Day: May 16, 2019

Pray the Rosary

      (C)Mary TV   May 16, 2019 Dear Family of Mary! August 25, 1997 “Dear children! God gives me this time as a gift to you, so that I may instruct and lead you on the path of salvation. Dear children, now you do not comprehend this grace, but soon a time will come when you will lament for these messages. That is why, little children, live all of the words which I have given you through this time of grace and renew prayer, until prayer becomes a joy for you. Especially, I call all those who have consecrated themselves to my Immaculate Heart to become an example to others. I call all priests and religious brothers and sisters to pray the rosary and to teach others to pray. The rosary, little children, is especially dear to me. Through the rosary open your heart to me and I am able to help you. Thank you for having responded to my call.” Our Lady is with us to instruct us and lead us on the path of salvation. Her messages are meant to be guides to us along this way. They are powerful and timely and yet eternal, as she has said. Without her words, I think it would be hard to remain in peace and hope for the future. She has been our firm support these many years. I had a prayer experience recently that showed me the power of praying the Rosary. As Our Lady said in this message, the Rosary is dear to her. And I think my experience demonstrates why.   I attended a wake for a wonderful man who loved Our Lady and Medjugorje. He died suddenly, and it was a very sad moment. Many friends gathered for the Rosary at the funeral home. It was a comfort to be together. At the appointed time, the assistant pastor of our parish stood up, holding his Rosary in his hand. He explained that we were going to pray the Rosary for the eternal rest of our friend’s soul. He said that the mysteries of the Rosary are very important, because they convey the faith to us. He chose the Glorious Mysteries for that Rosary, and we began. Everyone prayed. Everyone said the beautiful words of the Rosary together. It was a moment of true unity. And as I prayed, I began to have images. As we prayed the first decade, the Resurrection, I saw the figure of our friend, standing at the very bottom of a very long stairway. It was dark down there, and he appeared to be very weak, and encumbered with chains. But he bravely started to climb the stair, one step at a time. As we continued to say Hail Marys, he seemed to gain strength. The Resurrection was giving him an increase in Faith. It was beautiful. Then as we prayed the Ascension, I saw that he was being given a new hope! Jesus ascended into heaven, and our friend felt the hope that he too would be able to reach heaven. Each Hail Mary fed that hope, and he climbed a bit faster, though the chains were still attached to him. The third decade came, the Descent of the Holy Spirit! And as we prayed the Hail Marys, I saw a bird approach, all aflame, burning brightly. It was the Holy Spirit! He began to dive towards him, cutting the chains and burning off the fetters, until my friend was totally free! He was able to climb better now, free of the bindings. The fourth decade, the Assumption of Our Lady, came. Mary approached him and hugging him, helped him to climb. She comforted him and showed him that they were almost there. Her motherly presence gave him strength. And with the fifth decade, the Crowning of Mary, they both arrived miraculously at the seat of the Heavenly Father. Our Lady presented him to Jesus, who presented him to the Father. There was great joy in heaven!! And then the Father gave him to St. Joseph, as his special guide and friend in heaven. What joy it gave me. I could feel that it was the Rosary that empowered this ascent. The prayers we were praying with Our Lady were really powerful in helping this friend reach the throne of God. What a powerful prayer the Rosary is!! And I do think that having our priest lead the Rosary was very powerful!! As Our Lady said: “I call all priests and religious brothers and sisters to pray the rosary and to teach others to pray. The Rosary, little children, is especially dear to me. Through the Rosary open your heart to me and I am able to help you.” We have been given a very special gift in the Rosary. It is far more powerful than we realize. If we only knew the graces that we are given during the Rosary, we would never stop praying it. Please understand that my experience during that prayer is not revelation. It is meant as a little confirmation and a gift to help me to pray. But I can say that I felt the power of the Rosary that night. I really did feel it!! And for my friend:    “Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, And let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen.” In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!Cathy Nolan©Mary TV 2019