hearts of their children! You know Jesus how many families live in darkness. So many families are in the grasp of disorder and anxiety which result in conflicts. Love and reconciliation have died away within them. In the darkness of evil, many unborn lives have been taken, while those allowed to live suffer the lack of light which only love can bring into the heart of man. (In silence think about your own families, about families you know and intercede for all families.) 7) Lord Jesus, You sent Your Church that it would be a light to the world, the city built on the hill-top, the lamp on the lampstand that shines for everyone to see. Thank You, Jesus, for your light that comes through the Church! May she remain faithful and watchful, as Your faithful bride0to-be, awaiting You in song and prayer in love and peace. May the Pope, the Bishops and Priests, and communities and orders within Your church together await You like the wise virgin until You, the spouse come and knock. Grant that Your Church in all corners of the earth continually sing songs of Your coming and in the strength of Your spirit speak out; Come Lord Jesus, in Your Church and through Your Church into the world! (Repeat this invocation quietly within yourself.) 8) Lord Jesus, You are the light to illuminate all peoples. You bathe in light all those who sit in the shadow of death and darkness. I adore You and I welcome You. Come, Lord Jesus, into this world and dispel its darkness! There where there are wars, where there is injustice and hatred, where there is a spirit of violence and deception, shine there also! I acknowledge that my lack of light contributes to the darkness of this world. That’s why not in front of You, I renounce all that is darkness within me, my sins and all that hinders Your coming to me. Jesus, for all who cannot, or who do not know how to, or who refuse to renounce darkness I want to pray in their names now so that all hearts will be open to Your coming to Your light -Jesus, Light of all peoples, illuminate all peoples and nations! 9) My Jesus, thank you for letting me invite You to come in the prayer of Adoration! Thank You because You hear my voice and You prepare my heart! May I bless and thank You with my life. May Your coming completely possess me so that I become brimful of Your light! Make me into a witness of Yours. Through me, enter my family, my community, the Church and the world! Make me into that city on the hilltop, that light which You speak about. Come, and shine within me, so that others may see and find You! (In silence present to Jesus those for whom you especially wish to pray with prayers of blessing and healing.) 10) Blessing- Lord Jesus, I believe in Your love for the sick and the disabled, those who are in sin and those who are far from You and those who do not know You. I believe even in Your love towards those who have let their bad habits distance themselves from You and who do not pray that You come. I believe in Your love even for those who have ended up under the influence of Satan, who have consciously offered up their lives in the service of evil. No matter what they do to run from You, You do not reject them. Extend Your hands over us now, and heal us, illuminate us, make us wise and fill us with the gifts of Your Holy Spirit. Touch every sick and dark corner of my life and of all lives. Be glorified! Draw all things unto Yourself! Come, there even where hearts are disillusioned, where they have been left alone, divorced from You and others. Bless us, You who live and reign world without end! Amen. Fr. Slavko Barbarc, “Adore My Son with Your Heart.” P. 33 ff) In Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Cathy Nolan Mary TV 2018