Day: July 10, 2019


   (c)Mary TV / Anthony Zubac 2019   July 10, 2019 Dear Family of Mary! “Dear children, according to the will of the merciful Father, I have given you, and will still give you, evident signs of my motherly presence. My children, this is a motherly desire for the healing of souls. This is a desire that every child of mine may have true faith, to live to see wondrous experiences, drinking from the spring of the words of my Son-the words of life…” (July 2, 2019) When Our Lady first appeared in Medjugorje, it was the abundance of signs that were given to the children and to those who came to Medjugorje to be near them, that testified to the presence of Our Lady. The most evident sign then, and still now, was the apparition each evening to the 6 visionaries.    Who is not moved by the immediate and obvious change of demeanor in the visionaries at the moment that Our Lady descends toward them? They can sense her approach, and as their eyes look heavenward, they smile lovingly and radiantly. Though we can see nothing, they certainly do see someone they love dearly! This beautiful sign of God’s love for us, the coming of His Mother into our midst, is a gift of the Merciful Father. But it is not only the visionaries in Medjugorje who sense the presence of the Mother. Pilgrims from all parts of the world can feel her presence. They feel her love, her maternal care, her gentle warmth, the safety of the Mother present among us. It is part of the very atmosphere of Medjugorje, the awareness of the Mother! But the evidence of her presence doesn’t stop there. Each pilgrim gets a little touch from Our Lady, sometime during their visit to Medjugorje. Be it a Rosary that turns golden, or a rock that is shaped like a heart, or a rainbow, or the dancing sun, we all receive a little touch of Our Lady while on pilgrimage. She wants us to know that she is present. She wants us to know that she is with us to pray for the healing of our souls. She desires that each of us have true faith! She wants us to drink from the spring of the words of her Son!     This is the evidence that finally changes us. When we come to know Our Lady’s heart and we allow that heart to change us. She comes to free us from our brokenness, heal our inner wounds, give us a new understanding of the words of Jesus found in the Scripture, and show us the joy that is set before us! Eternal life!! And so, we come to Medjugorje to encounter Our Mother in this most intimate and powerful way, through her presence! Simply her presence with us there. Thank you, dearest Mother Mary, for coming to Medjugorje to encounter your children. Thank you for coming to bless us with your Motherly blessing! We need you so very much! In Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Cathy Nolan©Mary TV 2019