Day: March 5, 2019

March 5, 2019 Update from Denis

Our Television Studio has been prepared for the next stage!  TV equipment!!! (c)Mary TV 2019 March 5, 2019 Dear Mary TV Family, sailing with Our Lady upon the digital sea! Thank you for your generous response to Mary TV’s initial matching grant appeal.  You made it a resounding success.  See: Mary TV’s television studio (above) is now ready to be equipped.  Our engineering room, control room, elevator, stairs, bathrooms, etc. – our entire facility in Medjugorje is finished and ready to become operational.   All we need is the equipment! This will be expensive.  But, by the grace of God, a generous donor has just come forward with a new $85,000 matching grant.  If Mary TV receives $85,000 in donations – that amount will be doubled!  And $170,000 is what we need!  (See PS) Our technical team from the US intends on traveling to Medjugorje later this month to work with our team there to equip the studio, engineering and control rooms and install an array of modern technologies. Thank you to all of you who have been supporting Mary TV through so many years.  We’re making one final push!  2019 is an important year in Our Lady’s plan. To join in the matching gift for the new studio in Medjugorje, click on the link to our donation page below.  Remember to mention that you want to give your gift as part of the Studio Matching Grant when you donate! Mary TV’s Donation Page Please also help us by spreading this appeal. Thank you and God bless you1 Denis Nolan PS. Here is a preliminary list of the equipment we need to proceed with the Studio and our world wide broadcasting system. It will give you an idea of what we need to get up and running: The New Television Studio: Equipment for the Television Studio Equipment and fixtures Qty Control Room Tables & Chairs 2 $3,000 Work Room Table & Chairs 2 $4,000 Studio Sets $0 LED Lighting 1 $9,000 Lighting Hanging Support 1 $150 Lighting Dimmer 1 $1,200 Roll Around Double Ladder 1 $300 Stand & Hanging Monitors 1 $6,000 Main Set 1 $2,500 Whiteness Set 1 $400  Chairs for studio audience  5000  Furniture for guest room etc.  5000 Studio Cameras & Equipment Cameras 4 $13,980 View Finder 3 $5,385 Lens box $0 Lens Focus $0 Lens Zoom $0 Fiber TX 4 $11,980 Rack Mount 2 $290 Fiber RX 4 $11,980 CCU Control 1 $2,995 I/C Headset 8 $1,000 Fiber Cable 164′ 3 $3,342 Fiber Cable 328′ 1 $1,420 Tripod 4 $6,200 Tripod Fluid Head 4 $2,600 Fluid Head Handle 3 $225 Eng Shoulder Kit 4 $1,580 Battery Plate 1 $95 Mike Mount 1 $135 ENG Viewfinder 1 $1,495 Lav Mikes & Receiver 4 $4,000 Teleprompter Monitor System 3 $4,500 Dallas Hub Microcenter computer for streaming the channel from our new hub  ($3, 300) Dallas Hub – A new very secure high powered server for channel streaming – ($4800 per year) Encoding Box for streaming from Hub -( $5000) Rack and accessories – ( $2000) Texas Streaming Facility  Encoding Box for streaming – ($5000) Medjugorje exterior cameras Fiber Link from roof to studio for POV Cameras ($530) Converter boxes for POV Cameras of mountains and church  ($3000) Antenna cable from roof to studio ($1000) Cables for Cameras, etc. from roof to Studio  ($1000) Cat-6 Cables 2000 ft.  ($ 1000) Exterior boxes to house converters for cameras ($500) Exterior conduit and fiber cables ($2500) Other needs: Travel for team to Medjugorje to do installation (and shipping costs):  $10,000 (est.) Outdoor WIFI connection equipment for mountains:  $5000 (est.) PPS.  To join in the matching grant for the new studio in Medjugorje, here is a link to our donation page.  Please mention that you want to give your gift as part of the Studio Matching Grant when you donate! Mary TV’s Donation page